Daily Archives: 8th June 2016

A Royal Visitor

There has been a very important guest in our classroom this week. The Queen has been a very prominent figure, sitting proudly on the throne with her orb and sceptre, giving out orders and making demands. She has always been surrounded by her corgis and guards making it very difficult to get to meet her.

The boys even built her a palace from bricks!

Bowfell Butterflies

We have patiently watched 5 tiny caterpillars on their life cycle. They took a week to munch through all their food before attaching themselves to the roof of the container to form their chrysalis for another week. The transformation was completed over half term, with the last butterfly emerging on the first Monday back. We spent the day observing them before deciding to release them into the wild.

It was a magical moment. As each butterfly took flight the children waved and shouted ‘bye bye’.

Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

Today the whole school enjoyed celebrating the special 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, our longest reigning monarch. We shared a delicious and plentiful lunch, much of it prepared by the children. We rounded it off with a grand crown parade. Here are some photos to give you a flavour of the day!

Levens Football Team



IMG_1298_1200x900 IMG_1299_1200x900

Here they are; all looking extremely smart in the their wonderful new kits, kindly donated to us by PV Dobson. These photographs were taken just before our home match against Crosscrake School just before the half term break. Both teams secured victory, with Alfie scoring a hat-trick. A huge thank you to Mr Medcalf, our team coach for training the club every Wednesday! Well done everyone!