Daily Archives: 7th December 2016

Writing inspired by the Ancient Greeks

Scafell Class have spent this half-term creating and writing their very own Greek myths.  After looking at a number of Greek myths together, they started to plan and build each stage of their own tale to create a wonderful book with an imaginative front cover and blurb.  They began by creating their own multi-animalistic mythical monster, followed by a strong brave hero, who travelled through a challenging setting, to take on their monster in an exciting fight scene.

They have also taken on the roles of reporters this week, to create their very own Greek newspaper based on  the myth Pandora’s box.  Some children did some hot seating in order to include some relevant and convincing quotes for our newspaper reports.

Well done everyone in Scafell Class – you have made incredible progress in your writing this term!

Our Nativity – Refuge

Our nativity this year has been inspired by a beautiful book called Refuge by Anne Booth and Sam Usher. Y2 really enjoyed reading it and have retold the story to create the script for our nativity play. Here are a few photos from our first night – thanks to Aggie Dobson for these beautiful shots.

We’re going to be on the radio!

On Wednesday 7th December, Yakkers recorded the whole school saying and singing our nativity play, Refuge. We are the chosen school for their 7.50am slot on Lakeland Radio every day next week. We hope you will be listening out for us – you’ll have to be up early!

by Skiddaw Class