Year 5 visit Dallam for an afternoon of K’nex!

Last week, we went to Dallam to enjoy a science afternoon.   It was really fun.  First we got into pairs and started our tasks which were: building helmets and cars!  Making the hats was tricky because they had to fit our heads and have special features.  Everyone’s was different but we had to make lots of changes so that they fitted on our heads!

by Trinity and Erin

At first we didn’t know what k’nex was but then our tutor, Fran, explained and gave us instructions on how to build a car out of K’nex. He gave us two specific things for our car.  These were to fit a shoe onto the car and the second was to have a compartment that fitted a spare tyre inside.  On our car we decided that we would use Rosie’s shoe to put on the car. Our second decision was not to use a band to stick the shoe to the car, but use Rosie’s velcro on her shoe instead.  Fran set a ramp for each car to be rolled down to see whose car travelled the furthest.  We came in 3rd place – It was a fantastic afternoon!

by Rosie and Penny