Daily Archives: 21st January 2019

Mindfulness Colouring Club

Today at colouring club we welcomed children of all ages from across school.  The room was quiet and calm with everyone focusing on nothing but their choice of colours and their shading.

Thank you to our dedicated members of Scafell Class who run this club every Monday.

Toddler Taster Cooking Delights

We had a wonderful time at Toddler Taster this morning creating delicious and healthy treats and sending delicious aromas around the whole school to make the rest of our children (and staff), very envious!

All of our pre-school guests and their adults enjoyed a creative and fun session making everything from cheesy potato boats, to lamb muffins.

Thank you to everyone who came along this morning to enjoy such a lovely time.  It is our pleasure to offer these sessions to our local community and we really hope that you have the next one in your diary – Monday 18th March at 9.30am.