Monthly Archives: January 2019

2D Shape Treasure Hunt

This morning, Scafell began this term’s work on shape by exploring the school grounds searching for, identifying, sketching and then describing the properties of the 2D shapes they discovered.  These included: rhombus, square, trapezium, parallelogram, kites.

High level vocabulary was used effectively and appropriately to describe each shape:

  • pairs of parallel sides
  • regular
  • symmetrical
  • irregular
  • sides perpendicular
  • quadrilateral

Volcano Homework Tasks

Today all our year 5 & 6 pupils proudly shared their topic homework completed over the Christmas holidays.  Each child conducted their own research before producing an information report on a famous volcano of their choice.  These included: Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius and Krakatoa.   Their work demonstrated their knowledge and included: photographs with captions, diagrams, glossaries, technical vocabulary, headings and subheadings.

High Attendance at Levens

We have been delighted with the high levels of attendance from pupils in all three classes during the autumn term. We appreciate that no one can help being ill so we have decided to award a ‘Good Attender Certificate’  too for those pupils with 98% or above, Well done to our 100% attenders this term – 21 pupils in total.

Shadows cast in the sunshine

Skiddaw class welcomed the sunshine today as it meant we could get outside and do some science work on light! We have been learning about what makes shadows and how the shadows cast from the sun change during the day. Here we are marking out the shadow every 20 minutes during the afternoon.

This was what we noticed and discussed about the shadows – they moved, they were equally spaced (as we marked them every 20 mins), the shadows got longer as time went by, the shadow was clearest nearest the object and more hazy the further away you went from the object, during the last visit the school building blocked out the sun’s light so there were no shadows to be seen.