Daily Archives: 7th June 2019

Busy Bees

To mark UN World Environment Day 2019, we focused on bees and the essential job they do in the world. Having started with this rhyming story The Beeman – we explored facts about bees and how they live. We then explored tessellating hexagons to create our own hives and added a queen bee, drones, worker bees and house bees.


We were extremely proud of Bowfell’s hard work last half term in producing a scarecrow and planting trolley for competitions at Countryfest which was held last weekend.

Their Rapunzel scarecrow for this year’s fairy tale theme was on display in the Sew Crafty tent and received a ‘highly commended’ award.

They also entered for the first time the ‘thriving trolleys’ competition which involved a planting display on the theme of health and happiness in a supermarket trolley! Many thanks to Pam Martin for her tremendous help, in not only designing the trolley, but also giving up her time to help the children plant flowers, vegetables and herbs from her garden.

It was lovely to see the children’s efforts on display last weekend and they represented the school so well.