Toddler Taster

Thank you to all those of you who came to join us for our outdoor nature craft Toddler Taster session this morning. The children had lots of fun exploring in the mud kitchen, making clay faces with natural objects, flower crowns, stick people and transient art using natural objects!




A Surprise Gift!

Mrs Farraday doesn’t often receive phone calls offering school money…but this is exactly what happened yesterday! Sampool Caravan Park held a fundraising event recently. They wanted to support a local organisation with the proceeds and chose us. Angela and Steven presented us with a huge cheque for £249.00 in a special assembly today. We did a wonderfully rousing three cheers and thanked them for their generosity. Mrs Farraday’s already thinking how best to spend the money and we will let the home owners and staff at Sampool know as soon as we’ve decided.

Thank you so much!

World Book Day

The aim of World Book Day is to celebrate authors, books, illustrators and – of course – reading! That is exactly what we have been doing today. This year, instead of dressing up we challenged the pupils to create a wooden spoon book character … and they rose the this challenge WONDERFULLY! We have also been busy doing book activities in class and shared books together in our family groups. Thank you to all families who helped and worked together on this project. One winner from each class will be announced in tomorrow’s Celebration Assembly. Take a look at their creations here.

Baptism at St John’s

Last week, Reception and Year one enjoyed a visit to St John’s church to listen to Canon Thompson talk to them about baptism. They have been learning what is involved during a Christian Baptism and what it means to be baptised. Canon Thompson then baptised a doll, some of the children were parents and godparents. He talked about what happens, some of the words which are spoken and the promises that are made. The children enjoyed their visit and shared all that they had learnt at our celebration assembly on Friday.

Letter writing

Some of the children in Year One spent their guided reading session this afternoon learning all about letters and how they travel through the post. This included the journey of a letter going overseas.

They then wrote letters to each other and we enjoyed a sunny walk down to the postbox to post them. They are wondering how long it will take them to arrive…

Safer Internet Day in Bowfell

For Safer Internet Day this year, Bowfell learnt about using tablets and phones safely whilst online. They listened to a story about a little boy who had a tablet and we talked about different scenarios he was faced with throughout and what they thought he should do. We focused on asking adults for help, asking before using the internet, not talking to strangers online and not clicking buttons if we don’t know what they are for,

Reception then used an app on the ipad to make the Beebot move around in different directions. Year 1 learnt  how to switch on the laptop, connect to the internet and started to practise some keyboard skills whilst playing some fun phonics games.


Challenge Books

Our Reception children have enjoyed their first week using challenge booklets. Each child has their own book with photos of all the challenges which are set each week. Once a challenge has been completed, they add in a smiley face. This week challenges have included painting with different tools, creating patterns and phonics paper chains. The children have really impressed Mrs Haslam with their attitude towards independent learning. Well done Reception!

3D shape experts in Bowfell

At our last celebration assembly for parents, children from Bowfell class sang a catchy song all about 3d shapes.   During this week’s special assembly, two young experts shared their knowledge of 3d shape names.  Here they are holding a pentagonal prism and a 3 dodecahedrons that they made using ‘Clixi’.

Puppet Shows in Bowfell

This afternoon, children in year 1 entertained us with their wonderful version of The Three Little Pigs inspired by the inspiring resources in our classroom environment.  Each pupil played a key role in the performance; whether it be narrating the story; animating the puppets; or playing musical instruments used to create different sound effects.  Clear voices, confident speaking and enthusiastic participation ensured everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show.  They had even created tickets and programmes too!