Our Carol Service

We began with some Y6 musicians playing the festive pieces before the service even started. Then our Christmas service was led and written by Scafell this year.  They chose one aspect of Christmas then in pairs wrote their own pieces to say in the service. They made comparisons between how we celebrate Christmas today and the first Christmas. We hope you enjoy reading their messages and thoughts about Christmas.

Christmas Muscial Extravaganza

We had our Christmas Musical Extravaganza; The children demonstrated their wonderful skills playing violins, guitars and piano. We enjoyed styles from classical to folk and more than one version of Jingle Bells! Thanks must go their excellent music teachers; Mrs Rainbow, Mrs Hurley and Mr Duesbury. Well done to all players – it was an absolute pleasure to listen to your performances.

Midwife Crisis

Here are just a few photographs of todays’ performances of this year’s nativity.  The children dazzled our audiences with Oscar-winning acting; X-Factor singing and Strictly-style costumes!  Well done everyone!!

Levens Remembers

On Friday we invited friends, family members and the community to join us for our special service of Remembrance.  Each class contributed to part of the service.  Scafell performed dramatic freeze-frames based on the book ‘War Game’ by Michael Foreman; Bowfell retold their version of the story ‘The little Hen and the Great War’; and Skiddaw led us in prayer and read out the names of all the service men killed in action at or since the First World War.

Our service also involved every child placing their own poppy onto the central display piece on view in our school hall.

Bowfell Class Pet!

Bowfell class have been very excited to meet their new class member this week; Zoomer the Syrian hamster. They have been reading him stories, listening carefully to the rules regarding looking after him, painting pictures and watching him run around in his ball.

Yum! Yum!

The delicious aroma of baking across our school returned this week as members of Bowfell class worked together to create some scrumptious oaty biscuits. Class cooking is timetabled every week for our Early Years and Year 1 pupils. During these lessons they have many opportunities to work collaboratively; develop key maths skills; rehearse speaking; improve listening and understand more about nutrition and healthy living.



Blink and you’ll miss them!

Some of Bowfell Class have been trying out our new trikes, bikes and scooters purchased using our Sports Premium allocated to promote physical development in the early years.   They had such fun in the sunshine this week and found the slight slope in the playground an added bonus when trying to pick up some speed.

The definite favourites were our rickshaw and the passenger truck because they loved taking it in turns for rides around the playground.  Our nursery children can look forward to giving them a whirl next week!

Meet our School Council

Our new School Councillors for 2018-19 have now been elected and already undertaken their first task of the year.  They collected and counted all the funds donated for our Toilet Twinning event last Friday which raised a staggering £85.

They have many exciting projects planned for the remainder of this term including: a school disco, Children in Need and purchasing new equipment to enjoy at lunchtimes and breaktimes.