New Playground Equipment

This week, The School Council have been distributing the new playtime equipment that they have purchased on behalf of their friends so that we can be more active and have more fun at playtimes.

The items have been bought using funds raised by the School Council at events like our disco and our Afternoon Tea during the spring term.

The School Council worked together as a team carefully selecting equipment that they thought everyone would enjoy.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our fundraising events and well done School Council.

Wild Wednesday shelter building

Bowfell spent yesterday afternoon completing a set of challenges as part of their ‘Wild Wednesday’ learning. They worked in teams and were provided with a description of an animal. Each animal was hidden outside in different places for the children to find. The next task was to build a shelter for their animal. The children spent a long time engrossed in the activity, communicating their ideas, evaluating and changing their approaches as necessary, problem-solving and working as a team! They also spent time preparing our entry for the scarecrow competition we are entering at Countryfest in a few weeks time.

The Book Bus visits Levens

The Book Bus visited us today and the younger pupils had a lovely time, hearing the librarian read us a story and we all choose a book to borrow. This is a fantastic way of sourcing new reading material for school and the selection of new books is second to none! Thank you to the wonderful Library Service for all you offer to us.

Pancake Day

Here are lots of Bowfell class enjoying pancakes.

Bowfell Outdoors

Everyone in Bowfell Class has been enjoying our free-flow outdoor provision this week; with many children spending more time outdoors than in!!

Experience Easter

We were so lucky with the weather this morning as members of St John’s Church community delivered a completely outdoor Experience Easter. First our younger children, then the older children travelled round 4 stations that took us through the story of Holy Week.

During the story telling, the children were engaged in different activities to encourage thoughtful contemplation. We held stones, made crosses, placed sticks on a fire and planted seeds. These nasturtium seed pots will be coming home for children to care for and continue to reflect on the importance of Easter to Christians all around the world today.

Thank you very much to all at St John’s who helped prepare and deliver today’s memorable experience.



Eco Team Litter Pick

Eco Team took part in the Great Cumbrian Litter Pick 2019 today, organised by Friends of the Lake District.  Despite the rainy weather, they were happy to get outside equipped with special monster litter pickers. At first sight it didn’t look like there was any litter to be found but on close inspection we found lots of small bits of plastic and sweet wrappers and collected a whole bucket full in the end. Well done Eco Team – a very good deed done!

Bowfell Hot Cross Buns

Reception and Year One had a busy day yesterday, making hot cross buns with Mrs Mason. In the morning, they mixed, kneaded and left the dough to rise. In the afternoon  the mixture was kneaded again, shaped into buns and left to rise further before  being topped with a cross or shape of our choice. They were even professionally finished with a glaze. The children all took one home and enjoyed tasting all their hard work in school this afternoon!

Attendance Celebrated at Levens

Attendance at school was celebrated on the last day of the Spring Term.  We were delighted to celebrate so many of our pupils who have had good attendance this term as well as congratulate the pupils who have been registered with 100% attendance for the whole year so far!

Toddler Taster

Thank you to all those of you who came to join us for our outdoor nature craft Toddler Taster session this morning. The children had lots of fun exploring in the mud kitchen, making clay faces with natural objects, flower crowns, stick people and transient art using natural objects!