Parachutes and Trim Trail

Reception have enjoyed their turn on the Trim Trail this week, developing their balance, co-ordination and upper body strength. They have also been learning fun parachute games which involved lots of careful listening and making waves, mushrooms and being a washing machine!


Outdoor Learning in Year One

Year One have made the most of the beautiful September weather this week and enjoyed lots of their learning outside both in the playground and in their outside area.

Bowfell build a stream

Children in Nursery and Reception had fun earlier in the week when they built their own ‘stream’. They had been using the large loose parts to build bridges and trickles from the tap ignited their imaginations and 10 minutes later lots of children were working together to create a stream from the tap across the outdoor area including around corners! They worked brilliantly as a team, problem-solving and testing out their ideas and changing tactics when things didn’t quite go to plan. Even the ducks enjoyed their ride down the stream!

Year One’s first week back

Year One have had an amazing first week! They spent time getting to know Miss Eastham by playing drama games, reading and discussing stories and playing in the different areas of the classroom with their friends. They made a beautiful rainbow together which is now proudly hanging in the window in Helvellyn classroom. They also demonstrated their patience and determination when learning how to make pom-poms and did not give up when it became tricky! Well done Year One, we have loved having you back!

The Levens School Song

Alfie and Rebecca Jones have been very busy with dad, Darren, creating and performing this song all about Levens School! All the staff have listened to it and many were brought to tears hearing it. The giggles are just gorgeous! Thank you so much to the Jones Family for sharing their wonderful talents. Listening to this is guaranteed to brighten your day.

We’ve included the words here in the hope that many of you will sing along and we would like to set a music challenge to you all. Please learn the song so that we can sing it together for real when we are back in school in the not too distant future.

Happy Singing!

Easter Fun

Thank you to all who sent us your photos of you enjoying Easter this year. Here is a selection from Bowfell, Skiddaw and Scafell.


Sport Relief 2020

Sport Relief week is here and everyday this week we are getting outside and walking, jogging and running a mile! Even nursery are getting involved when they are here. The first day was lovely and dry, the second less so but come rain or shine we are hardy and get on with it. Take a look at our photos here and don’t forget to collect sponsors for this very good cause.

Day 1 – lovely sunny dry day!

Day 2 –¬†Distinct lack of photos due to the weather conditions, just before and after today photos – sorry!

Day 3 – oops forgot to take the camera out!

Day 4 – windy and fresh but we are getting the hang of this…

Day 5 – the sun shone brightly to end our challenge! Congratulations everyone.

Run, Run as fast as you can…

Well, well, well, if Dragon Almighty wasn’t enough to contend with, Bowfell now have a gingerbread man on the loose! Our special cameras caught him and his friends on the rampage around school last week. The children were shocked and set about on the hunt for him. There were very few clues as to his whereabouts until this afternoon when the postman delivered some interesting mail. Postcards from London, Germany and New Zealand had been sent to the children – from the gingerbread man himself! No wonder they couldn’t find him last week. Everyone was very excited and somewhat perplexed as to where all these places were. We displayed a large map of the world on the whiteboard and zoomed in to see where we were located in comparison to all the places the gingerbread man has been. I wonder if he will be visiting anywhere else on his travels? Watch this space…


Many thanks to Mr Bland and the Playdale team for taking the time to show Bowfell class around the playing fields development last Wednesday morning. The children had a brilliant time dressing up in high visibility jackets and hard hats to take a tour of the site. They looked at a plan of the fields to see where the new equipment was being installed and got up close to some very interesting machinery and holes in the ground! Everyone is excited to see the new look playing fields in a few weeks time!

Dragon Almighty!

There were some funny goings on in Bowfell class last week which began on Monday when the children discovered their princesses had been frozen into blocks of ice! A letter accompanied this shocking discovery stating that ‘Dragon Almighty’ was on the loose, setting traps and challenges for the children! The remainder of the week saw the princesses locked in a treasure chest with padlocks to open and ended with a trail for Reception and Year One to our forest school area at Heaves. Here they discovered a dedicated ‘dragon zone’ with an apology letter from the naughty dragon himself asking for the children’s help to find his missing 11 eggs! Thankfully the children accepted his apology and got to work on the important task of finding the precious eggs in time before they hatched! They are now safely rehoused in Bowfell’s fairy garden. Whilst we were there the children also enjoyed making fairy houses and dragon caves from the natural materials around them as well as some yummy hot chocolate to warm¬†up with after all their hard work.