Celebration Assembly on Teams!

In these unusual times, we’ve been finding unusual solutions to keeping our school community connected. We’ve been holding our weekly Celebration Assemblies on Teams each Friday so that everyone in school can share in the many successes that have been recorded in our wonderful Golden Book. Here are the classes tuning in!


Why is there so much hunger in the world?

Enough food is produced in the world to feed everyone; so why are so many people hungry? Year 5 + 6 pupils worked together to find out just how unequally the world’s food is distributed.

Our work began with a series of challenges.  First, we had to identify the continents of the world and try to decide which were the most densely populated.  Most of us, used our knowledge of the world and considered the size of the continents to try to figure this out, but when we were presented with the actual population for each continent, we realised our estimates were not always accurate!

We then moved on to presenting the population for each country and its share of the world’s food using Lego figures, shreddies and a world map.

Each Lego figures is equivalent to 100,000,000 people and each of our Shreddies represents 2% of the World’s food.

We were shocked to discover that the continents with the highest populations actually had the smallest share of food.

For example: Asia’s population was represented by 36 Lego people and had to share just 3 shreddies representing just 6% of the World’s food.  Just 5 Lego figures represent North America’s population who have as much as a 50% share of the World’s  food!  How can this be fair?

Our learning today  made us realise just how unfair our food is distributed and how fortunate we are to have enough to eat and never experience hunger.  Our discussions and our thinking contributed to writing some very powerful prayers to say thank you to God and to pray that the world’s leaders and governments will do more to bring about change so that everyone, regardless of where they live, has enough to eat.

Our Harvest Service

Throughout this week’s harvest theme all classes have been busy recording these videos.

Year 1 are singing Autumn Days; Reception are reciting a poem Harvest Time is Here Again; Year 2,3 &4 are performing a song called Moving Along which talks about the changes in the seasons; Year 5&6 finish our service with prayers they have written this week.

Harvest Thanks

This week, we have been thinking and reflecting on Harvest. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone from every class for bringing in such an abundance of wonderful produce. We will be making a visit to Kendal Food Bank to deliver the goodies and we know that lots of families who live in our local area will be benefiting from eating these nourishing foods.

Thank you!


Ice Cold Learning

In Science, Scafell have been learning all about different materials and their properties. Engineers choose materials for their projects very carefully because they know that the properties of a material affect how well it does the job.

We’ve been looking in depth at thermal conductors and insulators. Insulators can be found all around the home from cool boxes keeping unwanted heat away from a picnic to frying pans helping to cook our eggs evenly.

To put our knowledge into practice, we designed and built our own devices to keep an ice-cube cold. It’s warm in school with all of the radiators on, so we had to choose our materials wisely to insulate the ice-cube and make sure it didn’t melt!

Scafell did well in choosing sensible materials for the job and managed to keep their ice-cubes alive all the way through break time and beyond – a much better result than the control ice-cube sat on the side!

Wall of Wonderful

In Scafell, we have been thinking about the things that make us feel happy.  We all chose just one word that represents loveliness in our lives – they included:  football, cuddles, chocolate, baking and mountains!  What word would you choose?


Number facts practice in Scafell

Scafell have all been working super hard in their maths lessons recently so we wanted to let you know about one of the things we’ve started doing to really boost our mental maths skills.

In maths, there are 72 basic number facts which more complicated calculations are built on. If you can instantly recall these simple number facts, calculation becomes much easier as brain-power is freed up to think more clearly about the problem as a whole. We will be learning five new facts each week – after fifteen weeks we will have learned them all!

We’ll be testing our recall of the facts every week and seeing how much we can improve our score. See below for some helpful hints and tips to really get these facts embedded in your brain!

Little and Often

Practice makes perfect! These facts are quick, but to really get them to stick, regular practice is key. You can do this anywhere and everywhere – in the car, before bed, after tea, at the park… Wherever you are, take 2 minutes to learn these facts!


If you’ve got a tricky fact to learn, one of the best ways is to think of something wild or outlandish to help you remember. The crazier the better. Rhymes, jokes or silly stories are memorable, fun and stick in your brain. This is a great way to learn 8×8….

I ate and I ate until I was sick on the floor – eight times eight is sixty-four!

Related Facts

Sometimes a new fact is very closely related to one you already know. If you know 9+9=18, that means you also know that 9×2=18 because they are both two lots of 9. You can also use this to work out 8+9=17 as it’s just one less, or 9+10=19 as it’s just one more.

Fact Families

Number facts come in families – when you’re learning one, learn the family to effectively learn four facts at a time! For example, if you know 4×6=24, you also know…





Best of luck with your facts practice this week. We look forward to seeing you smashing your high scores in weeks to come!

Writing in Year 5

Following on from our fun and engaging day of baking bread last week, Scafell pupils have been writing their own versions of recipes.  They have worked really carefully to ensure they have included all the features of instructions such as: bullet points, subheadings, numbered steps in chronological order, imperative verbs and time openers.

The children are already demonstrating that they are motivated and determined to do their best and the outcomes are very impressive.  Here are some of our year 5 pupils with their writing – Great start everyone!

Scafell enjoy Wellness Week

We have enjoyed a fantastic first week back in School in Scafell doing all sorts of fun things including: baking bread, netball and basketball, weaving friendship bracelets, maths investigations, launching rockets and creating our own personal coats of arms.