Cumbria X Country

What a brilliant opportunity for our excellent runners to take a huge step up in standard, competing against the best in the County, on the most difficult course that I have ever seen at primary level.

On Monday this week, with a beautiful blue sky, though a terribly muddy terrain, our elite runners did just that, pushing themselves to exhaustion and personal fulfillment. All of the adult who had the privilege to be there with them, couldn’t have been prouder; it was a very special day!

Congratulations to all for your fantastic achievements!

We now have Oscar going on to represent Cumbria at the National Championships in the Leicester in March, a huge event.

One more event left at Elleray, we couldn’t be more excited.


Highwayman Homework

Well done Scafell who have produced some wonderful ‘Wanted Posters’ as part of their literacy work on The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.   Looks like they had great fun staining their paper and burning the edges to give their posters an authentic feel.  More fabulous work based around this poem coming soon….

Y5 identifying and labelling different angles

Did you know that different sized angles have different names? Today, year 5 were outside for their maths lesson, deciding whether the angles drawn on the playground were acute, obtuse, right-angles, straight-angles or reflex.

Can you identify the angles?  If not, see any member of our year 5 experts for help!

Big Painting

We had great fun today creating big paintings of shapes. First, we worked together to draw shapes with rulers and drawing round lots of objects in the class. We discussed the properties and names of the shapes as we drew them.


J’aime le chocolat

This week, Scafell pupils have started their new topic in French: ‘At the cafe’.  We have begun by developing our vocabulary for food and drink by playing games; speaking and listening and drawing foods we like and dislike.

J’aime la glace.

J’aime les saucisses mais je n’aime pas le poulet.

2D Shape Treasure Hunt

This morning, Scafell began this term’s work on shape by exploring the school grounds searching for, identifying, sketching and then describing the properties of the 2D shapes they discovered.  These included: rhombus, square, trapezium, parallelogram, kites.

High level vocabulary was used effectively and appropriately to describe each shape:

  • pairs of parallel sides
  • regular
  • symmetrical
  • irregular
  • sides perpendicular
  • quadrilateral

Volcano Homework Tasks

Today all our year 5 & 6 pupils proudly shared their topic homework completed over the Christmas holidays.  Each child conducted their own research before producing an information report on a famous volcano of their choice.  These included: Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius and Krakatoa.   Their work demonstrated their knowledge and included: photographs with captions, diagrams, glossaries, technical vocabulary, headings and subheadings.

High Attendance at Levens

We have been delighted with the high levels of attendance from pupils in all three classes during the autumn term. We appreciate that no one can help being ill so we have decided to award a ‘Good Attender Certificate’  too for those pupils with 98% or above, Well done to our 100% attenders this term – 21 pupils in total.

Volcanic Eruptions in Scafell

This morning, Scafell Class enjoyed continuing to create their models of dome volcanoes; complete with rocks, rivers, moss, hills, trees, buildings and even the odd dinosaur.   Here we are in action.  Mrs Farraday was very impressed with how we demonstrated positive collaborative learning:

We are so very pleased with our amazing volcano models completed today.   We also invited children from across school to witness several rather dramatic eruptions.

Our Carol Service

We began with some Y6 musicians playing the festive pieces before the service even started. Then our Christmas service was led and written by Scafell this year.  They chose one aspect of Christmas then in pairs wrote their own pieces to say in the service. They made comparisons between how we celebrate Christmas today and the first Christmas. We hope you enjoy reading their messages and thoughts about Christmas.