Midwife Crisis

Here are just a few photographs of todays’ performances of this year’s nativity.  The children dazzled our audiences with Oscar-winning acting; X-Factor singing and Strictly-style costumes!  Well done everyone!!

Year 5 & 6 Fundraisers

Very well done to all our year 5 & 6 pupils who designed and created their own stalls of games for our Christmas Fair on Friday.  These included: Raining Sweets, High Fliers, Bowling, Mystery Wheel, Guess the Name of the Teddy; Put the carrot on the Snowman and a Lucky Dip.  They raised a staggering figure of £185 as they entertained young and old with their fun, original and imaginative activities.  Great job Scafell!

Levens Remembers

On Friday we invited friends, family members and the community to join us for our special service of Remembrance.  Each class contributed to part of the service.  Scafell performed dramatic freeze-frames based on the book ‘War Game’ by Michael Foreman; Bowfell retold their version of the story ‘The little Hen and the Great War’; and Skiddaw led us in prayer and read out the names of all the service men killed in action at or since the First World War.

Our service also involved every child placing their own poppy onto the central display piece on view in our school hall.

Memories of World War Two

Scafell Class enjoyed a rare opportunity to interview two Levens residents about their experiences of World War Two.

Our first visitor was a pilot for The Flying Horse Squadron 267.  Hew flew a Dakota delivering provisions as far as Singapore and Burma.  He also brought the wounded and the dead back to safety.  He showed us his Pilot’s log book as well as a photograph of himself in his uniform standing on the wing of his plane.   Alan was at the young age of 17 when he joined the airforce.  Luckily he was not hurt in the war but remembers lost friends fondly.

Our second visitor was only 2 when the war started but clearly remembers having to leave his home as a family from Salford needed their house as theirs had been bombed in the Salford bombings.  He told of seeing and sharing his first banana with 8 family members, he told us all about rationing.  He shared how his father had left to go to war when he was only two and didn’t return until he was seven.

The pupils of Scafell valued this very special opportunity to talk to two local people about their very different experiences of war as part of our themed week related to Remembrance.

Primary Netball Tournament at Dallam

Huge congratulations to our amazing team of High Five Netball players who secured 3rd place in a tournament at Dallam School involving around 10 other teams from neighbouring schools.  With total commitment, determination, team cooperation and nerves of steel, our bronze award is an amazing achievement.

We played a total of 5 games, with players swapping in and out of positions between matches.

Game 1: 1-1

Game 2: 0-0

Game 3: 0-3

Game 4: 8-0

Game 5: 1-0

They were also incredibly brilliant ambassadors of our school!  Superstars!

Remembrance Preparations

Scafell have been working collaboratively preparing our very special World War One 100year anniversary display that will be the focal point of our service of Remembrance next Friday at 10.30am in school.   We are creating a frieze entitled: Levens Remembers.

Meet our School Council

Our new School Councillors for 2018-19 have now been elected and already undertaken their first task of the year.  They collected and counted all the funds donated for our Toilet Twinning event last Friday which raised a staggering £85.

They have many exciting projects planned for the remainder of this term including: a school disco, Children in Need and purchasing new equipment to enjoy at lunchtimes and breaktimes.

Building Trust

Last week in our Forest Schools session; it was all about building trust.  Using the skills we had practised last week, each leader had to take their partner on a walk around the woodland to find a tree.  Wearing a blindfold, we had to explore a tree with their remaining senses before being led back to base camp to remove the blindfold.  The next challenge was to find their tree and return to it!