Meet our School Council

Our new School Councillors for 2018-19 have now been elected and already undertaken their first task of the year.  They collected and counted all the funds donated for our Toilet Twinning event last Friday which raised a staggering £85.

They have many exciting projects planned for the remainder of this term including: a school disco, Children in Need and purchasing new equipment to enjoy at lunchtimes and breaktimes.

Building Trust

Last week in our Forest Schools session; it was all about building trust.  Using the skills we had practised last week, each leader had to take their partner on a walk around the woodland to find a tree.  Wearing a blindfold, we had to explore a tree with their remaining senses before being led back to base camp to remove the blindfold.  The next challenge was to find their tree and return to it!

The Demolition Begins

What a week! As you can see from these photos, we were delighted to watch the machinery begin to dismantle the old kitchen building right before our very eyes. The looks on the children’s faces matched the ooohs and ahhhhs as the first the roof, then the walls were demolished. The demolition was accompanied by spontaneous cheers and rounds of applause from the appreciative crowd!

Year 5 Primary Athletics at Dallam

Well done to all our year 5 pupils who represented Levens at the Level 1 Primary Athletics Competition in Dallam Sport’s hall competing against many other local schools.  Our 11 athletes travelled around a total of 10 events, including: shuttle runs, javelin, long-jump and hurdles.  Certificates are on the way to our team at our next Celebration Assembly.

Orienteering at Elleray

On Wednesday of this week, years 5+6 enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the grounds of Elleray School at an orienteering event attended by primary schools in the South Lakes area.  The children quickly learnt how to navigate their way through fields, woodland and lots of mud competing for the finishing the course in the quickest time.  We also learnt how to read and interpret an orienteering map. Two of our teams had the fastest scores of the afternoon and are pictured here.

Can you spot an old friend amongst us?

Crafty Yoyo

Autumn trees were being created with great enthusiasm today in our Yoyo After School Club. The children painted and decorated their wooden trees with care and attention to detail.

It was good painting it. It was very wooden. PH

I was painting it and it was lovely.  DP

I loved making my tree and I put some golden and pretty leaves on it. LK

It was very fun helping others do their tree and I loved putting the golden shiny leaves on mine. FB

Hurray for Harvest!

Our Harvest preparations are in full swing for tomorrow’s celebration in St John’s Church. Each class will be showcasing some of their learning with growing vegetable soup, sharing the apple harvest and facts and figures about King’s Foodbank. This is our local Foodbank in Kendal who will be the recipients of our harvest gifts this year. Cans, packets and long life gifts will be most welcome. Please do come along for our 2pm service – all welcome.

Maths is fun

Year 5 and 6 have been learning about Place Value this week. We’ve been playing games with digit cards and learning many different strategies to win a game and fox our opponent!

Woodland Adventures

Today,  Scafell enjoyed their first visit to our woodland for some outdoor learning.  We began by discussing the hazards that we might encounter in the forest and talked about our three forest schools’ rules:  to look after yourself, to look after everyone and to take care of the forest.   In pairs we weaved or plaited 3 strands of wool to help us remember, before enjoying some team challenges involving our shoes, ropes and blindfolds!

We also enjoyed a creative scavenger hunt uncovering some interesting items including a number of wriggly and crawly mini-beasts!

Do come and see our work tomorrow…

Preparations for the annual Westmorland County Show are in full swing and the Learning for Life tent is taking shape as I write. Our display is all about China this year and each class has produced a variety of different elements based on this theme. Do come along and see the wonderful range of art and design, geography and English work we have on display. Here is a sneaky preview – we do hope it survives the night!