Bug Hotels

Across the UK, hotels and Guest Houses are closed for now, but Scafell pupils have been making sure the minibeasts in our gardens are living in luxury in their five-star accommodation! These have been created with materials collected on walks and in the local environment including: sticks, leaves, pebbles, plant pots, bricks, guttering, tubes etc.

Encouraging the right kind of bugs into our gardens helps pollinate flowers and keeps away unwanted pests, like snails too.

Here are some of the fabulous examples they’ve created so far.  Well done Scafell!

The Levens School Song

Alfie and Rebecca Jones have been very busy with dad, Darren, creating and performing this song all about Levens School! All the staff have listened to it and many were brought to tears hearing it. The giggles are just gorgeous! Thank you so much to the Jones Family for sharing their wonderful talents. Listening to this is guaranteed to brighten your day.

We’ve included the words here in the hope that many of you will sing along and we would like to set a music challenge to you all. Please learn the song so that we can sing it together for real when we are back in school in the not too distant future.

Happy Singing!

The Visitor

Scafell pupils have created some imaginative pieces of descriptive writing based on an image of a modern-day iron man.

Here are extracts from three of our talented year six writers:

Clank, clank, clank, the terrible sound of metal scraping on the ground made everyone freeze like statues.  They all looked up into the stormy sky and saw an enormous figure looming over them like a dark cloud.  Most people scattered like ants, running, screaming and shouting asking for help, “Get the army! Get the army!”


Fifty metres or more tall, the mysterious metal creature stands straight with its extended man-made arms swaying slowly by its hips.  On each of its shoulders nests a car door.  They make it look like it has a pair of metallic black wings.  Its chest is protected by a covering of steel.  Almost like armour.  Its eyes stare down at the humans, showering them in a brilliant yellow beacon of light. Blinded, the humans instinctively cower backwards, still taking pictures of the robot man edging closer to the metal fence.


Far, far away on Mercury in the city of Cury a gigantic metal creature, taller than the Eiffel Tower, had landed in front of the enormous crowd.

Her eyes, as blue as the sky, looking down on the world as bright as shining lanterns.  The metal from her armour sparkled like shining stars.

The crowd waiting with bated breath and the creature spoke.  Her voice roared like a lion…..



Photography by Scafell Pupils

Last week, our year 5 and 6 pupils had a photography challenge as part of their home learning.  Could they capture a moment in time through a lens?  In the last few weeks our lives have turned upside down, but around us there is peace, quiet, beauty, sunshine and many signs of new life.

Here is our gallery of photographs:



Scafell’s ideas about the benefits of lockdown

Despite living in uncertain and very strange circumstances, Scafell have risen to the challenge of identifying the positives of lockdown as part of their homelearning.

The have created an interesting list of ideas which they have emailed to us over the last couple of weeks, including:

  • Life is more relaxed;
  • There is less pollution;
  • We are not rushing around to different places;
  • I don’t have to get up as early;
  • I am cooking more;
  • we have more family meals together;
  • I can spend more time online and playing games on my phone;
  • I don’t have to wear school uniform;
  • I can eat lunch outside in the sunshine;
  • it is giving the environment a rest;
  • I am spending more time with the family;
  • I watch more movies;
  • we can do less school work;
  • I go on more bike rides;
  • It’s bringing our family closer together;
  • I can spend more time with my pets.

Scafell, you have shown us that we can always find positives; even when times are tough!

Thank you to everyone in year 5+6 who shared their ideas with us.


Easter Fun

Thank you to all who sent us your photos of you enjoying Easter this year. Here is a selection from Bowfell, Skiddaw and Scafell.


Scafell Home-Learning Hall-of-Fame!

Hello! Mr Dean here, I hope you are all staying safe and well in these strange times.

We’ve had some amazing home learning sent to us over the past few days and wanted to share a few highlights with the world! Well done to everyone who’s done something amazing in the last few weeks!

First up are some of the culinary delights you’ve sent in. From rainbow toast to birthday cakes you’ve been channeling your inner Jamie Olivers and cooking up a storm!

Next up is some incredible art – you’ve taken the challenge of decorating your home learnning books and pulled it off with style!

And last but not least, a selection of all of the great writing, maths, history and everything else in between!

Keep up the great work Scafell and make sure you keep in touch with all of the great work you’ve been doing! Who knows, maybe we’ll feature your work in a future blog!

Stay safe!
– Mr Dean.

Paul Cezanne studies in Scafell

In recent weeks, Scafell have been exploring the work of Paul Cezanne, an extremely influential French artist.  We have found out about his life, his inspiration and his work; including explaining our appreciation of his paintings; before undertaking a carefully study one of our favourites.  Then we set up some ‘Cezanne-type’ still life arrangements of our own for further work using paint.