Cumbria X Country

What a brilliant opportunity for our excellent runners to take a huge step up in standard, competing against the best in the County, on the most difficult course that I have ever seen at primary level.

On Monday this week, with a beautiful blue sky, though a terribly muddy terrain, our elite runners did just that, pushing themselves to exhaustion and personal fulfillment. All of the adult who had the privilege to be there with them, couldn’t have been prouder; it was a very special day!

Congratulations to all for your fantastic achievements!

We now have Oscar going on to represent Cumbria at the National Championships in the Leicester in March, a huge event.

One more event left at Elleray, we couldn’t be more excited.


Preparing for the Dance Platform

Skiddaw class have been busy on Tuesday mornings working really hard with Miss Nic, our dance specialist, to create a piece to perform at the Brewery Dance Platform event on 20th March. A theme of boxes has been given to link all the different schools’ performances and ours is based on the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora’s Box. We have been reading the story, with fantastic expression, in guided reading recently too. Next week a dancer from the Brewery is visiting to watch our piece and teach move for a group dance.

Here we are mid session…

Big Painting

We had great fun today creating big paintings of shapes. First, we worked together to draw shapes with rulers and drawing round lots of objects in the class. We discussed the properties and names of the shapes as we drew them.


Learning about the orchestra

We have been learning about different families of instruments that make up the orchestra through listening and watching orchestras play Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. So far we have learnt about the strings seen a cello and violin in action in the classroom. We have just learnt about the woodwind section and now have a bassoon in the classroom. We had great fun with straws, seeing how the shorter the tube the higher the notes will be.

Here we are making careful observational drawings of the cello whilst listening to them being played on the screen.

High Attendance at Levens

We have been delighted with the high levels of attendance from pupils in all three classes during the autumn term. We appreciate that no one can help being ill so we have decided to award a ‘Good Attender Certificate’  too for those pupils with 98% or above, Well done to our 100% attenders this term – 21 pupils in total.

Shadows cast in the sunshine

Skiddaw class welcomed the sunshine today as it meant we could get outside and do some science work on light! We have been learning about what makes shadows and how the shadows cast from the sun change during the day. Here we are marking out the shadow every 20 minutes during the afternoon.

This was what we noticed and discussed about the shadows – they moved, they were equally spaced (as we marked them every 20 mins), the shadows got longer as time went by, the shadow was clearest nearest the object and more hazy the further away you went from the object, during the last visit the school building blocked out the sun’s light so there were no shadows to be seen.

Happy Christmasaurus!

Skiddaw class have been really enjoying reading The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher these past few weeks. We’ve forgetten everything we thought we knew about the North Pole. We’ve met a boy called William, his dad, Santa Claus, an elf named Snozzletrump, the meanest girl in the world Brenda and… a most unusual dinosaur called the Christmasaurus. Our magical story will continue in January.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas holidays from Skiddaw Class. Here we are munching our hot buttered crumpets listening to the last chapter before the holidays…


Our Carol Service

We began with some Y6 musicians playing the festive pieces before the service even started. Then our Christmas service was led and written by Scafell this year.  They chose one aspect of Christmas then in pairs wrote their own pieces to say in the service. They made comparisons between how we celebrate Christmas today and the first Christmas. We hope you enjoy reading their messages and thoughts about Christmas.

Christmas Musical Extravaganza

We had our Christmas Musical Extravaganza; The children demonstrated their wonderful skills playing violins, guitars and piano. We enjoyed styles from classical to folk and more than one version of Jingle Bells! Thanks must go their excellent music teachers; Mrs Rainbow, Mrs Hurley and Mr Duesbury. Well done to all players – it was an absolute pleasure to listen to your performances.

Midwife Crisis

Here are just a few photographs of todays’ performances of this year’s nativity.  The children dazzled our audiences with Oscar-winning acting; X-Factor singing and Strictly-style costumes!  Well done everyone!!