Midwife Crisis

Here are just a few photographs of todays’ performances of this year’s nativity.  The children dazzled our audiences with Oscar-winning acting; X-Factor singing and Strictly-style costumes!  Well done everyone!!

Tag Rugby Tournament

Today, Y3 and Y4 had great fun playing Tag Rugby against other local schools in the Dallam tournament. There was a biting wind but we were wrapped up warm, kept active and up beat to keep the chills away. It is tricky to play this game as one of the main rules is the opposite to all other team ball games – you have to run forward but pass the ball backwards! We played in two teams and played 4 matches and each time we got better at the tactics and mechanics of the game. Thank you to parents for accompanying and transporting us, to Mrs Craggs for preparing us and to Miss Garnet and her willing Dallam pupils for organising and refereeing the games.

Levens Remembers

On Friday we invited friends, family members and the community to join us for our special service of Remembrance.  Each class contributed to part of the service.  Scafell performed dramatic freeze-frames based on the book ‘War Game’ by Michael Foreman; Bowfell retold their version of the story ‘The little Hen and the Great War’; and Skiddaw led us in prayer and read out the names of all the service men killed in action at or since the First World War.

Our service also involved every child placing their own poppy onto the central display piece on view in our school hall.

What is the RNLI?

Skiddaw’s History work this term is all about Fantastically Great People Who Changed the World! We have started with finding out all about the live of Grace Darling and this lead us onto researching all about the RNLI and the wonderful work that they do all around the UK and Ireland’s coast and inland waterways.

The children’s enthusiasm and creativity has shone through with amazing facts, art work, chatterboxes, posters and researching websites and it has inspired real life visits too. Thank you to all family and friends who supported this mini project. Super work was shared with a very appreciative audience in class on Monday and is now proudly on display to visitors in our classroom. (You’ll also notice our groovy new wide screen in action as it was installed during the half term!)


Today in our Celebration Assembly we shared our drumming. In music, we have been learning about rhythm and beat. A beat is something that stays the same and a rhythm is different as it is made up of short and long sounds. We have been learning a drum pattern well known in Nigeria called Shiko. We have made up words to do with Winnie the Pooh to help make the rhythms memorable. Here we are drumming in our Monday music lesson. Listen out for the rhythm played 4 times, then 16 beats and a dramatic ending.


Meet our School Council

Our new School Councillors for 2018-19 have now been elected and already undertaken their first task of the year.  They collected and counted all the funds donated for our Toilet Twinning event last Friday which raised a staggering £85.

They have many exciting projects planned for the remainder of this term including: a school disco, Children in Need and purchasing new equipment to enjoy at lunchtimes and breaktimes.

The Demolition Begins

What a week! As you can see from these photos, we were delighted to watch the machinery begin to dismantle the old kitchen building right before our very eyes. The looks on the children’s faces matched the ooohs and ahhhhs as the first the roof, then the walls were demolished. The demolition was accompanied by spontaneous cheers and rounds of applause from the appreciative crowd!

Learning about Sukkot

Skiddaw class have been learning all about the Christian festival of Harvest but did you know that Jewish people also celebrate a festival at this time of year? Their festival is called Sukkot. Jewish people all over the world celebrate by making a hut or booth called a Succah in which they eat, sleep and party with family and friends. We have worked together to make one in our classroom. You’d be very welcome to come and have a look. Come and ask us about how we made it and what is special about it.