Running Challenge Enthusiasm!


Little did we realise in setting this challenge that everyone would rise to the task in so many different and exciting ways!

Here we see, night running, a yoga pause, obstacle courses, garden trails, bright and colourful dads giving it a go, family pets getting in on the act and of course Mr Dean in his hat who we cannot believe was running fast enough as he looks so cold!

It has cheered us up no end to see how you have coped with the cold and rain this week, We know you will all be feeling great about doing it and we are so pleased to be doing this together.

Medals are on order, looks like they will be well deserved, so keep up the pace and keep sending your pictures so that we can share, enjoy and laugh together.

Take Care and keep running!!

Making Shortbread

Skiddaw rounded off the term as they began with their favourite activity … cooking! Here we are measuring all our own ingredients carefully and following our shortbread recipes. Every pupil enjoyed eating their biscuit too – delicious! We thought it would be lovely to take some shortbread biscuits to those people in the village that we have been sorry not to see this term. Year 4 delivered the carefully sealed packages to let them know we have been missing them and to wish them a very Happy Christmas! It has been lovely to read the thank you messages from grateful recipients.   

Thank you very much to Mrs Mason for being head chef, organising all the ingredients and equipment, and for keeping such a close eye on the timer so that all the biscuits came out perfectly cooked – not an easy task with our oven! What a splendid way to finish a busy term.


Skara Brae and Stonehenge

We are learning about the New Stone Age or Neolithic this week in history. Here we are creating models of amazingly in tact Stone Age constructions that we can still see today, perhaps nearly 5000 years after they were built!

Year 3 and 2 were learning about the world famous Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands. It was only discovered in 1850 and is a small village of 8 houses linked together with covered tunnels. You didn’t need to put your coat on to visit your neighbours here!

Year 4 researched Stonehenge, another very famous Neolithic construction made up of circles of stones which took hundreds of years to construct. Like us adding extensions to our houses, Neolithic people kept changing things at Stonehenge so it developed over a long time with new stones being added or the existing ones being moved.

We had a great time this morning, creating models with construction kits. The colours aren’t quite right of course but by using our imagination we made furniture and stones that Neolithic people might have recognised!

Here we are…


Experience Christmas

Each class is Experiencing Christmas this year with a difference. Pam has kindly organised all the usual church resources for us to focus on the Christmas story in six stages in our class bubbles, spending a time each day reflecting on the message of this special story.

We were asked to think about what presents we might give to Jesus if we were visiting him. Wonderfully thoughtful suggestions included a teddy, a precious fossil, a beautiful pearl, diamonds, emeralds or rubies, a cuddly toy, my love and a house (so they didn’t need to stay in a stable).

At the final part of the story, we laid our gifts in front of the baby Jesus listening to the last verse of the carol “In the bleak mid winter” – What shall I give him, poor as I am?

Thank you so much to Pam for her wonderful organisation of all the beautiful resources we have used during Experience Christmas.  Every child in school has been able to explore all the different elements of the first Christmas in depth.

Super suffixes

Year 3 and 4 are learning to spell words with different suffixes. They had to decide between a range of different rules that we now know.

“Knock off the e and add our ending.”

“Look for one vowel, look for one consonant, double the consonant and add our ending.”

“Change the y to i and add our ending.”


“Just add our ending!”

It takes a careful look at the root word and a final check if it LOOKS right before deciding what it should be!

We had an interesting discussion on why bad+er or bad+est don’t really sound right too. Super spelling work everyone and gorgeous handwriting too.


Rock painting in the sunshine!

Here we are, in the final stages of creating their rock art pictures. Stone Age people would not have had the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed, with only a small fire or lit torch for light inside deep caves, but we had great fun mark making with chalk pastels in the colours of rock – reds, yellows, brown, black and white.

Stone Age Cave Painting

Skiddaw class are learning all about the Stone Age in history. We have begun by finding out how we know what types of animals were around in the Stone Age. Lascaux Caves were discovered by some teenagers and possibly their dog in September 1940. Paintings of bulls, oxen, horses and stags are beautifully clear and are thought to be around 15,000 years old. Drawn by Stone Age people, they also show us early humans hunting as well as animals that were around then. We took an amazing virtual tour around the many passages and caves that are now not open to public in order to preserve them.

This has inspired us to create our own cave and rock art. Here we are preparing our rock by scrunching and painting on the paper to make it look more realistic. We are also making paper mache rocks to experiment with drawing smaller creatures on. It was lovely to work outside on a sunny afternoon on Wednesday. Next week we’ll be trying our hand at drawing stone age animals on these papers with chalk pastels and paint.


Paper crafting

Skiddaw class have been learning 3D paper crafting skills and have had great fun creating these firework inspired pieces.

Children In Need 2020

Children in Need this year has been a little different but rest assured we have had lots of fun and raised an amazing £166.00! All week, classes have been dipping into the BBC Five to Thrive with Joe Wicks learning about the importance of keeping connected to our family and friends, taking notice of our surroundings, keeping active and being curious and the benefits of giving and kindness. Some also tuned in to see Joe Wicks complete his amazing 24 hours of PE in a live lesson on Friday morning.

Not only have we enjoyed coming to school in comfy clothes, we have all had great fun playing Children In Need Bingo! Thank you Mrs Coker for organising such lovely prizes.

Boxes of Hope

Thank you to everyone who has created a beautiful box of gifts that have already started their journey to making one child’s Christmas.  A total of 28 boxes were collected yesterday.  Thank you Levens!