Soaked but cheerful!

All junior children braved the drizzle and downpours at the Westmorland County Show and showed the true Dunkirk spirit throughout! This is what they had to say about their day…

JT – I loved the pigs because I liked all the rosettes as well as the bulls that had their names on their ear tags. PN – I loved the sheep because I have them on my farm and the goats. CB – I liked the shire horses and carriages when we were sitting eating lunch. LS – I loved the alpacas because they were cute and funny. JG – The baby ducks and different types of chickens and the sheep show were my favourites. PE – There was a horse rider called Paddy and the carriage was owned by someone called Harry. I was copying the cows and pigs and they talked back to me! SLa- I liked the chickens as some looked like their brains were coming out of their heads! AS – I liked the sheep show because Dougal the sheep was trying to dance! SLu – I liked Lenny the sheep who was so shaggy like an English Sheepdog. The pony carriages, the little Shetland pony and the Learning for Life tent were great. FB – I liked it when we were sitting eating lunch and we saw the carriages, DH – I liked seeing the vintage tractors as the little one was really small. TAB – I liked the horses – the big and the baby ones. RK – I liked the horses pulling the carts. AR – I liked it when they used their axes to cut the wood and stand on plank to get higher.


Noun Hunt

The new Skiddaw Class have been learning about nouns – the common ones and the proper ones. We went on a noun hunt, labelling lots of things in our classroom including ourselves, of course! A quick test for a noun – if you can put ‘a’ or ‘the’ in front of the word then it could be a noun.

Musical Extravaganza

Today, we held our summer Musical Extravaganza – our celebration of children’s musical talents. Parents, wider family, staff and pupils were treated to solo and group pieces on piano, guitar and violin. From those just starting out to the soon to be leaving Year 6 children, all showed their skill and determination. Thanks must of course go to our dedicated music teachers, Mr Duesbury, Mrs Hurley and Mrs Rainbow.

Levens Lego Expo 2019

Year 2, 3 and 4 children have been working on a special Lego project in collaboration with C-STEM this term. Tim Farron MP came to see and hear what the children have been working on. Over the past 10 weeks they have been building different computer controllable Lego robots each with particular mechanisms that move, rotate and roam around. Taking inspiration from the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, the 5 teams have been building their own moon bases incorporating areas for energy, water and air capsules. They also rebuilt and modified one of the robots and programmed it ready to demonstrate to visitors. This project has been a wonderful springboard for true teamwork and the children have showed resilience when things haven’t gone to plan. They have been patient with one another and discovered new strengths and talents in each other.

Tim said: “It was great to see some brilliant teamwork and some real imagination from the pupils in their designs, thinking of the things you’d need to have to sustain life on the moon. They also had some really clever use of robotics and computers in their projects, proving that Levens Primary School is home to some of our budding engineers of the future.”

Thank you very much to Tim Farron for coming along to view our work and to Fran Ward of C-STEM for including us in this amazing project.

Sports Day

We had our annual celebration of sport. With everyone spilt into four teams, we ran, we jumped, we kicked footballs and we wanged wellies.

It was a close fought affair with only 3 points between first and second but purple team were the winners.

Exploring Heaves Farm

Skiddaw and Scafell class enjoyed a fascinating time exploring farming today at Heaves Farm. We walked up briskly and arrived perfectly timed to be whisked away to the far reaches of the farm. We learnt all about the ways farmers and their animals provide for us – such as chickens, sheep, cows and pigs. We’ve walked inside the milking parlour and the cow shed, watched hour-old calves and learnt how robotics, machinery and IT keep the farmer in touch with their animals 24/7. There were also a myriad of other interesting farming and country related stations where we met spinners, veg growers, butchers, vets, sheep shearers, sheep dogs and their owners and dry stone wallers to name just a few. Sincere thanks to all the members and volunteers of the Westmorland County Agricultural Society and Roger, Carole and Gary Mason for opening their farm up to us. We’ve come back to school full of facts and insights into how farming touches everyone’s life everyday.

Outdoor Learning with Skiddaw Class

What a wonderful afternoon we enjoyed in our woodland area.  We spent our time developing a range of skills in the outdoors including problem solving, communication, resilience, negotiation.   We exercised our creative talents making small-world environments and by creating images using only natural materials.  We also enjoyed a treasure hunt!


Pizza+Canoeing=Fab Day!

Canoeing across to an island on Lake Windermere was made even more fun with lots of splashing from the waves, and lots from each other, but we were all dressed for the occasion and we made it in style! After a bit of exploring, we patiently made our own pizzas adding a wide variety of toppings lovingly prepared with mushrooms, ham, anchovies, salami, peppers, tomato and lashings of cheese. Once we had returned to the shore many splashed and played in the chilly water – sorry no pictures of that as we were having too much fun! Thank you to Phil, Pete and Chris for taking us – definitely a day to remember.

Busy Bees

To mark UN World Environment Day 2019, we focused on bees and the essential job they do in the world. Having started with this rhyming story The Beeman – we explored facts about bees and how they live. We then explored tessellating hexagons to create our own hives and added a queen bee, drones, worker bees and house bees.

UN World Environment Day 2019

Every year the 5th June is marked as the United Nations World Environment Day. This is a day to question what contribution you are making to reduce the catastrophic footprint humans make on our very precious planet; before it’s too late.

The theme for this year is air pollution.  Did you know that 90% of people around the globe are breathing polluted air each day and many children die each year because of air pollution.

Following a whole school assembly on Tuesday morning, each class has been exploring climate issues.    Look out for more posts soon to see what we’ve been up to.