Harvest Thanks

This week, we have been thinking and reflecting on Harvest. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone from every class for bringing in such an abundance of wonderful produce. We will be making a visit to Kendal Food Bank to deliver the goodies and we know that lots of families who live in our local area will be benefiting from eating these nourishing foods.

Thank you!


Thoughts on our Changes Assembly

In class assembly today, Skiddaw class reflected on these important questions of change. Their responses were interesting, many and varied.

What has changed in your lives recently?

RJ – seasons, HR – leaves on the trees, JG – everything!,  IW – our classroom, CH – we have grown taller, AR – our bones weaken as we get much older

What has changed in nature?

RK – hedgehogs hibernating, DP – birds flying off to warmer places (migration), Heating coming on in our houses as the weather gets colder.

How do you feel about these changes?

Some are exciting and we look forward to them, others can be a bit worrying.

Who helps you through changes?

Mums and dads and families, our teachers and our friends.

People of many faiths believe that God is like a parent or a carer. Even when everything changes, he is always the same and ready to help us.



Skiddaw Fruits and Vegetables

In Art, Skiddaw class have been enjoying ripping magazines and newspapers whilst creating our collages of pears, apples as well as orange and purple carrots. These are now proudly on display in our classroom.

We are all enjoying snack each day, before morning play, and it has been great to see a mouth watering range of different fruits and vegetables being munched including peas, strawberries, pears, carrots and bananas. This week we have had some radishes and it was wonderful to see some children keen to try this slightly spicy vegetable for the very first time.


Marvellous Maths in Skiddaw

We’ve been busy working with place value in maths. We have been partitioning (splitting up numbers into hundreds, tens and ones), matching numbers to words, ordering and counting in all manner of ways using all sorts of practical equipment to show our understanding. I was thrilled to hear someone talk about wanting to be a mathematician when they leave school this week too!


Skiddaw’s Lego Village

We had great fun making a Lego village in Skiddaw class. We made shops, garages, houses and gardens galore finished off with post boxes and trees. There was lots of imagination on show with added extra details. We set out our buildings on our road mats and we were very proud of our creation!

Welcome back to the new Skiddaw Class!

Wow, what a first week we have had. We started with a focus on wellness and having exciting experiences back at school. As well as lots of chatting and sharing news, we have been drumming, practising our throwing, catching and fielding skills, creating delicious banana bread muffins and mixing paints to make so many shades of green! We’ve really enjoyed being back with our friends and making great Levens memories again.

Rainbow Poems

Skiddaw class looked at a poem My Colours by Colin West. Dougal, Cerys and Hettie have sent in their own fantastic versions. We hope you may be inspired to create your own by reading, watching and listening to them here…

Skiddaw News Round Up

Here is a selection of more wonderful work that has been coming to me via photos and video. Thank you to everyone who has sent me information and photos. Keep them coming, you are all amazing! Mrs W

Food and Cooking – Some pupils took part in the NFU live lesson and others have created dishes to celebrate Easter and VE Day. Talia and Miley’s Aunt and Uncle from Devon helped them create their bread and butter VE Day inspired pudding via zoom and they dressed up too!

Science – Here are lots of busy pupils working outdoors on our science theme of Living Things. Some lovely creations using bark rubbings as well as categorising animals and flowering and non-flowering plants. Joseph has kindly been looking after our potatoes and you can see they are thriving in his care – thank you Joseph!

Other photos of pupils hard at work creating sentences, making cards to thank those wonderful workers, having success with Numbots and creating marble runs. What a super selection – I’m really proud of the creativity, resilience and perseverance you are showing every week. 🙂

The Levens School Song

Alfie and Rebecca Jones have been very busy with dad, Darren, creating and performing this song all about Levens School! All the staff have listened to it and many were brought to tears hearing it. The giggles are just gorgeous! Thank you so much to the Jones Family for sharing their wonderful talents. Listening to this is guaranteed to brighten your day.

We’ve included the words here in the hope that many of you will sing along and we would like to set a music challenge to you all. Please learn the song so that we can sing it together for real when we are back in school in the not too distant future.

Happy Singing!

Skiddaw News 24.4.20

Thank you to all who sent in photos this week. Lots of excellent work in your Home Learning Books on science, history and poetry. I love to see your beautifully neat presentation, I’ve been most impressed!

Here is a selection of other photos including some very creative rainbows.