Skiddaw Y2/3/4

Skiddaw Class is our Year 2, 3 and 4 class. It is taught by Mrs Wadey supported by Mrs Mason and Mrs Craggs. If you want to know more about our class take a look in our class booklet or see our curriculum overview below to find out what exciting things we have planned for this term.


What are we planning for Skiddaw Class this spring term?

In English, we will be enjoying reading great stories. We will finish reading the wonderful Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher and then explore Mairi Hedderwick books set in the Western Isles of Scotland. These will be a spring board for our own story writing by describing settings and characters as well as writing letters. We will continue to entertain by reading and learning interesting poems. Phonics / Spelling and Grammar sessions are planned each day and we will continue with weekly guided reading sessions.

In Maths, our focus on number work will broaden to learning in depth about multiplying and dividing with how these link to each other. We will explore how fractions fit into our number system and how to find fractions of numbers, of lengths and of objects. We will be applying our number skills to estimating and problem solving with real life examples.

In Science we’ll complete our topic on Light, then move onto exploring Sound – identifying how sounds are made, how they travel to the ear and finding patterns in pitch / volume.

In Computing sessions all children will continue to use IDL, supporting reading, writing, spelling and keyboard skills along with typing using BBC Dancemat – a program available free at home too! We are planning a series of sessions using our beebots, learning the essentials of computer programming.

Our Geography topic this term will be focused around Island living – using our reading to give purpose to map making and exploring human and physical features of the Isle of Coll such as hills and valleys, sources of water and food, stone and soil as well as transport.

In Music we will be linking our lessons with science by learning about different orchestral instruments and how they make sounds and experimenting with playing as a class orchestra. Y2s will have the opportunity to learn to play the violin in a series of lessons with Mrs Hurley on Mondays. We will sing together as a school, learning a variety of raps, clapping rhymes, rounds and other fun songs. Individual lessons in guitar, violin and piano will continue during the week.

We will look at how artists use Art and Design to create 3D models and sculpture looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy too. We will also be continuing with our sketch book techniques working outdoors drawing our local landscape.

In RE we will be thinking and learning about why and how people of different faiths use prayer. We will be watching and taking part in performing stories of the Bible in our Open the Book assemblies on Monday mornings and exploring our Christian Value of Love.

PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this term. Miss Nic will be preparing for our Dance Platform Show on 20th March *see below for more details*. On Thursday afternoons, Mrs Craggs will be concentrating on hockey, netball and lacrosse. Wet weather is inevitable this term so when working inside we will be making good use of our gymnastic equipment.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship are integrated into all areas of school life and form the basis of our whole approach to education, from assemblies and circle time to choices of stories and visitors. We do more on the ‘Getting on and falling out’ theme this term as well as exploring Mindfulness in special sessions with Mrs Mason.

Educational Visits: As well as taking our learning into the woods, we are looking forward to the special Brewery Dance Platform in March. This will involve everyone in Skiddaw class who will be expected to attend on the performance day. Tickets are due to go on sale next week from the Brewery Box Office. Do buy promptly as tickets sell out fast! Further details on the day/evening arrangements to follow. We will soon eagerly reveal plans for our adventure day, with a new provider, later in the year.                                                                                                                  Mrs Wadey