Skiddaw Y2/3/4

Skiddaw Class is our Year 2, 3 and 4 class. It is taught by Mrs Wadey supported by Mrs Mason, Mrs Matheson, Mrs Troughton and Mrs Craggs. If you want to know more about our class take a look in our class booklet or see our curriculum overview below to find out what exciting things we have planned for this term.

What are we planning for Skiddaw Class this spring term?

In English, we will finish reading our classic book The Railway Children and compare it to the film. We will be reading and writing our own stories set in Saxon times. Non-fiction books about Animals will be explored and be the focus of some English sessions. Phonics / Spelling and Grammar sessions are planned each day alongside weekly guided reading sessions.

In Maths, we will be exploring multiplying and dividing. Then applying this knowledge to fractions – defining fractions, ordering them, finding fractions of numbers and objects as well as adding and subtracting fractions too. We will be applying our number skills to problem solving and real life uses with money and statistics. We will continue to work really hard on number facts including times and divide tables in order to increase pupil’s fluency of mental calculations.

In Science we’ll begin with forces (pushes, pulls and twists) including magnetism and friction. Then move onto exploring Living Things, grouping in different ways and looking at food chains.

In Computing sessions we will continue to support our learning including Times Tables Rock Stars Y3 and 4 and the very popular IDL. We will turn our attention to typing skills using BBC Dancemat. We will be working with computer control linked to our Design Technology challenge.

We will finish our History topic, learning about more recent developments in the railways including their impact from different points of view before turning our attention to learning about a contrasting era, that of Anglo Saxons and Scots.

In Geography, we will be exploring the globe in terms of learning about time zones, meridians and hemispheres.

In Music we will be exploring our rhythmic and melodic memory through playing percussion games and creating compositions. Individual lessons in guitar, violin and piano will happen during the week. We will sing as a whole school every week, learning a variety of rounds and action songs.

In Design Technology we are delighted to be welcoming Fran from STEM to launch our 2020 new Lego Challenge this term.

In RE we will be looking to explore the Gospels - finding out about what kind of world Jesus wanted. We will be learning about Easter through Lent and how different people approach this special Christian event. Open the Book assemblies will continue on Monday mornings and we will be exploring our Christian Value of Forgiveness.

In a changed time of the week of Monday afternoons, in PE, Mrs Craggs will be developing hockey and netball skills and I will be exploring dance on Wednesday mornings. Wet weather is inevitable so when working inside we will continue to make good use of our gymnastic equipment. Please ensure a spare pair of socks are part of PE kits.

We will be learning French vocabulary and expressions linked to my family, animals and countries.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship are integrated into all areas of school life and form the basis of our whole approach to education, from assemblies and circle time to choices of stories and visitors. We are working on ‘Getting on and falling out’ as well as “Good to be me” themes this term.

Educational Visits: We are planning a visit to link this term and next term’s topics travelling on the Embsay Railway line later in 2020 as well as an Outdoor activity day trying a mixture of different water sports. More details will follow shortly.                                                                                                                   Mrs Wadey