Skiddaw Y2/3/4

Welcome to the new Skiddaw Class 2020 where our Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils are based. It is taught by Mrs Wadey supported by Mrs Mason, Mrs Matheson and Mrs Craggs. You'll see below, photos of us at work. At the side of the page, please see Skiddaw's Class Newsletter for important details about our class this term. This also includes a sneak preview of the exciting things we have planned.

What will we be learning in the autumn term?

Maths: We will focus on number work this term, learning about our number system and place value along with sequences, comparing and rounding. We will be exploring a progression of methods of adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will be applying our number skills to estimating and problem solving, money and measures.

English: We will begin our term with learning and using storytelling techniques linked to Aesop’s Fables like The Fox and the Stork. We will be designing puppets and using drama to retell our stories. We will then go onto reading books linked to our History topic including Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Katimura and instruction writing with How to wash your woolly mammoth. In guided reading sessions we will study a range of texts in more detail. This term we will have a special focus on learning and practising correct letter formation and joined handwriting. Spelling/phonics, punctuation and grammar will be worked on each day in morning tasks and English lessons.

Science: Animals including humans looking at stages of life, nutrition, skeletons and muscles.

History: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age (exploring hunter gathers and early farming) in the Bronze Age (religion, technology and travel including Stonehenge) and in the Iron Age (hill forts, tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture).

PE: Striking and fielding games such as rounders and cricket.

Computing: Learning to independently use our school computing system for accessing online learning such as IDL and maths games as well as word processing.

RE:  Exploring our Christian Values ‘Thankfulness’ and understanding what Christians and Muslims understand about the need for thankfulness in their lives. Learning about People of God in Christianity as well as work linked to Harvest and Christmas.

DT: Cooking, model making linked to our History and Science topics.

Art:  Drawing and sketching and art inspired by Stone Age to Iron Age Britain. Collage linked to the work of Giuseppe Acrimboldo.

Languages: Sign language including the countryside, transport and emotions (Autumn 2).

Music: Singing and listening, playing percussion instruments including hand drums.

We will also be visiting our woodland area to enjoy some Forest Schools activities during the first part of this term.    This term’s theme is outdoor challenges and problem solving.