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Zog trail!

Last week, Reception and Year One continued their learning about Julia Donaldson’s popular story ‘Zog’ by taking part in an outdoor mystery trail. There were clues chalked onto the playground about what the famous dragon learnt to do in each year of school. The children were challenged to work out the clues in order to crack the mystery code!

Time for a timeline!

To finish our history work on Developments in the Railways we explored where in time this all happened. Firstly, we had cards with other areas of history we study in school, and other important events, and we decided what order they came in. We worked in teams to do this, discussing and justifying our choices. We learnt about BC and AD and how we start counting our year numbers from the year of Jesus’ birth. We then made a display in the classroom with all the cards in the right order. The time the dinosaurs became extinct wouldn’t fit on our time line and it was amazing to think that this would actually be out in the Irish Sea if it was possible to continue our time line in the scale that we have used. This blew our minds!!

Here we doing our research into different steam locomotives which we presented to everyone in Celebration Assembly recently. We are also busy sorting times in history and then displaying our work in the classroom.


C’est Moi!

Year 5 & 6 have been writing some sentences about themselves in French!   Their writing includes information about their name, age, family and likes and dislikes as part of our topic on ‘Ourselves’.  We shared our sentences orally in Celebration Assembly today.

Well done everyone!

Best of Britain

Which do you think is the best of these four steam locomotives, all designed and built here in Britain? Skiddaw class have been researching each locomotive ready to present in our Celebration Assembly and try to persuade pupils to vote for them as the Best of Britain!

Rock Around the Flock

This year’s whole school performance was another magical show for us to enjoy.  Well done everyone on your three brilliant shows last week:

Christmas Fair

Huge thanks to everyone who supported or who helped at our Christmas Fair on 6th December.  It was a wonderful opportunity for friends and families to come together to have fun and raise money in support of our school.

Our year 5 & 6 pupils led their own creative stalls and games. These included: Find the Joker, Lucky Dip, Spin the Wheel, Hook a Duck and The Canonball Challenge.  They raised a staggering £174!


Christmas Musical Extravaganza

On Friday we enjoyed listening to the musical talents of our pupils on the piano, violins and guitars in our Musical Extravaganza performance for parents and children.  Thanks to Mrs Hurley and Mr Duesbury for all their hard work this term supporting our young musicians’ learning and progress.

Pyramid Expo!

Having worked so hard on designing and building pyramids, it would be a shame to not show them off!

As you know by now, Scafell class have been learning about the ancient Egyptians. We’ve recently been looking at pyramids. Having learned what they are for and how they were built, we had a go at designing our own pyramid so that people in the future would remember us as great leaders!

Having set this in part as a homework task, I was stunned to see so many excellent ideas and unique designs. To celebrate this, we turned our classroom into a museum for the afternoon, complete with information cards, and invited Skiddaw along to come and see what we had made.

Check out the gallery and see them for yourselves!

Owls visit Bowfell

Bowfell class enjoyed a visit this morning from some of the beautiful owls from The Owl Sanctuary in Barrow. The children had the opportunity to stroke, handle and ask questions about the owls. They also learnt lots of interesting facts, such a what owls drink – it isn’t what you might think!

Christmas Toddler Taster

Thank you to all those of you who were able to join us for the last Toddler Taster session of 2019 – Christmas crafts. We enjoyed an hour of glittery sticking and making which included animal friendly reindeer food, tissue paper Christmas trees and decorations. We look forward to our next session of cooking in January.