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Autumn terms 1st Good Work Assembly for parents.

It was lovely for parents to join us today to celebrate all of the children’s achievements throughout the week. Bowfell showed us their fantastic counting skills and ‘noun’ knowledge, Skiddaw impressively taught us 10 school-related words in sign language and Scafell presented their wonderful ‘Picasso-inspired’ artwork. What a lovely end to a great week! Thank you to all of the parents that joined us this afternoon.

Messy but worth it! Learning about State of Matter in Science.

Most people buy cornstarch to make custard or gravy, but Scafell have been using it to solve a longstanding physics problem with a substance known to generations of Dr. Seuss readers as “Oobleck”; and to scientists as a non-Newtonian liquid! Today Scafell were investigating states of matter, working out a very baffling question…what state of matter is Oobleck? By moving it around, it stays solid, yet keep it still for 2 seconds and it becomes a gloopy liquid. Did we discover the important answer to the ongoing science mystery? Maybe not! But we did have lots of fun and learn a lot about state of matter. The children were also very helpful when it came to clearing up. Sorry about the mess Mrs Farraday!

Picasso…Scafell’s way!

Scafell have been practising their artistic skills this week, learning about Pablo Picasso and his unique art. Firstly, we enjoyed looking at Picasso’s famous portraits; discussing words such as abstract, cubism and angular. The children then learnt various drawing skills using graphite pencils and oil pastels, resulting in fantastic, weird but wonderful portraits! Some of the children worked in pairs, drew each other or worked independently using a mirror. They were happy to have the chance to show off their amazing artwork in our Parent Good Work assembly today! Well done Scafell.

Understanding decimals in year 5 & 6

This morning, Scafell have been exploring the place value of decimals; including identifying the value of each digit; reading, comparing and ordering numbers with up to 3 decimal places; and partitioning decimals:

Some of our pupils have set you a challenge to solve!  Can you order these decimals from smallest to largest?

Here’s the solution:

Exploring maps

Year 2 have been exploring OS maps of the local area. They have loved finding where they live, the places they visit and using the key to find out what all the symbols and lines mean.

KS2 Visit to Westmorland County Show

As we do every year; Levens School attended the Westmorland County Show on Thursday and enjoyed a wonderful day learning more about our locality and our heritage.

Can you spot Prince Charles?

A huge thank you to the parents who accompanied us on the day and well done to our pupils who showed their livestock and won rosettes!  They told us all about it in Good Work Assembly on Friday.

Scafell Outdoor Learning

Scafell have enjoyed a fantastic first lesson of the year in our woodland area this week with our Forest School Leaders from Barnardo’s.  We began this session by introducing our forest schools’ code: look after myself; look after each other; look after the woodland.  Next, we identified the boundary of our outdoor environment before embarking on some team games and challenges.

Our next task involved searching the forest for anything that might create marks on our small pieces of cloth.  We were surprised by the range of colours we discovered; including bright emeralds and deep crimsons! These were used to create colour studies, prints using hammers and compositions using only natural materials found across the woodland floor.

Can’t wait for next week’s session… Den building!


Our reception children have settled in nicely to Bowfell Class. This week we have started to learn our letter sounds, starting with ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’. The children have been trying hard to form each letter correctly. The photo show them having a go on each others back!

Our Wonderful World Display

The Westmorland County Show field was buzzing with activity this afternoon as everyone was busy preparing for tomorrow’s show. This year the theme of Our Wonderful World celebrates work from each class. There are striking paintings in a variety of media all on a nature and the natural world theme. Examples using pencil crayon, paint, collage, ink pen and pastels are all represented. We have displayed some super Pebble Pets and mini pebble pet homes. There are photos of us at work in the outdoors too. Do come and take a closer look at our display in the magnificent Learning for Life tent on the far side of the show field tomorrow.

Good Work Assembly

What a wonderful end to a great first week.  On Friday afternoon we joined together for our first Good Work Assembly of the year.  This included a story telling performance from Skiddaw about a talking papaya and poetry readings from some children in Scafell.  We also celebrated the wonderful art work displayed by Levens School at Cartmel Show during the summer holidays and we congratulated all the children who had been recognised for something amazing in our Golden Book.   Well done everyone!