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Ghyll Scrambling Fun

We all had a fantastic fun but freeeeezing time Ghyll Scrambling in Stickle Ghyll in Langdale. Thank you to Andy, Chris and Richard who came with us.

We wore a wet suit, a cagoule, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. IT

We learned how to do a “Roman Hold” where we grip  each other’s wrists for added strength. We helped each other along the way and encouraged our group.

When we were climbing the water fountains, we had to go up the side and hang on to the branches. JA

When we had a shower, we went under a waterfall and felt the water thudding on our helmets. CH

We crossed our arms and but our chin onto them and fell backwards into a deep pool of water. BN

At the end we all jumped in a big pool. It was cold, soaking wet and we were drenched to the skin. We loved it. PBT

Levens Tea Club

The smell of delicious food radiated through school this evening as Year 5 began their summer sessions of preparing menus and scrumptious meals for a range of people lucky enough to be on the guest list.  Tonight year 5 attended the team briefing before cooking for themselves.  Here they are in their ‘chef-whites’ looking eager, busy and ofcourse hungry!!

Easter Service at St. John’s

What a wonderful Easter Service we had at St. John’s Church this week celebrating new life.  We walked down to church in the spring sunshine noticing all the signs of spring as we walked.  Our service included contributions of poems, prayers, art work and songs from the children.  Canon Thompson talked to us all about the importance of hope and peace and presented every child in school with a Bible given to us by Bibles for Children. Thank you to Canon Tom Thompson for leading our service and to everyone who came along to join us.

Thank you School Council

Huge thank you to our School Council who have organised lots of wonderful new playground equipment for us all to enjoy; bought with funds raised at school discos.  We had such fun in the sunshine this week sharing, playing with friends, learning new skills and laughing lots.

Before we were all allowed to use them; School Council presented an assembly all about how we should look after the equipment and play with it properly so it doesn’t get damaged or lost.

We look forward to enjoying all our playtimes and lunchtimes.  Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising events so that we could buy the equipment!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Six people played a hockey competition and we beat three schools and drew one. Here are the scores:

St Mary 2 vs Levens – we won 3-0.

Levens vs Dean Barwick – we won 6-0.

St Mary 1 vs Levens – it was a draw 2-2.

Levens vs Beetham – we won 6-1.

It was time for the presentation in 3rd place was St Mary 2, in second place was St Mary 1

and finally in 1st place was Levens.


Thank you Mrs Craggs and parents who transported us.

by Charlie and Oscar

Y2 Nouns Treasure Hunt

Year 2 enjoyed exploring Bowfell’s outdoor area this week looking for nouns!  We teamed up together in pairs to find as many different examples of nouns as possible.  We also searched for hidden sentences and identified the noun in each sentence.  This was particularly tricky because some sentences had more than one noun!  The nouns could be sorted into two groups: proper nouns and common nouns.  If you don’t know the difference, just ask anyone in Year 2; they are experts!  Next week, we will be going on to learn about ‘noun phrases’.

Learning in the sun

What beautiful weather we have had today! Scafell class decided to make the best of the sun, whilst still learning and working hard. This morning, we took Maths outdoors and practised the four operations in the form of a ball game (+,-,x and /) and this afternoon we continued our Science topic outside, based on how animals adapt to their environment. Let’s hope the sun decides to stay!

What an amazing day Year 2 had at Leighton Moss

When we arrived we were welcomed by Carol and John who told us all about the different habitats at Leighton Moss – reed beds, woodland, willow scrub and all the different wildlife that live there; and how the RSPB look after nature, not just birds. The children were great at asking and answering questions about the wildlife including where they live, how they are camouflaged and their predators.  Great knowledge!

On our minibeast hunt we discovered and collected slugs, snails, millipedes and worms under logs and stones in all the dark and wet places. Then to the Hideout where we looked at the garden birds; including the cheeky pheasant and moorhen looking for food.

We learned about brilliant birds by touching and feeling feathers and looking at lots of different kinds of nests built by garden birds. We were listening to birds singing when we were joined by a very noisy robin! We squeezed teddy birds to listen to the sounds of different birds.

In the afternoon we were brave enough to climb to the top of the Skytower to look over the whole of Leighton Moss and listen for the Bittern, quiet enough to use our binoculars in Lillian’s Hide to observe lots of different birds – dipping, diving ducks, moorhen, geese and marsh harriers.

Then we became plant detectives, making bookmarks and smelly cocktails from leaves and flowers, collecting leaves to make rubbings of bark and leaves and lots of other activities.

We had a brilliant day at Leighton Moss: it was over far too quickly!

A great reason to eat chocolate crispy cakes!

In Science we have been learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases and what better way to see the transformation between two of these but to make, and eat, chocolate crispy cakes! We split into small groups so we each got a good look closely at the heating of the chocolate and with great squeals of delight we realised what looked like simple chunks of solid chocolate really had been transformed into shiny liquid.

Sporty Skiddaw

Today Skiddaw have been super sporty. It was our last morning working with Keith Robinson, from Newcastle Falcons, on the Tackling Numbers programme. We have been working over the past 5 weeks on some fantastic tag rugby sessions followed by sport inspired maths lessons. Today it was all about financial know how. We learnt about bank, building society and post office accounts, about the importance of earning money and saving up rather than borrowing and having to pay more back in the long term – really important life lessons!

Then in the afternoon we took two teams to the Quick Sticks Hockey tournament for Y3 and 4 children hosted by Dallam. Everyone raised their game in this competition and we won all but one game! Levens Llamas and Levens Rhinos both did themselves very proud with great team spirit, game awareness and strong tactics. Levens Rhinos came in the top two teams out of 14, and go through to the next round. Thank you to all parent transporters and keen supporters it was great to hear so many cheering us on!