School Blog

Seed Hunting

We’ve been out and about in the sunshine exploring the school grounds and the wider village to find examples of seeds. We know that plants disperse their seeds using clever tricks to spread them far and wide. They use the wind, water, catch a ride on an animal, burst or shake, drop and roll or disguise the seed in a juicy berry.

We were especially looking out for berries. Some are only fit for birds and other animals to eat. A few special ones are good for humans to cook and then eat! We picked some blackberries, rowan berries and hawthorn berries as well as a few rose hips. We will be using these to make some Autumn Jelly.

We came back into school and sorted our finds. Finally we made careful observational drawings of our treasures.

Dear Zoo

Congratulations to everyone in Bowfell who recited the whole of Dear Zoo complete with actions and facial expressions!  No evidence of any nerves in their first live performance for the rest of the school.

Lunch at Levens

All our new Nursery and Reception children are settling well into the routines of our dining hall and enjoy a healthy nutritious lunch with all their friends every day.

Shoe Box Settings!

Take a look at our amazing shoe-box creations!  Our summer challenge was to create a setting from a favourite book to display at the Learning for Life Tent at the Westmorland County Show….

Creations included the wardrobe from Narnia; plus scenes from The Gruffalo’s Child, The Midnight Gang, Fing, The BFG, The Scarecrow’s Wedding and The Tiger who Came for Tea.  Well done everyone – they are all amazing!

Fair testing in Science

We are learning about seeds and how they disperse or spread. Sycamore seeds disperse by spinning to the ground and are like mini helicopters. We have been making different types of helicopter spinners. We could change the colour, the number or type of paper clips, change the paper, or the size like small or big. To be fair we only changed one thing from our control helicopter and we tested them by flying them in the school hall.

Here are some photos of us doing that!

Soaked but cheerful!

All junior children braved the drizzle and downpours at the Westmorland County Show and showed the true Dunkirk spirit throughout! This is what they had to say about their day…

JT – I loved the pigs because I liked all the rosettes as well as the bulls that had their names on their ear tags. PN – I loved the sheep because I have them on my farm and the goats. CB – I liked the shire horses and carriages when we were sitting eating lunch. LS – I loved the alpacas because they were cute and funny. JG – The baby ducks and different types of chickens and the sheep show were my favourites. PE – There was a horse rider called Paddy and the carriage was owned by someone called Harry. I was copying the cows and pigs and they talked back to me! SLa- I liked the chickens as some looked like their brains were coming out of their heads! AS – I liked the sheep show because Dougal the sheep was trying to dance! SLu – I liked Lenny the sheep who was so shaggy like an English Sheepdog. The pony carriages, the little Shetland pony and the Learning for Life tent were great. FB – I liked it when we were sitting eating lunch and we saw the carriages, DH – I liked seeing the vintage tractors as the little one was really small. TAB – I liked the horses – the big and the baby ones. RK – I liked the horses pulling the carts. AR – I liked it when they used their axes to cut the wood and stand on plank to get higher.


Noun Hunt

The new Skiddaw Class have been learning about nouns – the common ones and the proper ones. We went on a noun hunt, labelling lots of things in our classroom including ourselves, of course! A quick test for a noun – if you can put ‘a’ or ‘the’ in front of the word then it could be a noun.

Year 6 Leavers’ Party

Following a lovely morning bouncing at Brockhole, all our year six leavers were treated to a special dinner prepared by Mrs Mason and Tea Club.  We enjoyed fruit punch, crudites, pizza, strawberry sundaes, coffee and after dinner mint chocolates – simply delicious.

Year five did an incredible job with scrumptious food, attentive service and a lovely welcoming atmosphere.  Definitely a five-star rating on TripAdvisor!!  Thank you to FOLS for funding these wonderful celebratory treats for our year six leavers each year.

Bouncing at Brockhole

Reception and Year One had a brilliant time on the Tree Top Nets at Brockhole on Thursday. They enjoyed climbing, bouncing, crawling through tunnels, whizzing down slides and playing football in the trees to name just a few things! After 2 hours of non-stop activity the sun made its appearance for lunchtime which was enjoyed beside the lake. There was just enough time for some forest school games in the woods and an explore in the playground before home time.