National Curriculum - Art

Levens CE Art Curriculum Map

Curriculum Milestones - ART

Art Subject Overview


Our engaging and stimulating art and design curriculum aims to enable our pupils to communicate their ideas, thoughts and observations in different ways.  Above all, we strive to inspire personal expression; as well as creative and practical responses to real and imaginary worlds.

Through a wide range of opportunities, pupils learn how to work with a variety of materials, tools and techniques developing their knowledge and skills to interpret the world around them creatively.  Pupils explore and discuss the work of artists and traditions from our own heritage, as well as inspiration from others around the world.   In doing so, we learn to understand and appreciate our rich, cultural heritage; be inspired to enjoy and develop our own creations and techniques; and develop the use of a wide visual language to share our ideas and opinions with others.


In Early Years, individual expression is a fundamental element of our daily provision.  Children begin to learn how to manipulate simple tools effectively such as scissors, pencils, brushes; they might also use non-conventional objects to make marks, for example fingers, hands, cotton buds, mops and straws; as well as a range of different materials to make 3D models.  Children are encouraged to create their own colours and explain how they have created them. Pupils begin to appreciate the work of famous artists such as Kandinsky; and are inspired to make their own creations using different stimulus including space, fireworks or music.

In Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils continue to explore different techniques and materials to design and make their own creations. They are taught about colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, space and form.  Sometimes children will complete studies in sketch books, but at other times, pupils will work over several lessons to develop their ideas and practise skills they have been taught in order to create final pieces.

From year 2 onwards, each child has their own sketchbook which is used to explore and develop their ideas and techniques as they travel through school.  Each year, pupils study the work of at least two other artists, designers or sculptors, either living or from history; and create both two and three dimensional pieces.

Our art curriculum is enriched with opportunities to learn from local practising artists on whole school collaborative projects as well as individual pieces.

Creative work is assessed at two checkpoints in each academic year using the same medium, stimulus and input for every child from Reception through to year 6.


Pupils have positive experiences when working creatively and value their learning opportunities.

They are confident to experiment and explore different techniques and can recognise their own progress and development as they work through projects and reflect on work produced in their sketchbooks.  Students can recognise and discuss the work of a number of different artists from our local area and further afield – both living and from history.  Pupils can evaluate their own work and that of their peers using appropriate visual vocabulary.

Pupils leave our school equipped with the required skills, knowledge and understanding to develop creatively; but most importantly – an enjoyment of art and design and a positive belief that they can achieve and develop as an artist!

Our pupils’ work is valued and celebrated throughout our school environment, in our local community and via our school website.