Class Two – Years 1 & 2

Welcome to the new Class Two! This class is taught by Miss Robinson, supported by Mrs Mason, Mrs Harwood and Mrs Court. They are homed in Skiddaw classroom just off the hall, with access to an enclosed outside space just outside their cloakroom door. We've been super busy making the classroom an interactive and exciting learning space. Here are some first glimpses of what to expect!

Autumn Term Curriculum 2021

RSHE: There will be a huge emphasis on this area of learning, particularly as we settle into the new school year and establish ourselves as Class 2. There will be a lots of work on playing and working co-operatively and improving independence. Themes this term will include families and friends including making friends and feeling lonely as well as respecting ourselves and others where we will recognise things we have in common as well as differences.

Maths: Year 1 and Year 2 will be taught Maths separately so that time can be spent deepening the children’s understanding of early number and not rushing towards larger numbers. This also allows for essential key skills and concepts to be properly embedded and it is these key skills and concepts that will prove essential as the children continue with their Maths learning throughout school. This term we will be focusing on number work, learning about our number system and place value.  We will also be looking at addition and subtraction strategies and within these the use of money. Later in the term we will begin to learn about multiplication.

English: All year we will be practising reading and spelling the Common Exception words. Each year group has a specific set of words, many of which do not follow the usual spelling rules or contain a ‘tricky’ part. In provision there will be a strong emphasis on story telling including retelling familiar stories as well as creating our own and throughout the term we will be working hard on using our phonic knowledge to spell words and learning about the key components of a sentence including punctuation. In order for children’s work to be plausible, handwriting is key and we will have daily handwriting practice this term.

We will begin the term by looking at the text ‘On the Way Home’ by Jill Murphy. This is a story that contains a familiar setting and scenario but encourages the children to use their imagination about what could happen and also introduces them to lots of interesting vocabulary.

Year 1 will be writing labels, lists, captions and simple sentences and

Year 2 will be writing their own piece of narrative based on the story.

During the second half of the term we will return to an author the children are familiar with from last year; Julia Donaldson. We will be learning about worms linked to the fiction text ‘Superworm’ and performing parts of the story, as well as using the non-fiction text ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivian French to help us to write instructions, questions and facts about these wriggly creatures.

Reading will play a big part in getting to know and understand our whole class texts and we will also read independently as well as during Guided Reading sessions (group reading) during which children will be able to apply their learning from their daily Phonics lessons.

Science: Our Science topic this term is animals including humans. We will be looking at the human body and senses, stages of life and our basic needs. We will even compare ourselves to worms!

Topic: (History and Geography) Our topics in these subjects link together brilliantly this term as we will be looking at human and physical features particularly these in our local environment. Our local environment includes Levens Hall and our History topic is the History of Levens Hall. We are in the process of organising an educational visit to support our learning.

PE: In Autumn 1 Mrs Craggs will teach Gymnastics, followed by Tag Rugby for multi skills in Autumn 2. Miss Robinson will teach ball control for multi skills in Autumn 1, followed by Dance linked to our topic in Autumn 2.

Computing: This term we will be learning about what a computer program is and creating and debugging simple programs.

RE:  Our whole school Christian Value is ‘Respect’ this term. We will be exploring the question ‘What do Christians believe God is like?’ There will also be work linked to Harvest and Christmas.

DT: We will be using our Science learning about human needs and nutrition to plan and prepare a healthy meal (with the help of Mrs Mason’s culinary skills!)

Art:  As well as expressing ourselves and exploring different media in our creative area, we will also be using drawing and painting to develop and share our ideas and experiences including producing self-portraits and observational drawings linked to our History topic of Levens Hall.

Arts week is WB: 13th September. We will be drawing and sketching in our local environment with artist Sophie Martin to create a whole-school collaborative piece based on theme of ‘community’.

Music: This term there will be lots of singling and listening and we will be learning how to use our voices expressively and creatively