Class Two – Years 1 & 2

Class 2

This is Class 2. Taught by Miss Robinson and Mrs Lowe and supported by Mrs Mason. This is a mixed class class of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils who love to learn in different ways.

Summer Term Curriculum 2023:

Maths: This term Year 1 will move on to working with and understanding larger numbers (beyond 20 and up to 100) as well as beginning to develop an understanding of multiplication and division, which will also include fractions. Year 2 will work on becoming more confident with all four types of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and especially developing their understanding of the latter. This will also include a unit of work on fractions. As the weather improves, we look forward to getting outside to do some practical maths work on measurement including mass, volume and capacity. We will also be completing whole class indoor learning on time, position and direction.

English: It was lovely to have the opportunity to share the children’s writing books with many of you at Parents’ Evening last half term and I feel very proud of the children and the progress they have made since September. This term a big focus will be on the presentation of our written work including handwriting, making sure that our letters are formed correctly and are the correct size and orientation in relation to each other. Year 1 will be focusing on using capital letters and full stops correctly when writing more than one sentence and will also learn more about when other punctuation might be more appropriate e.g. a question mark or exclamation mark. Year 2 will be learning about different types of sentences and furthering their understanding about the use of apostrophes. We will all be practising to read our own work aloud and with confidence as well as learning spelling rules appropriate to our year group. Year 2 will look at adding their own personality to their writing by thinking about the audience (who is the reader) and how they can entertain them or provide them with more information. We will begin the term by looking at a story with a message ‘Clean Up’ by Nathan Bryon and exploring how the text is written, before planning and writing our own texts in the same writing style. During the second half of the term our English work will link closely to this term’s science topic. We will be experiencing different non-fiction texts about animals and then writing our own fact files about animals and habitats.

Reading: Reading underpins all other areas of learning so thank you for your continued support with reading at home. Phonics lessons will continue to be daily and the skills learnt in these lessons applied in all areas of the curriculum. Alternative pronunciations and spellings will be explored as well as spelling rules when adding suffixes to words. The focus with the Common Exception Words will be spelling these correctly when writing sentences.  We will be exploring new vocabulary in the texts we read, during whole class reading, guided reading and when reading 1:1. As well as continuing to improve our fluency and expression, answering questions about what we have read will be a skill we will be developing in our guided reading sessions too. For Year 1 this will begin to include written responses to retrieval questions and for Year 2 this will be recording answers in writing to questions that require more detail or the use of evidence from the text.

SCARF: This area of learning will continue to underpin how we work together as a class and how we develop positive relationships both in and beyond the classroom. This term our first unit of work will be about keeping ourselves safe. This will include knowing how to be healthy and stay safe, including emotional well being and safety with medicines. After half term, we will be learning about growing and changing.

Science: We will all continue to learn about seasonal change, looking at the changes that occur from Spring to Summer. Year 2’s science topic is living things. We will be identifying whether things are living, dead or have never been alive and exploring a variety of plants and animals. We will be learning about what a habitat is and identifying and exploring different habitats including micro-habitats. Year 1’s science topic is animals including humans. We will be identifying and naming a variety of common animals and describing and comparing their structure.

Topic: (History and Geography) Our geography topic is ‘What a wonderful world’. Within this, we will naming and locating the world's seven continents and five oceans. To do this we will be using maps, atlases and globes and linked to the message in our English text, we will be learning about how humans affect the environment.  The children’s enthusiasm for our history topic last term blew us away! Our topic this term is life now and then and the focus will be school. The children will use a range of sources to learn about how our school has changed and what schools were like in the past compared to nowadays. If anyone has any local knowledge or experience of our school, we would love to hear from you. 😊

PE: During the first half term we will be developing our skills of throwing, catching and striking a ball in the context of simple, small group net and wall games. We will also be developing other fundamental skills through the exploration of different 20th century playground games. After half term, we will be introducing the children to athletics and some of the key skills and activities associated with it. We will also be completing a series of collaborative outdoor activities in preparation for an orienteering event with other schools in July.

Computing: This term the children will be introduced to data and information and what this means. They will be sorting objects into groups and answering questions about data. This will include collecting, organising and presenting data including the use of pictograms.

RE:  Our whole school Christian Value is ‘Service’ and we will discuss this both in assemblies and as reflections in class. We will be asking the question, ‘What do Christians believe God is like?’ through our understanding Christianity unit of work. We are also very excited about our trip with Reception to the Buddhist temple and we will be linking this to our world religion focus on stories and books from other faiths.

Art: Mrs Lowe is very excited that art is one of the subjects she will be teaching this term. The focus of which will be print. The children will be using natural and manmade objects to print and create patterns. They will be exploring and using the work of William Morris as their inspiration.

DT: After the success of our Windmills, I am sure the children will be full of enthusiasm for our final Design and Technology project of the year! We will be designing and making our own moving vehicles and learning about the mechanisms involved in order to do this.

Music: This term we will be thinking about how music makes us happy. We will be reinforcing our previous learning about different musical elements as well as expressing opinions on different music. We may even incorporate some dancing into our music lessons!