Class Three – Years 3 & 4

This is Class 3 where our Year 3 and 4 pupils are taught by Ms Chapman and are supported by Mrs Mason,


What are we going to be learning this term?

Curriculum Overview:

Maths: We start the spring term by continuing with our multiplication topic. We will then look at measurements, including perimeter and area. Following this, we will learn about fractions. This will include comparing fractions, adding and subtracting and some problem solving.

English: In the spring term we will look at traditional tales and produce our own twisted, mixed up fairy tale. We will also look at the fantastic book, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell and ‘The Reluctant Dragon’ by Kenneth Grahame.

Science: This term we will be learning about forces and magnets. This will include looking at push and pull forces, magnets attracting and repelling and how magnets are used in everyday life and will of course include some exciting experiments!

Topic: The children had an amazing time learning about The Romans and visiting Vindolanda in the autumn term. Thank you all so much for supporting your children will the homework tasks, there were some amazing fact files, food and models. We will continue with our history studies looking at the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and the struggle for power in this period. This will include our exciting visit to Saint Catherine’s Wood and the Anglo-Saxon and Viking workshop with Woodmatters.

SCARF: SCARF stands for the values we uphold in school - Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. In explicit teaching sessions we will cover topics under the themes of ‘Valuing Differences’ and ‘Being my Best’.

PE: Our P.E slots are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. This term in gymnastics the children will be developing greater control and precision when performing a sequence of actions. And extending their range of actions. In tri-golf we will learn how to use different clubs and some of the etiquette when playing on a course. The children will also be developing the skills of dodging, catching, rolling and underhand and overhand throws with some accuracy. Finally, in Lacrosse the children will learn how to scoop up the ball, cradle it whilst running, throw, catch and shoot.  Don’t forget that every Friday, children come to school in their P.E kits as they will all be having a fun-filled session with Barrow Raiders. If possible, earrings are best left at home on these days. Alternatively, they must be either taken out or please send tape for the children to use for the PE sessions.

Computing: We will be looking at branching databases, using yes and no questions to sort objects into groups and designing and making our own branching databases. We will also be developing our desktop publishing skills, adding words and pictures, editing and using templates.

RE: Our Christian Value for this term is ‘Thankfulness’. Our topics in the spring term are rules for living, with a focus on rules we should follow in life and we will also be looking at the Easter story for elements of betrayal and trust. The topic for multifaith week is sacred books.

Art: This term we will look at symmetrical patterns with a focus on Islamic art. We will also learn about 3D art and made our own cardboard mask inspired by Anglo-Saxon masks.

French: We will be revising and consolidating our knowledge of numbers and looking at months and birthdays in French. We will also develop our translation skills when looking at the play Jack and the Beanstalk in French.

DT: In DT lots of excitement awaits as we will be looking at mechanical systems and making our own slingshot cars. This will include making chassis and designing a body that will reduce air resistance.