Class Three – Years 3 & 4

Welcome to the new Class 3 where our Year 3 and 4 pupils are based in Helvellyn classroom. It is taught by Mrs Wadey with Mr Dean and Mrs Craggs. We've been busy sorting out and arranging our lovely learning space. The pupils will be helping to personalise our displays and area but here is a sneak preview of it so far...

What are we going to be learning this term?

Maths: We will focus on number work this term, learning about our number system and place value along with sequences, comparing and rounding. We will be exploring a progression of methods of adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will be applying our number skills to estimating and problem solving.

English: We will begin our term with traditional storytelling techniques around the tale of “Why dog is friends with man” by a local storyteller Taffy Thomas. We will then begin to read a wonderful modern mystery about a cat called Varjak Paw by S.F. Said and base lots of our writing around this text.  We will have guided reading sessions every week where the children will study a range of texts in detail. This term we will have a special focus on learning and practising correct letter formation and joined handwriting. Spelling/phonics, punctuation and grammar will be worked on each day in morning tasks and English lessons.

Science: Light – seeing, reflections, sun danger and shadows. Sound – vibrations, pitch and volume.

History: Roman Empire and its impact on Britain including important people like Boudicca, Caesar and Claudius. We are hoping to visit Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman Army Museum this term.

PE: Swimming – begins on Wed 8th Sept. Tag Rugby – passing backwards and scoring, supporting team members and applying skills in competitive games.

Autumn 2 Gymnastics – jumps, rolls and using apparatus and performing sequences. Dance – improvised and created dance linked to class topics using simple patterns and motifs.

Computing: Understanding about digital devices that have inputs, processes and outputs. Displaying interesting ways to use text and images to communicate our learning in history.

RE:  Learning about what Christians learn from the creation story. Exploring our Christian Value ‘Respect’ as well as work linked to Harvest and the importance of Advent at Christmas.

Art & DT: Arts Week 13th September drawing and sketching in our local environment with artist Sophie Martin to create a whole school collaborative piece based on the theme of community. Designing and making Roman mosaics and printing, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.

French: Moi (All about me) - greetings, introducing yourself.

Music: Singing and listening, exploring pitch of high sounds, low sounds linked to Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev.