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Landscape painting in Class 3.

Class 3 have enjoyed looking at the landscape work of artist Lloyd Hopkinson. We examined the techniques he uses then used these in our own landscape paintings of the Lake District hills and mountains. Don’t they look fantastic!

Lancashire Police & Crime Museum

As the school year draws to a close, Class 4 have managed to sneak one final trip in! This time, the Lancashire Police and Crime Museum. This outing was not just a break from routine but a fitting conclusion to our in-depth exploration of crime and punishment throughout history. The museum visit provided a tangible connection to our studies, making the concepts we had discussed in the classroom come alive.

Set in the former prison of Lancaster Castle, the building itself, steeped in history, set the tone for the day. Walking through its doors felt like stepping back in time, as we were greeted by exhibits showcasing the evolution of crime and law enforcement since the establishment of the Lancashire Constabulary. The museum’s extensive collection included everything from Victorian truncheons to more modern policing equipment, giving us a comprehensive view of how crime, punishment and policing have evolved.

A particularly engaging aspect of the museum was its focus on local developments in policing and crime. The museum highlighted significant events and figures in Lancashire’s law enforcement history: we explored exhibits detailing the region’s notorious criminals and landmark cases from the local area.

And of course, we loved dressing up in some police equipment ourselves!

Butterfly Art in Class 1

Class 1 have enjoyed a lovely afternoon creating butterflies with their Year six buddies!

First they created a wash of colour using a range of colours.  Once these were dry, year six supported the children making the shape of the butterfly by folding the paper and drawing one half of the butterfly.  They loved opening them to see their butterflies emerge like magic!

We then used a range of different mark-making tools to decorate the wings – including sponges, straws and paintbrushes.   We look forward to sharing our original creations with you at our next Celebration Assembly!

Class 4 learn how to be safe on our lakes!

Class 4 have recently visited Fellfoot Park to enjoy a session with Jaqui from ‘Waterwise’ learning some basic survival skills for when we are out and about this summer visiting local lakes and rivers.

We enjoyed some fun games alongside receiving some very important messages about the dangers hidden in open water and how we can help someone in trouble, take the necessary precautions to avoid danger and what to do in an emergency.


We also enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sunshine and fun on the park together before returning back to school.  It was such a great day, helped by some of the best weather we’ve seen in June!


Fantastic farm visit.

Class Three enjoyed a visit to Heaves Farm last week. The weather was kind to us and we only got a little damp on our walk back to school! The children learnt all about the animals, welfare and feeding on our visit. We had chance to watch sheep shearing, a sheep dog demonstration, hold some chicks and taste some delicious eggy bread. Some of the children learnt about sorting sheep in a race and others learnt about how honey is collected and other fascinating bee facts. We all had a fabulous day, thank you to everyone at Heaves Farm and the Westmorland County Agricultural Society for organising the day.

Veterinary visit to Class One

Thank you so much to Megan, Isla’s Mummy, who came to talk to Nursery and Reception children today about her job as a veterinary nurse. The children were fascinated to explore and learn about her job and enjoyed getting immersed in some practical role-play activities which helped them to learn about x-rays, animal body language, medicines and bandaging.


Reception visit the butterfly house and beach

Reception had a wonderful time yesterday visiting the butterfly house in Williamson Park Lancaster and spending the afternoon on Arnside beach. We loved seeing all the different stages in the butterfly life cycle first-hand and were lucky enough to be able to see a beautiful atlas moth which had recently hatched. We met one of the resident tortoises and a terrapin and learned about their habitats and diets. The cave was also explored, where we could see stick insects, spiders and even an axolotl! The guinea pigs enjoyed a stroke by some of us and the meerkats were eager to meet us when they discovered we had tasty banana treats!

We enjoyed lunch in the sunshine before heading back to the bus for some time on the beach at Arnside. Ice creams were on the menu with the beautiful weather and we enjoyed digging in the sand, making ‘jelly mud pies’, mark-making and scavenger hunting.

A wonderful day was had by everyone!


Class Three reflections and prayers

Today, Class 3 visited church. We had some time for silent reflection and discussed how this made us feel. We also thought about why some Christians decide to visit church to pray and how this differs from praying in other locations. We then found a quiet space outdoors an again took the time to reflect on our lives. We all named some of the things we are thankful for in our lives. When we returned to school we made prayer boards. We thought about all the things we are thankful for and what we would like to say sorry for and what we would like to ask for. We followed this up by writing individual prayers using prayer books from the refection area to help.

Class 2 trip to the Lakeland motor museum, steam train and ferry!

Class 2 had a fabulous time on their trip today. They found lots of new information about cars and bikes from the past. They also got to experience a ride on a steam train and ferry to Bowness!