Art in Class 2

Class 2 have been exploring the work of Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.   We have used a range of different types of media to create ‘bonkers’ portraits, with eyes, noses, ears and mouths in lots of unusual places, sometimes combining different viewpoints on one image.    We were also really inspired by the irregular shapes and the strong use of bold colours in the work of these artists to make our striking pictures.

With Bob Sutcliffe taking our ideas even further,  we also made some 3D collage creations to make the features of our faces really stand out.  We have used cardboard, pencils, wax pastels and paint!

Super sketchbooks

Class Three have started to look at the work of Henri Rousseau, in particular the painting ‘The Tiger’. We were experimenting with water colour paints and creating painting of leaves today. I think you will agree they are fantastic. I can’t wait to see the rest of their work this term!

Anglo-Saxon helmets!

As part of our Anglo-Saxon and Vikings topic we looked at the Sutton Hoo helmet. We used this as inspiration for our own art work, experimenting with making 3D masks. We then designed our own mask and finally made them, finishing them in gold and silver. They look brilliant!

A Master Class with Nigel Edmondson

Year six had a very special ‘Feel Good Friday’ today as the walked down to see Nigel Edmondson in his Levens’ studio this afternoon to kick-start our collaborative art project inspired by God’s creation.

Nigel talked to us about his work, his inspirations and some of his techniques. He then demonstrated how he uses his tools and machinery to create clay tiles.  After that, we began to experiment with our ideas using a range of objects that Nigel uses for his own pieces to create nature-inspired tiles.

We all learnt so much and feel so inspired following our special afternoon.  Year six will be working together to plan this whole-school project and act as mentors so that every pupil can explore this medium and create their own tiles.  These will be displayed together as a permanent art installation in our school hall.

Look out for more news on our project soon!

Amazing Art work!

Our Geography topic was looking at and finding out about the UKs 4 countries and their capital cities. We then decided for our art that we would create a landmark of London.


Can you guess what they are?

Printing inspired by African Motifs

Class 4 have enjoyed studying African art and fabrics which has led to creating their own prints and then a collaborative whole-class piece.  Our designs were taken from nature, wildlife, geometric patterns etc seen in traditional pieces from Ghana, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Islamic Inspired Art

Class Three have been learning about Islamic art. We began by looking at the shapes, colours and symmetry in a variety of Islamic tiles and buildings. We then experimented with designing patterns using rulers and lots of precision drawings to create stars. We then looked at using 2D shapes to design our own individual design. The final design was drawn out and coloured using contrasting colours. Here are some of our amazing final products!


Still-LIfe Studies


Class 4 have been developing their skills to draw three dimensional objects accurately on a 2 dimensional surface using art pencils, pencil crayons, pastels, water colour and ink pens.

We studied the work of Paul Cezanne in detail – exploring how he used colour and texture to create 3D effects of everyday objects including fruit, plates, vases, jugs etc.   After practising our skills extensively using a range of media and studying his work in detail; we created still-life arrangements of our own.

Clay Creations in Class Three

Class Three have been very busy designing and creating amazing clay tiles. The children looked at examples of tiles from the Roman period and used these as inspiration for their own designs. They then experimented with clay and learnt new techniques. They then utilised these skills when designing and making their final pieces. Here are a few!

Amazing Artists

Class 3 have been busy learning about block printing. We started the topic by looking at Roman mosaic tiles, focusing on the borders. We then practised designing our own borders and moved onto creating a central design. We drew this to scale and then transferred it to a Styrofoam block and used this to print. The results are bold and striking and will be on display in school.