A very warm welcome to Levens School!

Every member of the school community welcomes you to Levens CE Primary School.  Please take time to digest some of the information on our website and get in touch so that we can show you first hand the diversity, warmth, and zest of life as part of the Levens family.

From tours of school, through to actual start day, at Levens we offer guidance throughout the whole application process, making the transition to our school a smooth and happy one.

Admissions to Reception are managed via the local authority admissions process. Were pupil application numbers exceed our official admission number of 15 children in each year group, the LA policy for prioritising places would be implemented as follows:

  • children who are looked after, ie. in public care;
  • children living in the catchment area who have brothers or sisters at the school;
  • children living within the catchment area who at the time of admission have siblings within school;
  • children living within the catchment area who have a parent who regularly attends church;
  • other children in the catchment area who live closest to the school;
  • children living outside the catchment area who have brothers or sisters attending school at the time of admission;
  • children outside the catchment area who have a parent who regularly attends church;
  • children who live outside the catchment area but closest to the school;

Cumbria county council prioritise applications on the above basis. An exception will be made under the Authority’s policy for the education of children with special needs (i) where a child holds 1. a Statement of Special Educational Need or 2. an Education, Health and Care Plan, or (ii) is currently undergoing a co-ordinated assessment, and in either case it is considered that attendance at a particular school is necessary to meet the identified needs of that child.

The number of children in each year of our current year groups varies considerably from 5 to 15 pupils and we currently have spaces in most of our year groups for transferring families who may be moving into the area, although  our numbers are increasing generally and two of our cohorts are currently full.

Please contact Mrs Coker in the school office to enquire about places and processes, both for Reception places and ‘in-year’ transfers.


Starting School:

You may also start your application by contacting the schools admissions team on 01228 221582 or email:  Alternatively, visit the link below; which provides further details on the administrative processes required by Cumbria County Council. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact school.

Details here

We recommend that children begin their learning journey at Levens by attending our nursery sessions; starting the term after they are three years old.  Please be aware that attendance at our Nursery does not result in an automatic offer of a Reception place (please see ‘Nursery’ section for further information).

To help our foundation stage pupils settle, we organise a variety of events including: Stay and Play afternoons,  a Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Parents’ meetings and home visits. We also arrange a phased introduction to school life for all our 3 and 4 year olds.

Please see our Nursery page for more information about how to join our nursery sessions.


Nursery booklet 2021

Reception booklet 2021