School and Church

SIAMS Report March 2016

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Open The Book:

Assemblies take place every day in school and on Tuesday mornings we welcome members of our two local churches into school. With the help of the children, they act out a different Bible story each week with wonderful costumes, props and music. This is often mentioned as a highlight of the week for pupils and staff alike.

Working with St John's Church:

Throughout the year, school and church come together to worship. We have a regular calendar of events and services led by the children including Harvest, Christmas, Easter and our Y6 Leaver's Celebration. We are also involved in yearly Experience events hosted in church or in school.

Each autumn, we join together in a service of Harvest thanksgiving.  We bring gifts and we help raise money to support projects in other countries, so that they can overcome hardship caused by drought, flood, disease etc and be able to become self-sufficient farming their land successfully. Children contribute prayers, songs, reflections and their thoughts on the meaning of Harvest.

This year's donations have been generously gifted to Kendal Food Bank, which supplies hundreds of meals in our community every year. Did you know that you can donate at any time; not just at Harvest?

In previous years we have supported the Bishop's Appeal in Malawi and Zululand.

Our Christmas Carol Services take place in the last week of term at St. John's Church.  Our older pupils retell the story of Christ's birth through readings. They also share prayers to help us reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and pray for children all around the world who are suffering.

In the lead up to Easter we listen and respond to the Easter story in different ways which have included role-play from our Open the Book Team, RE lessons, collective worship and visits to St. John's Church for our 'Experience Easter' event and our Easter Service at the end of term.

Each year, we are lucky enough to be involved in an Experience event with St. John's Church, for example 'Experience Easter' which involves taking part in six interactive stations that enable us to deepen our understanding of the Easter Story and it's relevance to our lives.  These include: Servant King, Hopes and Dreams, Remember Me, Alone, Sharing our Sorrows and Resurrection.

Toilet Twinning;

Children in Year 5 & 6 led two assemblies about toilet twining.  They presented information about the different countries we could support and then organised a whole school vote for every pupil and member of staff.  With our fundraising activities in school, we had enough money to sponsor two toilets in two different countries,