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Christian Aid May 2020

SIAMS Report March 2016

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Images from our Harvest Festival October 2020

'Experience' Events at St. John's Church:
Each year, the every pupil takes part in our 'Experience' events with members of St. John's Church. One example of this was our 'Experience Easter' event which involved taking part in six interactive stations that enabled us to deepen our understanding of the Easter Story and it's relevance to our lives. These included: Servant King, Hopes and Dreams, Remember Me, Alone, Sharing our Sorrows and Resurrection.

Experience God's Goodness in Creation (October 2019):

Members of St John's congregation invited us to visit stations around church focusing  on God's creation and the wonders of the natural world.

Harvest of the Earth helped us consider where materials come from like plastic comes from oil and metals are found in rock under ground.

Harvest of the Soil helped us think about what soil is made from and how its goodness feeds plants and is home to creatures such as worms.

At Harvest of the Grain we felt different grains like barley, oats and rice and learn how they grow.

Harvest of the Oceans helped us think of the wonderful creatures who live in our oceans and how we can help to reduce plastic pollution.

At Harvest of the Animals we thought about what different animals give us like meat, milk, leather and wool and how to look out for pictures on our food that tell us the animals have been well looked after.

Many thanks to all the volunteers from St John's, who organised and resourced the event.



Each year, Children across our school often lead our service of Remembrance with stories, prayers, drama, readings and poetry.  Children in Years 5+6 were responsible for designing and making the display area in our school hall to mark 100 years since the end of World War 1.

Toilet Twinning:

Children in Year 5 + 6 led two assemblies about toilet twining.  They presented information about the different countries we could support and then organised a whole school vote for every pupil and member of staff.  With our recent fundraising activities in school, we have enough money to sponsor two toilets in two different countries,

Photographs from our Harvest Festivals:

Each September, we join together in a service of Harvest thanksgiving.  We bring gifts to be taken to Kendal Foodbank and we help raise money to support projects in developing countries, so that they can overcome hardship caused by drought, flood, disease etc and be able to become self-sufficient by farming their land successfully.

Our Harvest Festival at St. John's Church is a very special event every year. Our service is led by children from across the school who contribute prayers, songs, reflections and their thoughts on the meaning of Harvest.

Donations are generously gifted to Kendal Food Bank. Did you know that you can donate at any time; not just at Harvest?

In previous years we have also supported the Bishop's Appeal in Malawi and Zululand.

During our collective worship time, we have learnt about the how food is supplied and wasted across the globe.  Learning that over 7,000,000million tonnes of food are wasted in Great Britain every year gave us lots to think about when we are shopping and eating meals with our families at home.  We also learned that there are over 700,000 people in the world who go without enough to eat each day.  How can food be distributed more fairly across the globe so that everyone has enough to eat?

Bowfell Class singing, 'The Wheels on the Tractor'.


Open The Book:
Assemblies take place every Monday morning at 9am.
We welcome members of the local church into school. With the help of the children, they act out Bible stories with great costumes, props and music.

Services at St. John's Church:

During the school year, we visit St. John's Church with our families and friends to take part in a number of special services including:  Harvest Festival, Christmas Carols, Easter and our Year 6 Leavers Celebration.

Our Christmas Carol Service takes place in the last week of term at St. John's Church.  Some of our older children retell the story of Christ's birth through readings and through role-play.  They also share their own thoughtful prayers to help us reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and pray for children all around the world who are suffering.


In the lead up to Easter we listen and respond to the Easter story in different ways including role-plays from our Open the Book Team, RE lessons, collective worship and visits to St. John's Church for our 'Experience Easter' event and our Easter Service which usually takes place at the end of the spring term.