Harvest Service

Yesterday morning we enjoyed giving thanks for God’s creation and this year’s ‘harvest’ at our special service held in School.  The extreme rain and wind on Friday morning made it impossible for us to walk safely to church.

Our service included contributions from children across school who had each prepared poems, art work and prayers; or shared some of their learning about Harvest.  Our years 5+6 pupils shared their research on how food is distributed unfairly across the world.  Although there is enough food in the world to feed everyone and no one should be without food; there is hunger simply because food is not distributed equally, so millions of people have too much, whilst others never have enough.  This message has encouraged us to think more carefully about how we waste food in our own homes.

We are very grateful to all our families and the wider community for their food gifts.  These will be distributed to our local foodbanks in the next few days to support families in our locality who are struggling to feed their families.