Monthly archives: March 2020

Skiddaw News 27.3.20

Welcome to our new Friday blog post showing photos of what Skiddaw pupils have been up to this week. Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo here is this week’s round up with rainbows, science, stories and amazing art!

Paul Cezanne studies in Scafell

In recent weeks, Scafell have been exploring the work of Paul Cezanne, an extremely influential French artist.  We have found out about his life, his inspiration and his work; including explaining our appreciation of his paintings; before undertaking a carefully study one of our favourites.  Then we set up some ‘Cezanne-type’ still life arrangements of our own for further work using paint.

Elleray Cross Country Event

Our fabulous team of 23 runners undertook the most testing, hilly, muddy and sodden course imaginable at Elleray this week in driving rain and gale force winds – nothing like ever before!

We were astounded at performances of grit, determination and the most amazing team spirit, leaving everything on the line!

This is a fabulous group of children that we have been delighted to be involved with. Our teams were running against pupils from other schools who were two years older in some instances and still coming out in the top half of the field!

Enormous congratulations to our Year 6 boys team who raced their hearts out to finish second of twenty schools in their category, we are incredibly proud and cannot wait for it all to start again next year. Keep running…..


Archaeologists In The Making

Skiddaw class have been learning about how archaeologists work by getting their hands dirty and having a go themselves. Using special tools they worked carefully uncovering hidden finds and recording their discoveries on a grid to show where they were located. Here they are busy at work!

Sport Relief 2020

Sport Relief week is here and everyday this week we are getting outside and walking, jogging and running a mile! Even nursery are getting involved when they are here. The first day was lovely and dry, the second less so but come rain or shine we are hardy and get on with it. Take a look at our photos here and don’t forget to collect sponsors for this very good cause.

Day 1 – lovely sunny dry day!

Day 2 – Distinct lack of photos due to the weather conditions, just before and after today photos – sorry!

Day 3 – oops forgot to take the camera out!

Day 4 – windy and fresh but we are getting the hang of this…

Day 5 – the sun shone brightly to end our challenge! Congratulations everyone.

Run, Run as fast as you can…

Well, well, well, if Dragon Almighty wasn’t enough to contend with, Bowfell now have a gingerbread man on the loose! Our special cameras caught him and his friends on the rampage around school last week. The children were shocked and set about on the hunt for him. There were very few clues as to his whereabouts until this afternoon when the postman delivered some interesting mail. Postcards from London, Germany and New Zealand had been sent to the children – from the gingerbread man himself! No wonder they couldn’t find him last week. Everyone was very excited and somewhat perplexed as to where all these places were. We displayed a large map of the world on the whiteboard and zoomed in to see where we were located in comparison to all the places the gingerbread man has been. I wonder if he will be visiting anywhere else on his travels? Watch this space…