Eco Team

The Eco-Team is a group of eager representatives from each year group across school, who plan ways of making our school more environmentally friendly. This can be in the form of organising litter picks, taking part in Switch Off Fortnight and running coffee afternoons for raising the profile of suitable causes such as Fair Trade.

This new year, our Eco Team will be involved in a wider local community project called Greening Levens. We are going to be introducing a series of small challenges to encourage us all to take our next steps in reducing our carbon footprint. Here we are putting out Gerry the Gardener – our scarecrow to help raise awareness of the Greening Campaign launch as well as preparing our school greening challenges and running the second hand uniform sale.

Every year the 5th June is marked as the United Nations World Environment Day. This is an opportunity to question what contribution we are making to reduce the catastrophic footprint humans make on our very precious planet; before it’s too late.

This year Year 5 & 6 wrote poems on an environmental theme and Years 2,3 &4 learnt more about plastic pollution and designed eye catching posters to spread the word. It is so important for us all to feel each one of our small contributions add up to make a huge difference. What have you done today to work towards a cleaner, better world?


The whole school have planted and grown seeds at home for our new outdoor planting beds in our upgraded outside classroom area. Throughout the summer term, it was wonderful to see our nasturtiums, cornflowers and other plants flowering and looking amazing. Thank you to all those who took turns to make sure they were well watered during the lovely sunny warm days.