Whole School

Writing Instructions in Years 3 + 4

Have you ever tried to follow the instructions for making a Lego model and faced all kinds of difficulties?

This week, Class 3 have been learning all about how to write clear, detailed and precise instructions so that the reader is able to follow the instructions and have a very successful outcome.  We have been talking though each stage of the process of making a jam sandwich so that the reader doesn’t make any mistakes like: butter both sides of the bread, or put a dollop of jam in the centre of each slice and not spread across the whole surface of the slice.

We have also talked about the key features of good instructions which has included using imperative verbs, adverbs and time or adverbial openers.  The instructions also need to be in chronological order.  Year 4 have extended their work to include modal verbs.  If you have any trouble understanding any of these terms – ask anyone in Class 3!

Here we are making our sandwiches – this is called ‘Talk for Writing’! it is where we rehearse our ideas with our talking partners so that we are ready to put our ideas onto paper.  Look out for our amazing written instructions coming very soon…..!

Super Sailing!

We did say Class 4 had a busy week last week, and the cherry on top was our fabulous sailing day on Lake Windermere! Pairs of students worked together to captain their boats across the lake, as well as completing some tricky challenges. Despite s rather feeble wind, everyone showed great skill and all stayed in their boats! At least, until we said they could jump in!

Massive thanks to the staff at Royal Windermere Yacht Club for a super day on the lake – your support and expertise was greatly appreciated!!

Giving thanks for our Queen

We have been remembering our remarkable Queen in this national period of mourning during our assemblies this week.

What words would you use to describe our Queen?  We found there were many and so wide-ranging, including: fun, happy, kind, considerate, courageous, dutiful, constant, loyal, committed, determined, loving!

As we gave thanks for our Queen through our reflections, memories and prayers  in our assemblies, we have continued these discussions in our classrooms with our own special tributes and prayers.  These were shared by pupils from all over school at our final assembly of the week on Friday.

Community Art Project at the County Show

This week, our collaborative art project based on the theme of community was celebrated in our display in the ‘Learning for Life’ tent at the Westmorland County Show’.

Huge thanks to the Michelle Jurd Trust for making this incredible opportunity possible for our all our pupils and to local artist, Sophie Martin, for helping us to develop our skills and experience art in the outdoors on such an exciting project.


Police Visit to Class 4

As Class 4 arrive at the end of their learning journey on Crime and Punishment this term we were all treated to a visit from the rural police.  James and Pete spent the morning in School describing what it is like to be a police officer in 21st century Britain; and this enabled our pupils to make some interesting comparisons with the first police known as the ‘Peelers’ or ‘Bobbies’ after Robert Peel.

The children had pre-prepared some interesting questions…….

Q: Have you ever been frightened?

Q: Do you think there are more crimes today than in the time of the Peelers?

Q:  Would you recommend a career as a police officer?

Q:  Do you have to always abide by the law?

Q:  Have you ever used your taser?

They explained and demonstrated the uses of their equipment and described the types of rural crimes or incidents that they might be called to.

A thoroughly interesting and informative morning.  Huge thanks to our visiting ‘Bobbies’ for talking to us this morning.  We learnt lots, but let’s hope it’s the first and last time any of us are put in handcuffs!!


Outdoor swimming in Lake Windermere

Fabulous day wild water swimming at Fellfoot for years 5 + 6 with Waterwise!

The day started with lessons about how to stay safe if you are swimming in any of our local lakes this summer.

There are lots of rules that are part of the code for outdoor swimming including: wearing a bright-coloured swim hat so that you can be easily spotted by boats, paddle boards etc; attaching a toe float as a buoyancy aid and another way of making you distinct whilst swimming; not going into the water to help someone else, but raising the alarm to attract attention and to get support; only swimming in the summer months when the water is not dangerously cold.

We were soon in the water putting some of this learning into practice and splashing around.  We had relay races to retrieve rubber ducks before getting on with some serious swimming and finally the opportunity to jump off the jetty for those brave enough!

Once we were dry and dressed, it was off for a lovely picnic in the grounds of the park and some fun exploring the playground and beautiful environment by the shores of Lake Windermere…

A visit from the vet

Class One were very lucky to receive a visit from Jen the vet a couple of weeks ago. She came to tell us all about her job, the types of animals she cares for and why they might sometimes need to see a vet. We enjoyed looking at photographs of some of the animals she has treated and finding out about them. We also learnt how to care for guinea pigs, finding out what they need to have provided for them, what they like to eat and play with too. Our favourite part of her visit was getting to have a cuddle with Fudge and Brownie and feeding them strawberries and peppers!

Patterdale Hall Residential

…and we’re back! Just like that, three whole days of fun and adventure have come to an end. Everyone has had a great time getting really stuck in to all of the different activities on offer – there’s lots to talk about and stories to tell, from canoeing, to climbing, gorge walking, bushcraft, table football, room inspections, incredible food and more. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and leave you with the photo gallery below.

A huge thanks to all of the staff at Patterdale Hall who couldn’t have been better hosts, and to all of the children for sticking together, working as a team and showing kindness, compassion, leadership and determination in everything they did. I don’t think I would have survived without you all looking after me!

Reception have a ‘splashing’ time at YMCA!

What an incredible day we have had at Lakeside today! We started on the blue tube slides, really challenging ourselves through a maze of tunnels and slides. Even Mrs Haslam enjoyed it! Next we got togged up in buoyancy aids and helped to carry our boats onto the lake, having a ‘splashing’ time in the water which included a makeshift slide. Everyone was ready for lunch after a busy morning.  We then had a lovely time in the sunshine enjoying our natural surroundings, playing hide and seek and finding interesting natural objects. Ring games finished off our afternoon perfectly before heading home where some of us caught up on 40 winks! A wonderful day was had by all!