Reception visit the butterfly house and beach

Reception had a wonderful time yesterday visiting the butterfly house in Williamson Park Lancaster and spending the afternoon on Arnside beach. We loved seeing all the different stages in the butterfly life cycle first-hand and were lucky enough to be able to see a beautiful atlas moth which had recently hatched. We met one of the resident tortoises and a terrapin and learned about their habitats and diets. The cave was also explored, where we could see stick insects, spiders and even an axolotl! The guinea pigs enjoyed a stroke by some of us and the meerkats were eager to meet us when they discovered we had tasty banana treats!

We enjoyed lunch in the sunshine before heading back to the bus for some time on the beach at Arnside. Ice creams were on the menu with the beautiful weather and we enjoyed digging in the sand, making ‘jelly mud pies’, mark-making and scavenger hunting.

A wonderful day was had by everyone!