Monthly archives: April 2017

Plant Eye Spy

In science, Skiddaw class went on a plant eye spy searching the school grounds and playing fields for different shaped leaves. They found jagged edged, rounded, long and thin leaf shapes. They came back inside and used a range of media to make careful observational drawings of plants that will soon be on display in our classroom.

Dallam Rounders Tournament

Year 3 and 4 spent a sunny afternoon enjoying playing Rounders at Dallam this week. They played 3 games against other teams and improved their fielding, batting and bowling skills no end. Great to see such super team work as you encouraged and celebrated successes. We scored lots and lots of rounders including some tactical half rounders too.

Multilink Model Making

To launch our new Geography map topic we have been building models, then looking at them from different view points. We have drawn views from the top (otherwise known as aerial or plan views) and side views. We swapped our drawings and challenged others to remake our models.

School Ski Competition

Huge congratulations to our 2017 Levens School Ski Team who took part in the Kendal School Ski competition involving 15 schools from the south Lakes area.  First, the fabulous four skied their way through 5 tough races only to miss qualifying for the final ski-off by a single point in the under 9s competition!  Special well done to Elliott who joined the Levens team for the first time this year and had a very promising debut!

This made their hunger for victory even greater and they went on to compete in the under 11s races!  Again great enthusiasm and determination made them very strong competitors; racing against children who were much bigger, older and more experienced than themselves.   They won many of their individual races and the team secured 20points putting them in joint first place with another school.  The top 4 teams qualified for the final ski-off and with more last minute tips for Levens from their coach, Steve Kitchen, they secured an incredible 3rd place; and each received an individual medal.

Levens Ski Team are an inspiration!  Although we didn’t manage to retain the title and bring home the trophy this year; our team have exciting times ahead as they develop their skills and experience on the slopes. Well done superstars!

Flower Dissection

Scafell Class began their new science topic by discussing the functions of a plant and then dissecting a flower to identify the male and female parts.  First the petals were carefully removed to reveal the stamen and the carpel, then each part was carefully examined and identified. The lesson was concluded by drawing a cross section of a tulip and labelling the various parts of the flower.

Violin Concert

This spring term, Year 2 children have been learning to play the violin with Mrs Hurley. They have finished their 10 week block of lessons learning lots about how to hold the instrument, pluck the strings and use the bow too. They were proud to show their new skills to Skiddaw Class and gathered parents. A group of Year 3 and Year 4 children also have lessons and they demonstrated what can be achieved in one or two year’s work. Any Year 2 children wishing to continue into the summer term should complete and return the violin letter in book bags. Many thanks to Mrs Hurley too.

Lacrosse tournament at Dallam

This Wednesday we competed in a Pop Lacrosse tournament at Dallam. We split into two teams and went head-to-head against six schools: Crosscrake, Crosthwaite, Storth, Burton Morewood and two Milnthorpe teams. We all played each other in ten minute five-a-side matches. The A team got to the finals but lost them against Milnthorpe A; but still grabbing a strong second place. The a team qualified for the North of England Championships. We’re all very excited!

Written by Kacper Dobson and Alfie Smith.

The B team won their first and last game. We drew one and lost the rest. Fortunately we scored a goal in every match. We all tried very hard and we all got a drink and a biscuit at the end.

Written by Charlie Hayes.


Our Easter Service

We were welcomed into St John’s Church today for our lovely Easter service. Bowfell made us all smile by beginning with reciting William Wordsworth’s famous poem Daffodil. They then gave daffodils out to members of the congregation. Skiddaw explained all about their recent seed planting and potato growing, ending with a joyful rendition of a lovely new song “Sow seeds of Hope!” by Penny Stone. Scafell spoke beautifully clearly and told us the story of Easter in rhyming verse. Thank you to everyone at St John’s for all their involvement in school life this term including Open the Book performances, help with assemblies and through special events like Experience Easter.

Making Palm Crosses

Years 5 & 6 have been learning about the significance of the palm cross in the Easter Story.  We followed two different sets of instructions to make our own crosses which proved to be a little tricky!  With perseverance – we succeeded. We also considered the symbolic importance of this cross and reflected on our Christian value of ‘forgiveness’ in our daily lives.

Spring is Here!

This week in Bowfell we have been looking out for the signs of spring and learning all about Easter.

The children have watched daffodils open from buds on Monday to full flowers in by the end of the week. We have talked about how and why that happens. Each of the stages have been carefully recorded by the children, who have commented on the changes. They have also created some beautiful collages which are proudly on display in the classroom.

The water’s gone up and they’ve opened!

They smell lovely!


As part of our mini topic, we have also been thinking about Easter and the different symbols and signs we might connect to Easter and the story of Jesus. We even got to taste hot cross buns.