Monthly archives: October 2019

Road Safety Year 1 & 2

Yesterday, Year One and Two took part in a wonderfully interactive session about road safety with Sarah from Pyjama Drama. They listened to stories; took on different roles and characters; and learnt the Green Cross Code whilst getting active and having fun.


Little Beasties in Bowfell

Mandy from Little Beasties in Ulverston came to visit us on Monday and brought along some of her animals. The children enjoyed learning about, observing and handling them – if they were brave enough!

Bowfell’s Visit From Bay Vets

Last week Bowfell enjoyed an inspiring and informative visit from Mrs Houston and Vicky from Bay Vets in Milnthorpe. They brought along Spider and Mabel the dogs. The children learnt about how dogs are examined when they go to the vets and some of the equipment they use. They also had the opportunity to get hands on and practise being a vet themselves! This involved bandaging legs, listening to hearts and brushing teeth. Thank you so much for such a great morning!

Netball Success At Dallam

Congratulations to all our amazing competitors in the Dallam High 5 Netball Tournament earlier this week.  They showed exceptional passing, footwork and marking to win all four matches and qualify for the regional finals.  Most importantly, the key to their success was their ability to work well as a team!


Scafell’s Autumn Poetry Walk

This morning, Scafell Class had a wonderful walk in the autumn sunshine seeking inspiration for our poetry writing.  We wandered around the WildTrail on Sizergh Estate listening to the sounds of crunching leaves below our feet and the birds singing beautifully in the canopy above our heads.

We also had some time for some forest schools type challenges and games including: yoga pose, journey sticks, tree hugs and the beam challenge!

Service In Our Community

Huge well done and thank you to everyone who contributed towards our Harvest offerings this autumn.  Today, our new School Councillors sorted all the gifts before setting off to King’s Foodbank in Kendal to deliver a boot full of food and drinks.

Phonics in Reception

Our Reception children have been learning all about the letter ‘g’ this week.  On Monday they met two very friendly guinea pigs to introduce the letter sound of the week and since then they have been learning how to recognise, say and today, write the letter g!  The children loved writing the letter g on our new classroom screen this morning demonstrating good pen control and grip, as well as formation.  Well done everyone!



Well done to all our participants in years five and six who have been put through their paces on two wheels this week.  Following an assessment within the school grounds on Monday; all our keen and skilled cyclists ventured out onto the roads of Levens Village to develop their understanding of how to keep themselves safe on our roads.  Certificates and badges to follow in one of our Friday Celebration Assemblies.

Terrifying Tomatoes!

Spooky! With Halloween fast approaching, Scafell class have had a go at making their own terrifying mummies!

As we’ve journeyed through the traditions and achievements of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, we’ve found out lots of fascinating things, but none more gruesome than the mummy.

When somebody important died in Ancient Egypt, it was very important for them to be buried in the proper way so that they could live well in the afterlife. Grand tombs were constructed (otherwise known as the Great Pyramids!), offerings of gold and food were made and bodies were preserved through the process of mummification.

We thought we’d have a go at making our own with a tomato (it turns out there’s a lot of paperwork involved otherwise!). First up we needed to wash our fruits, before disembowelling them and removing everything inside. The innards were stored in Canopic jars and protected by the relevant Egyptian God as the body moved on to the next process – drying. Our tomatoes were immersed in “Natron”, just like the Egyptians used, in order to suck out all of the moisture and dry the body completely to prevent decay. A week later our shrunken, dried tomatoes were removed from the Natron and inspected so that they could be wrapped in bandages and placed in a tomb.

From here, Scafell are in the process of also producing some excellent writing for their English and using a range of sources to develop their historical knowledge, as well as identifying when and why sources disagree on a topic.

Check out the photo gallery for some great pictures of our trainee embalmers – but please note, it’s not for those with a weak stomach!

Experience God’s Goodness in Creation

We walked down to St John’s Church in the glorious sunshine on Thursday to take part in Experience God’s Goodness in Creation.  Members of St John’s congregation lead stations for us to visit focused on Harvest and the wonders of the natural world.

Harvest of the earth, the soil, the grain, the oceans and the animals involved us in drawing, using our sense of touch, spotting things in pictures and thinking about where things come from that we might take for granted!

Many thanks to all the volunteers from St John’s who made this experience so engaging and especially to Pam whose thorough organisation ensured a  smooth and successful morning.

Back at school we have made pledges about how we could make a difference and these are on our tree in the library. They are really worth a read as there are good ideas for us all. If we can each do a little bit, those little bits add up to a big bit! What might you pledge?