Monthly archives: June 2018

Exploring Symmetry

Year 2 are enjoying working with Skiddaw on symmetry.  Here they are exploring symmetrical shapes with their bodies; independently and in pairs.

We continued exploring symmetrical shapes in the classroom using mirrors or folding shapes in half to ensure each half was exactly the same.  We found symmetry in a range of 2D shapes, letters and flags from around the world.


Some of us also built symmetrical models using multi-link cubes.


On Wednesday, Reception, Year One and Year Two enjoyed orienteering! For some it this was their first  experience of such an exciting activity! The afternoon had been organised by Dallam and involved the children finding their own pre-designed cookies which had been taken by the cookie dragon and hidden in the woodland! We were lucky to have lovely weather for the afternoon and the children enjoyed a beautiful hunt in the sunshine. Everybody managed to find their cookies and were rewarded with juice and a cookie at the end. Many thanks to all the parent helpers on the day for both providing transport and accompanying us on the hunt. Everyone had a great time!

QKS Immersion Day for Y5

Yesterday, Y5 enjoyed a whole day outside (and in) with QKS staff and students. The children loved being outdoors with Mr Daton; completing an adventure hunt; working in teams with another school to untangle themselves; putting up tents; making lovely hot chocolate and learning life skills. We then enjoyed a lunch hour outside with our picnics and were excited for our Science afternoon.

In the afternoon, we had fun gaining our ‘bunson burner’ licenses; creating the pH Scale rainbow colours; making slimy slime and destroying Jeffrey – our jelly baby friend! We loved our day at QKS and really enjoyed making new friends and learning new skills.

Thank you to all of the staff and students for making our QKS day possible!

Bouldering Bowfell at Humphrey Head

What an incredible day we have enjoyed in Bowfell Class exploring Humphrey Head with our Dallam Outdoor Education team.  Once kitted out with our helmets and our back-packs over-flowing with refreshments, we set off to explore the headland.  Our first few challenges enabled us to develop our skills, our confidence and learn how to support and encourage one-another.  Each section became a little more tricky and included squeezing through tiny gaps in the rocks; pulling ourselves through ‘rabbit holes’; scrambling up the hillside; and traversing along very narrow ledges.

Every child showed determination, resilience and enthusiasm every step of the way!

At the end of the morning we enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch in the outdoors before heading up to the summit of Humphrey Head.

Levens Own Springwatch

As spring turns into summer we have a selection of birds nesting in, on and around school.

Right by the front door we have a pair of Collared Doves. Less than a metre away from the comings and goings they have just hatched two eggs. There are several House Sparrow nests, one in the wall and one under the roof of Scafell Class. High above the office window there are three House Martin nests with lots of visiting adults. One has youngsters peering out! Whilst there are no nesting Swallows on school this year they are next door and regularly swoop across the playground and chatter away on the phone wire. The one thing that doesn’t have any nesting birds is the nest box! It is full of bumblebees! Nature has a home on Levens School.

Team Building in Scafell

Year 5&6 are preparing for their three day residential at Lockerbie Manor, an outdoor education activity centre, at the end of June.   This week they have been finding out more about it and using the information to write persuasive leaflets.  They have also enjoyed some team building exercises and problem solving tasks.  We are aiming to develop our communication skills; our resilience and our determination to succeed however challenged we might feel.


Bowfell Outdoors Update

Work has started on our shelter in Bowfell’s outdoor area this week to enable all-year-round provision whatever the weather.   The large canopy is one of the resources the children decided they wanted for their new space.  But something else is being installed this week – a wall with a lot of holes in it!! Whatever could it be?

Y5 Languages Morning at Dallam School

Hola! This morning, Y5 really enjoyed their time at Dallam, learning about different languages and culture. We learnt how to have a basic conversation in Spanish and met new friends through our practice. We also created a fantastic pinata each; which has lots of tasty sweets inside! Thank you to our parent helpers for their offer of transport and to the children for contributing so positively to the session and listening extremely well. Last but not least, a big thank you to Dallam School for organising this wonderful event (and for the cookies!)

Adios for now!

A very special Good Work Assembly and Farewell Mrs Duckworth (Superwoman!)

On Friday the 25th May, we had a very special Good Work Assembly. We saw brilliant sporting achievements, Roman Soldiers in fantastic hand-made helmets (Skiddaw), amazing story books written by our budding authors (Bowfell), an amazing rendition of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ (Hellvelyn) and wonderful biomes, created in Science/DT (Scafell).

Although our Good Work assemblies are always a happy and positive occassion, many of us also felt sad as we said farewell to Mrs Duckworth. Mrs Duckworth has been an amazing member of our Levens Team, with her wonderful smile, contagious laugh and her obvious care and love for the children she teaches. All of the staff and children will miss you a lot Mrs D – and your amazing baking! Thank you from all of us here at Levens and thank you to all the parents who attended our special assembly.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Rounders Tournament at Dallam

On Wednesday 23rd May, Scafell class and some of Skiddaw travelled to Dallam for a Rounders tournament; making up 2 teams. Firstly, we had to play each other and team A beat team B by 2 rounders. Group A included: MW, MH, TW, FH, AD, OWil, TJ, JB and ODob. In group B there was: OR, ST, OWood, AK, ODav, CH, SD, KH and BH. We both played two more matches: Group A winning them all and Group B winning 1 and losing 2. Group A came 2nd which is a massive achievement and group B came 12th overall. It was a very hot day but we had an amazing time! Thank you to Miss Dawson and all of the parents who transported and supported us!

By O.R and M.W.