Rounders Tournament at Dallam

On Wednesday 23rd May, Scafell class and some of Skiddaw travelled to Dallam for a Rounders tournament; making up 2 teams. Firstly, we had to play each other and team A beat team B by 2 rounders. Group A included: MW, MH, TW, FH, AD, OWil, TJ, JB and ODob. In group B there was: OR, ST, OWood, AK, ODav, CH, SD, KH and BH. We both played two more matches: Group A winning them all and Group B winning 1 and losing 2. Group A came 2nd which is a massive achievement and group B came 12th overall. It was a very hot day but we had an amazing time! Thank you to Miss Dawson and all of the parents who transported and supported us!

By O.R and M.W.