Monthly archives: February 2017

With Thanks To FOLS

We’d like to share our thanks with everyone who has helped to raise FOLS funds recently and let you know what has been gifted to school this term. We have new magnets and materials for Science lessons, a range of six maps of different scales for Geography lessons and an exciting stack of up to date dictionaries and thesauruses and 2 larger more comprehensive class dictionaries. Thank you so much!


RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch

Skiddaw Class spent an hour taking part in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch. We watched out from all points of the classroom and recorded what birds we could see. We followed the same procedures as the all other schools, counting only the maximum number of each species we could see at once. The results were collated and we submitted our data to the RSPB website. We also did other bird related activities, including making some true-to-life bird head snappers.

Our full bird list was:


Key Step Gymnastics Competition

Well done to all our amazing gymnasts. Your practise and commitment definitely paid off and you performed brilliantly. You were a credit to yourselves and the school.

Key Step 1 Team – an impressive 2nd place!

Key Step 2 Team – an outstanding 1st place!


Model Greek Temples

Our models are almost complete!  Here they are in the finishing stages…..

Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day we had a whole class discussion about how we can access the internet and what we use it for.

We made a list:

  • playing games
  • watching videos, tv and films
  • sending messages
  • shopping
  • finding information

We then read a story called PenguinPig. This story is about a girl who reads about a Penguin Pig online and sneaks out of the house to go and find it but not all was as it seemed.


The story highlighted the importance of not believing everything we read online and being careful about the information we share, Together the children made some rules to follow when using the internet.

  • Always tell an adult if something goes wrong.
  • Ask an adult if the game or video is ok to play or watch.
  • Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet.
  • Think before you click.
  • Never give out personal information,

The children have made posters to put aroudn school reminding their friends about how to keep safe.


Dallam X Country Event

How proud we were to be able to accompany our ‘running team’ to the Dallam event this week.

Action packed, totally buzzing atmosphere, the thrill of the chase!

It was fantastic to see support for team mates, encouragement from parents and true grit from participants. Everyone performed so well and we now carry on with Running Club preparations for ‘The Big One’ at Elleray next Month.

Parental support and enthusiasm would be very welcome.

A Musical Send Off

Last Friday we were sorry to be saying goodbye and thank you to Rev Ruth who has worked tirelessly to support our school and the wider community over the last ten years.

We held a special Good Work Assembly where every child contributed through poetry, music and painting creations.

Rev Ruth was presented with a book, made specially by Helen Golding Miller, which was full of messages and pictures from the children and staff. She was also presented with a framed stained glass window inspired picture.

Skiddaw class performed their musical composition and as this was one thing that couldn’t be put in the book, she asked us to record it and so here it is…

Fishy Art

In Science, we have been learning about the Eatwell plate and how it divides foods into different types that do different jobs in our bodies. We have been sorting foods and using it to design meals with a healthy balance of food types.


Fish come under the protein section. We have enjoyed looking carefully at fresh mackerel fish and have experimented with different media including pastels, pencils and black pen. The light on the silvery scales and the patterns were beautiful. We even had a look at the teeth – see us here at work!