Daily archives: 2nd February 2017

A Musical Send Off

Last Friday we were sorry to be saying goodbye and thank you to Rev Ruth who has worked tirelessly to support our school and the wider community over the last ten years.

We held a special Good Work Assembly where every child contributed through poetry, music and painting creations.

Rev Ruth was presented with a book, made specially by Helen Golding Miller, which was full of messages and pictures from the children and staff. She was also presented with a framed stained glass window inspired picture.

Skiddaw class performed their musical composition and as this was one thing that couldn’t be put in the book, she asked us to record it and so here it is…

Fishy Art

In Science, we have been learning about the Eatwell plate and how it divides foods into different types that do different jobs in our bodies. We have been sorting foods and using it to design meals with a healthy balance of food types.


Fish come under the protein section. We have enjoyed looking carefully at fresh mackerel fish and have experimented with different media including pastels, pencils and black pen. The light on the silvery scales and the patterns were beautiful. We even had a look at the teeth – see us here at work!