Monthly archives: September 2020

Parachutes and Trim Trail

Reception have enjoyed their turn on the Trim Trail this week, developing their balance, co-ordination and upper body strength. They have also been learning fun parachute games which involved lots of careful listening and making waves, mushrooms and being a washing machine!


Skiddaw Fruits and Vegetables

In Art, Skiddaw class have been enjoying ripping magazines and newspapers whilst creating our collages of pears, apples as well as orange and purple carrots. These are now proudly on display in our classroom.

We are all enjoying snack each day, before morning play, and it has been great to see a mouth watering range of different fruits and vegetables being munched including peas, strawberries, pears, carrots and bananas. This week we have had some radishes and it was wonderful to see some children keen to try this slightly spicy vegetable for the very first time.


Marvellous Maths in Skiddaw

We’ve been busy working with place value in maths. We have been partitioning (splitting up numbers into hundreds, tens and ones), matching numbers to words, ordering and counting in all manner of ways using all sorts of practical equipment to show our understanding. I was thrilled to hear someone talk about wanting to be a mathematician when they leave school this week too!


Outdoor Learning in Year One

Year One have made the most of the beautiful September weather this week and enjoyed lots of their learning outside both in the playground and in their outside area.

Bowfell build a stream

Children in Nursery and Reception had fun earlier in the week when they built their own ‘stream’. They had been using the large loose parts to build bridges and trickles from the tap ignited their imaginations and 10 minutes later lots of children were working together to create a stream from the tap across the outdoor area including around corners! They worked brilliantly as a team, problem-solving and testing out their ideas and changing tactics when things didn’t quite go to plan. Even the ducks enjoyed their ride down the stream!

Skiddaw’s Lego Village

We had great fun making a Lego village in Skiddaw class. We made shops, garages, houses and gardens galore finished off with post boxes and trees. There was lots of imagination on show with added extra details. We set out our buildings on our road mats and we were very proud of our creation!

Writing in Year 5

Following on from our fun and engaging day of baking bread last week, Scafell pupils have been writing their own versions of recipes.  They have worked really carefully to ensure they have included all the features of instructions such as: bullet points, subheadings, numbered steps in chronological order, imperative verbs and time openers.

The children are already demonstrating that they are motivated and determined to do their best and the outcomes are very impressive.  Here are some of our year 5 pupils with their writing – Great start everyone!

Year One’s first week back

Year One have had an amazing first week! They spent time getting to know Miss Eastham by playing drama games, reading and discussing stories and playing in the different areas of the classroom with their friends. They made a beautiful rainbow together which is now proudly hanging in the window in Helvellyn classroom. They also demonstrated their patience and determination when learning how to make pom-poms and did not give up when it became tricky! Well done Year One, we have loved having you back!

Scafell enjoy Wellness Week

We have enjoyed a fantastic first week back in School in Scafell doing all sorts of fun things including: baking bread, netball and basketball, weaving friendship bracelets, maths investigations, launching rockets and creating our own personal coats of arms.


Welcome back to the new Skiddaw Class!

Wow, what a first week we have had. We started with a focus on wellness and having exciting experiences back at school. As well as lots of chatting and sharing news, we have been drumming, practising our throwing, catching and fielding skills, creating delicious banana bread muffins and mixing paints to make so many shades of green! We’ve really enjoyed being back with our friends and making great Levens memories again.