Monthly archives: April 2021

Around Europe with Scafell Class

Flights to another country may be all but a distant memory right now, but Scafell are getting stuck into their new geography topic on Europe with great gusto. For our first homework, we’ve been collecting photographs and mementos from around Europe. We’ve now placed all of these on a world map so that we can see where the different countries are in relation to each other. Take a look at our map below – from Scotland to Slovenia, London to Lanzarote, you can see great examples of both physical and human geographical features.

Thanks to everyone who bought in something for the display. Most original items have been photocopied to keep them safe, so they will be returned soon!

Experience Easter 2021

This year, our new outdoor classroom area was the main focus for Experience Easter. Each day this week, classes have taken time to reflect on different stages of the Easter story – The Garden of Gethsemane, Caiaphas’s Courtyard, Golgotha and the Garden Tomb. We finished with planting seeds and colouring butterflies as signs of new life. Thank you to Pam Martin for providing all the content and to Miss Butler and Mrs Haslam for preparing us in school and creating our visual scene settings each morning. St John’s Church is hosting a similar event in the church grounds this week and have extended an open invite all members of the community to Experience Easter for themselves.

Happy Easter everyone!

Bridge Building Challenge!

We’ve rounded the end of term off in style this time – Scafell have been designing and building bridges!

From studying famous bridges around the world, we found out the types of tricks engineers use to make their constructions strong, light and as cheap as possible. We looked at lots of different engineering methods to join and construct the sections of our bridge, thinking carefully about the parts that were in tension and compression. We found out about the strongest types of shape, and how to reinforce sections of cardboard so that they are strong in lots of different directions.. We made our own cardboard ply for the decks of our bridges, used triangle beams to support them and used plates, tabs and flanges to allow us to screw the bridges together.


Have a look at the media gallery below to check out our creations – some were super strong and able to hold over 5 kilograms, others had a massive span of over a meter! Well done to everyone who took part, especially those who tried, failed and tried again until their design was just right!