Our Amazing Earth

To understand about how mountains are made, how volcanoes erupt or what earthquakes are, we first need to know that the earth has different layers inside. We have been having great fun creating playdough earth models! The middle layer of red is the core, the orange is the mantle and the brown the crust. Land and sea have been added too. We know that the mantle and outer core are made from rock that is so hot that it is liquid and so it really would be impossible to dig a very deep hole and pop out on the other side of the world! We decided to slice our earths in half instead to reveal the hidden layers. Here we are making our playdough worlds…


Around Europe with Scafell Class

Flights to another country may be all but a distant memory right now, but Scafell are getting stuck into their new geography topic on Europe with great gusto. For our first homework, we’ve been collecting photographs and mementos from around Europe. We’ve now placed all of these on a world map so that we can see where the different countries are in relation to each other. Take a look at our map below – from Scotland to Slovenia, London to Lanzarote, you can see great examples of both physical and human geographical features.

Thanks to everyone who bought in something for the display. Most original items have been photocopied to keep them safe, so they will be returned soon!