A Trip to Ancient Egypt

To conclude our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, Class 4 have used ★the power of imagination★ to travel thousands of years back in time to the Ancient Egyptian Empire. Over the course of the morning, our two expert guides Laura and Adrian helped us to act our way through over three thousand years of history.

We started with the first Pharaoh of a unified Egypt, Narmer…

A student imitating the Pharoah Narmer.

…heard about who built the Great Pyramid of Giza…

A student pretending to be a pyramid.

…were menaced by the Khopesh sword…

A student holding a khopesh sword in the air.

And watched the death of the Pharaoh Cleopatra…

Students acting out the death pf the pharaoh Cleopatra.

Thanks to Imagining History for coming in and sharing the story of Ancient Egypt in such a unique, informative and memorable way!

Anglo-Saxon and Viking workshop

Class Three had an absolutely amazing day in the Footprint Centre and Saint Catherine’s Wood learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The day started with a history lesson, we learnt all about the struggle for power and the Viking invasions and Anglo-Saxon kings and kingdoms. We learnt all about longships, this helped us when building our own models. We made our own Anglo-Saxon inspired coins, made our own quills and ink and learnt to write in runes and also how to weave cloth. The highlight of the day was battle drills. The children practised formations and reenacted a battle, I certainly wouldn’t like to meet them on the battlefield!  A huge thank you to ‘Woodmatters’ for a wonderful experience.


Anglo-Saxon helmets!

As part of our Anglo-Saxon and Vikings topic we looked at the Sutton Hoo helmet. We used this as inspiration for our own art work, experimenting with making 3D masks. We then designed our own mask and finally made them, finishing them in gold and silver. They look brilliant!

Awesome Anglo-Saxon homework

Class 3 have been busy again! The children learnt all about Anglo-Saxon houses and villages and compared these with Roman towns. The children were then set the challenge of researching and creating their own Anglo-Saxon house or village. Ms Chapman has been ‘blown away’ with the results. We now have a number of Anglo-Saxon villages in our hall. I think you will agree they are all truly amazing.


Investigating place names

Today, Class Three continued their history topic on the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. The children had great fun looking at the meaning of place names and their origins and used the atlases to find Anglo-Saxon place names. We looked at the meaning of these place names and them plotted them onto a blank map. Why not ask your child if they can name any of these!

Amazing Archaeology

Class Three had an amazing archaeology workshop this afternoon. They learnt all about the work of archaeologist, how they conduct digs and also the other tools they use such as aerial photographs. The children looked at maps and decided where they would build a settlement and provided their reasons. All the sites identified were actually settlements! The highlight of the afternoon was discovering how archaeologist know about the foods people ate in the past. A massive thank you to Claire and Sophie from Morecambe Bay Partnership for organising the workshop.



Amazing topic homework.

Class Three have loved learning all about ‘The Romans.’ To end out topic we have researched an area of Roman life and produced a piece of work on this. The finished results are amazing and included shields, baking, models and fact files. There were all fantastic thank you all very much for your support at home. A selection are now on display in the school hall and here are some for you to see.

Clay Creations in Class Three

Class Three have been very busy designing and creating amazing clay tiles. The children looked at examples of tiles from the Roman period and used these as inspiration for their own designs. They then experimented with clay and learnt new techniques. They then utilised these skills when designing and making their final pieces. Here are a few!

Class Three visit Vindolanda

The sun was shining once again as Class Three set off to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. The children had an amazing time exploring the remains of the fort and town at Vindolanda, walking in the steps of the Romans. Our geography map reading skills were put to good use as we went on a hunt to work out the missing words, whilst also learning about the buildings and their use. We learnt all about the work of the archaeologists with our very own expert! We then looked at all the discoveries in the Vindolanda museum and thought carefully about what each discovery told us about the Romans. We then moved onto the Roman Army Museum and learnt about the different types of soldiers and life on Hadrian’s Wall. We finished the day by looking at the location of the Magna Fort and discussing the future archaeological dig on this site. A wonderful time was had by all and we will be using our new found knowledge to good use in the classroom.


Class 2 Visit Levens Hall

Class 2 enjoyed an amazing trip to Levens Hall recently.  Thankfully, the weather was kind so we were able to start our day with an invigorating walk down to the hall through the fields.

On arrival we were greeted by our tour guides and taken on an exciting and informative walk around the house. It is an incredibly old but beautiful building just on our doorstep.  We learnt about the history of the Hall and saw many objects that were used by the families that lived there in the past – including chamber pots and bed pans!   We also enjoyed spotting a bird and a mouse hiding in each room that we visited.

The morning ended with some of us having the opportunity to dress up in the kind of outfits once worn by inhabitants of the hall.

After a healthy lunch, we spent the afternoon outdoors in the grounds.  Our activities included a sensory walk, a trip to the maze, sketching of the hall and games of follow my leader.

This has been an exciting start to our local history topic.