Class Four

Harvest Thanks

This week, we have been celebrating and thanking God for our Harvest. We presented such a wonderful selection of delicious and nutritious food that members of our School Council collected from everyone during our service. We were entertained with the story of The Little Red Hen from Class 1 and with The Voices of Water poem by Tony Mitton from Class 3. We ended our service with special thank you prayers led by members of year 6.

Our School Council now have a special job of preparing and delivering our contributions to Kendal Food Bank where they will be distributed to those in our local area who need an extra hand in feeding their families who we know will be very grateful for our generosity. Thank you everyone.

Road Safety!

If you live in Levens Village, you might have noticed class 4 out and about a bit more than usual recently! We’ve been spending lots of time in the village learning about travelling safely.

First, we had PCSO Jayne come and visit us to tell us about walking around the village. It might seem simple, but there’s actually a lot to it! Levens is full of small, narrow lanes, and not everywhere has a footpath so it’s actually quite tricky to navigate!

This week we’ve had Robin from Bikeability visit us. He’s shown us how to navigate safely by bike, ensuring that we use the correct road positioning and hand signals. This week has been especially challenging as we have been cycling in all weathers with some horrendous rain! I’m pleased to say everyone has ridden and walked safely – let’s all take a moment to remember those lessons next time we’re in a rush to get somewhere!


Arts Week – pen drawings and watercolour

Class 4 have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with local artist Sophie Martin recently.

After a demonstration from Sophie and the opportunity to see her work, we went out into our community to complete a range of observational drawings of different aspects of Levens Village.

We have been developing our ink drawings back in school with the use of watercolour.

English in Years 5+6

We have been using our knowledge of our solar system (linked to our Science topic) to plan, draft and write a non-chronological report on the Moon.

After looking at a range of non-fiction information texts from our library to identify the features and completing some thorough research on the topic for homework, we tried to sort some of examples of sentences so that we understand how to give our writing cohesion and make sense to the reader.

In groups, we began organising the information according to whether it would be appropriate for the introduction, one of the four main sections, the glossary or Did you Know?

This has helped us make sense of our research so that we can organise our writing into paragraphs under some suitable subheadings that we developed such as: ‘Physical Features’,  ‘Moon Exploration’, ‘Phases of the Moon’.

Saving Water Assembly

On Wednesdays, class teachers take it in turns to lead key stage assemblies and this term we are having an environmental theme based on appreciating and doing our bit to look after God’s wonderful world.

This week, we have been exploring how to save water when cleaning our teeth. Do you leave the tap running while you brush? Well, we discovered that over 2 litres of clean, fresh, drinking water goes trickling down the drain unused if you do!

We had 2 willing volunteers demonstrating good brushing that used about a quarter of a cup full to do the job well. Let’s try to make a small change and make a BIG difference.


Superb Shelters!

A big welcome back to everyone in class 4!

It’s been so nice to see all of your smiling faces this week. Everyone has come back with a whole bundle of enthusiasm, and it sounds like everyone has had an amazing holiday! We’ve been up to plenty of fun things in class this week (as well as just a little bit of maths!), and we’ve finished everything off with a trip to our forest schools area.

Buzzing with enthusiasm, we all made the short trek up the hill to learn that we would be building shelters! In teams of 4, with nothing more than a tarpaulin, rope and 4 pegs, our task was to design and build a shelter that would protect our group from the elements. We learned how to elect a suitable site, thought about how we could use the natural world to our advantage, made a plan and then got to work.

Most groups settled on a nice, simple ridgeline design, creating a tent shape with a line between some trees. Some amazing teamwork was spotted, with people teaching each other the skills they had picked up from activities outside of school and playing to their strengths. Take a look at our shelters below. One was even big enough to keep the whole class out of the rain!

Keep your eyes peeled for more shelter blogs coming your way soon as we bring our knowledge back to class to write a set of instructions for building your own shelter. Who knows – maybe you could give it a go at home!

End of term fun for our Year 6 leavers

All our year 6 leavers were treated to a very special evening meal made and served by our very professional, attentive and talented year 5 chefs and waiters!

They also enjoyed a wonderful trip to Brockhole that included a picnic by the lake and fun on the Treetop Nets!