Class Four

Windermere Football Skills

Last week, Class 4 were privileged to be invited to Windermere School for their football skills session. Despite the rain howling through the night, the day turned out with only showers and we arrived at Windermere ready to get stuck in. Up the hill we went to the 3G pitch with our attentive coaches – everyone had fun and showed great enthusiasm.

The best bit though? If you ask me – a free lunch!!

Thanks again to all the staff at Windermere school for the session. Photos below!

Wild Weather & Rickety Rafts!

“There’s no such thing as poor weather – only unsuitable clothing”

A good thing then that Class 4 were kitted out with wetsuits! A miserable showing from the weather did not dampen our spirits as we arrived bright and early at Glenridding Sailing Centre for a day of raft building. After suiting up and being given a short design brief, we got stuck right into crafting some rafts. Some furious knot-tying later and the seemingly random pile of poles, rope and barrels had been turned into two reasonably seaworthy looking vessels!

There was only one way to prove it, however, and so the race was on with the teams speeding across the lake. Even the sudden whirlpool which appeared courtesy of the safety boat didn’t put the intrepid adventurers off. One team even managed one and a half laps before the inevitable!

All good things must come to an end though, and soon enough the hastily secured barrels began to escape. Before long, nearly everyone had been unceremoniously dumped into the water for a good swim.

A huge thanks to Josh at the Glenridding Sailing Centre for hosting the day for us and a big well done to everyone in Class for for bringing your best smiles, making your own fun and looking out for each other.

2093 Class 4 Reunion

And that’s a wrap! Thank you so much to parents who came to our end-of-term play last night. Our production was completely down to the students of Class 4 who worked together on writing, staging, props, costumes, hair, makeup, jokes, lighting and everything else – a massive well done to them on a fabulous performance. This will certainly be a hard one to top next year!!

Amazing Archery.

Classes 2, 3 and 4 had a fantastic time learning how to shoot a bow and arrow! The children loved the sessions where they learnt how to stand, load and fire the arrow. Their aim definitely improved as the session progressed. They were so enthusiastic that some of the children will continue to develop their skills at an after school club in September.

Spaghetti Challenge!

Class Three and Four had an amazing morning completing ‘The Spaghetti Structure Challenge.’ The children were set the task of building a structure using spaghetti, blue-tack, masking tape and string. They worked in small groups and their team work skills were put to the test! The structures were designed to hold the weight of a book and were tested to destruction and prizes were awarded for the tallest, strongest and most creative models. The children were fantastic and produced some interesting structures. A big thank you to Christian and Victoria from Architects Plus (UK) for working with the children and judging their work.

Junior Sports Day

What an afternoon! Fortunately the rain held off for the juniors to have a great time at their sports afternoon, led by the Barrow Raiders team. We kicked off proceedings with a skills circuit, including the high jump, long jump and nerf-football throwing. After that, we got straight into a range of races and obstacle courses to test a range of skills. Last but not least, the tug-of-war!

Well done to everyone involved, particularly red team who just about snatched the win by a very narrow margin. Thanks again to the Barrow Raiders team for organising and leading the day!

YMCA Lakeside 2023!

What a fab day! The sun was shining, the water of the lake was glistening and the shade of the trees was inviting. The peace, however, was undoubtedly broken when all of Class 2, 3 and 4 arrived bright and early for a day of fabulous activities! Before long we had met our brilliant instructors and were out and about canoeing, orienteering, sliding and swinging. Managing to cram two activities in before lunch tired us out, just in time for another two activities afterwards!

A big thanks to all of the instructors at YMCA lakeside for a fantastic day. Enjoy the photos below!

The Grand Mosque Bradford

All of KS2 travelled to Bradford yesterday to learn more about the Islamic faith by visiting their very sacred place of prayer and worship.

Bilali, our guide for the day, welcomed us at the door and led us all around the inside and outside of the Mosque.  We began with the grand entrance hall with a huge glass chandelier and as we looked around, Bilali pointed out all the different symbols and features around us.  We moved on to the place for ritual washing (called wudu) before prayer, which was a huge bathroom where Muslims will cleanse by washing the face, arms and feet; before wiping the head.  We then moved on to the main prayer room where we learnt all about the weekly homework set my the Imam every Friday.  This encourages the community to do good things – either for each other or for God’s creation – linking our Christian Values with Islamic beliefs.

We learnt more about the five pillars of Islam too; about the festival of Eid and Ramadan from our expert guide and the children had many interesting and valuable questions to ask!

We even remembered to step in and out of the Mosque using the correct foot first (the right foot) which we had learnt from Mohammad at our live-linkup with him the day before our trip.

The Grand Mosque also provided us with delicious treats at lunchtime for both children and staff; and each child was presented with a gift bag containing information books, quizzes, pens, stickers and more!

Thank you to everyone at the mosque for making us so welcome and teaching us so much about faith in our communities.  We all valued our experience so very much and will certainly be back in a few years time when our current infant children move up to the juniors.


Coronation celebrations

We had a fantastic day celebrating the coronation of King Charles the Third. We learnt about the service in Westminster Abbey and watched some of the highlights. The children wore the fabulous crowns they had created and enjoyed an amazing buffet lunch. Thank you to Year Six for your hard work making the cakes and crown shortbread biscuits. It was wonderful to see the children enjoying the celebrations.

Harold visits school!

We enjoyed a wonderful visit from Harold and Steven yesterday from Coram Life Education who provide our SCARF curriculum. Each class took part in workshops ranging from exploring the brain to managing friendships. Harold made an appearance in each class too! Thank you Steven for a brilliant day!