Class Three

Marvellous Magnets

Class Three have had a fantastic time learning about forces and magnets. We started of the topic by looking at push and pull forces, moved on to exploring friction and then carried out experiments with magnets. We loved making magnets dance and making our own compasses. We looked at the poles and investigated which attracted and which repelled. We concluded the topic by designing and making our own magnetic games. Year Five came in to try them out and provide an opinion!




Peter’s betrayal and forgiveness

Today, we continued our work on the Easter story. We examined the role of Peter. We did some role play of the key events such as Jesus’ arrest and Peter denying he knew Jesus three times. We looked at forgiveness and what this means to us and also examined the Bible to see what this says about forgiveness.


Anglo-Saxon and Viking workshop

Class Three had an absolutely amazing day in the Footprint Centre and Saint Catherine’s Wood learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The day started with a history lesson, we learnt all about the struggle for power and the Viking invasions and Anglo-Saxon kings and kingdoms. We learnt all about longships, this helped us when building our own models. We made our own Anglo-Saxon inspired coins, made our own quills and ink and learnt to write in runes and also how to weave cloth. The highlight of the day was battle drills. The children practised formations and reenacted a battle, I certainly wouldn’t like to meet them on the battlefield!  A huge thank you to ‘Woodmatters’ for a wonderful experience.


Anglo-Saxon helmets!

As part of our Anglo-Saxon and Vikings topic we looked at the Sutton Hoo helmet. We used this as inspiration for our own art work, experimenting with making 3D masks. We then designed our own mask and finally made them, finishing them in gold and silver. They look brilliant!

Hot seating Judas

Today, we sequenced and examined the Easter story and identified elements of trust and betrayal. We discussed the thirty pieces of silver Judas received and tried to think of thirty reason to explain why he betrayed Jesus. We then looked at various paintings of ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘The Betrayal by Judas’. We looked really closely and gave our opinions of each picture. To finish we carried hot a hot seating activity asking Judas questions.

Betrayal and Trust

As part of our RE topic on the Easter story we have been examining trust and betrayal. We completed an obstacle course blindfolded and had to trust our partner to guide us safely around. A test of trust and communication! We then examined some of the Bible stories such as Jesus calming the sea to help explain why the disciples trusted Jesus.

Awesome Anglo-Saxon homework

Class 3 have been busy again! The children learnt all about Anglo-Saxon houses and villages and compared these with Roman towns. The children were then set the challenge of researching and creating their own Anglo-Saxon house or village. Ms Chapman has been ‘blown away’ with the results. We now have a number of Anglo-Saxon villages in our hall. I think you will agree they are all truly amazing.


Young Voices!

Children from Key Stage 2 attended the Young Voices event on Monday 5th February along with over 9,000 other children. The children have been practising the songs at an after school club and learning all the dance moves! We set off for Manchester and our journey included some impromptu singing. The children enjoyed a rehearsal in the afternoon, this included learning some extra songs and being led by a conductor. As the excitement grew the adults joined us at the AO Arena. The children were amazing and sang beautifully, loved all the dancing and the other performances especially M C Grammar, Urban Strides and Nandi Bushell.  Mrs Haslam and Ms Chapman were exceptionally proud of all the children!

Investigating place names

Today, Class Three continued their history topic on the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. The children had great fun looking at the meaning of place names and their origins and used the atlases to find Anglo-Saxon place names. We looked at the meaning of these place names and them plotted them onto a blank map. Why not ask your child if they can name any of these!

Islamic Inspired Art

Class Three have been learning about Islamic art. We began by looking at the shapes, colours and symmetry in a variety of Islamic tiles and buildings. We then experimented with designing patterns using rulers and lots of precision drawings to create stars. We then looked at using 2D shapes to design our own individual design. The final design was drawn out and coloured using contrasting colours. Here are some of our amazing final products!