Class Three

Dance with Ashley

Class 3 have been working really hard with our expert dance teacher, Ashley who has come from the Brewery Dance Team on Friday afternoons. We have been using the Romans as our inspiration for our piece. This involves individual elements, paired work and group parts too and we have developed our own sections and learnt sections as a whole class too ready to perform to Class 4 this next Friday. Thank you to Ashley for teaching us and providing some expert training for Mrs Wadey and Mrs Craggs too.

Here we are in action…

Anti-Bullying Week

In School this week, we have all been talking about ‘One Kind Word’ which has been the theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2021.   The week began with an assembly exploring the kind words that we can use in our daily interactions that can make the biggest difference to someone’s day; their life and their mental wellbeing.

We should all make a stand by challenging any unkind behaviour that we witness and each class has completed activities during the week about how to respond to different situations; how to seek help and how to support others who may need our help.

Our ‘Odd Socks Day’ was embraced by everyone on Monday too……

Boxes of Hope Revisited

In assembly today we celebrated the wonderful pupils and families of Levens CE School who have made Boxes of Hope. Our grand total this year is 40! This is an amazing achievement and fantastic testament to the empathy and support that pupils want to offer to others this Christmas time. A huge thank you to all who put a box together this year. Your gifts will really make a difference to a child and family who do not have as much as you.

In the Forest with Class 3

Last week, Class 3 had an amazing afternoon in the woodland exploring, playing games and undertaking challenges in the outdoors.

We began by talking about the rules of the woodland to keep ourselves and others safe from harm; and to ensure we look after this very special place.  Then we embarked on a range of activities using sticks!  Can you turn your stick into something else?  Can you identify your stick from other people’s when they are all mixed together?  Can you use one word to describe your stick?

We also enjoyed a scavenger hunt around the woodland looking for things that don’t belong in the forest.  We found many objects carefully hidden around the woods.

Our final challenge involved working as a team to create small woodland homes for some animals – fox, hedgehog, owl and rabbit.  They are very well sheltered in their tiny woodland dens. Can you spot any of them?

Gerry the Gardener!

Eco team have been finding out about the Levens Greening Campaign that has just been launched in the village. This aims to encourage as many people as possible to try small ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Homes in the village have been delivered a Greening Levens Card with more details.

A village wide scarecrow festival is promoting the Greening Campaign and we wanted to be included! We are going to be having our own greening suggestions for children to achieve very soon.

Here we are with our scarecrow creation – Gerry the Gardener!


Boxes of Hope

We welcomed Mr and Mrs Docker into school to tell us all about Boxes of Hope. They showed us all sorts of wonderful things to include in the boxes and let us eagerly unpack some too. We learnt about where the boxes go to and importantly what not to put in the boxes too. We hope to have a record breaking year of filled boxes this year – a lovely half term holiday activity!

Harvest Thanks

This week, we have been celebrating and thanking God for our Harvest. We presented such a wonderful selection of delicious and nutritious food that members of our School Council collected from everyone during our service. We were entertained with the story of The Little Red Hen from Class 1 and with The Voices of Water poem by Tony Mitton from Class 3. We ended our service with special thank you prayers led by members of year 6.

Our School Council now have a special job of preparing and delivering our contributions to Kendal Food Bank where they will be distributed to those in our local area who need an extra hand in feeding their families who we know will be very grateful for our generosity. Thank you everyone.

Roman Numbers

We have been exploring Roman numbers this week. We know that I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50 and C=100. Romans didn’t have a zero!

We’ve enjoyed using our colourful wooden sticks to make some numbers up to 10 and then to 100 and had many different ideas about how some numbers can be made. We explained our thinking to each other and impressed our friends with lots of problem solving and mental calculations going on!

Here we are with a few of the numbers…

Travelling and balancing

The blustery wet weather didn’t spoil our PE fun this week! We had the opportunity to get out the large apparatus in the hall and explored different ways of travelling and balancing. We were trying to perfect our positions and apply what we have learnt in gymnastics so far, like pointing our toes, holding our balances steady even when we were upside down and finding interesting ways to move around.

Take a look here…

Reflections of Light

In Science, Class 3 are learning all about light. This week we explored mirror images and how changing the shape of a mirror changes the image in very funny ways! We experimented with mirror writing too and finding ways to send messages to a friend.

You might be surprised to discover just how many mirrors (or surfaces that act like mirrors and reflect your image) that you have in your house. You may well have more than 30 especially if you include those in a car too!