Class Three

Amazing Artists

Class 3 have been busy learning about block printing. We started the topic by looking at Roman mosaic tiles, focusing on the borders. We then practised designing our own borders and moved onto creating a central design. We drew this to scale and then transferred it to a Styrofoam block and used this to print. The results are bold and striking and will be on display in school.


Brilliant Bushcraft

The sun came out for Class Three’s trip to Saint Catherine’s Wood in Windermere. We started the day by learning how to start fires. Brilliant teamwork was demonstrated as the children worked together to collect sticks and they then showed resilience using the flint and steel to start the fires. The children then learnt how to whittle using peelers and cut up willow and peeled it in order to make artist charcoal. After lunch, the children used their newly acquired skills to make a wooden butter knife out of hazel. Endurance could be clearly seem as the children persevered and all make an excellent wooden knife. We finished the day creating pictures using our own charcoal.

A wonderful day in the woods was enjoyed by everyone and the children are already asking, “When  can we go again?”

Perfect Pavilions

This week Class Three have been working hard learning all about pavilions. We have learnt some new words such as aesthetics, stable and cladding. We looked at examples of pavilions from around the world, experimented with making structures with cocktails sticks before designing our own pavilion. We then made our amazing models!




Class 3 visit the Temple for World Peace

The sun was shining once again as Class 3 visited the Buddhist Temple for World Peace in Ulverston. This was  lovely end to our topic on places of worship, Our visit included some meditation, acting out the story of the life of Buddha, sketching some of the Buddhist symbols along with a picnic in the sunshine.

Amazing Archery.

Classes 2, 3 and 4 had a fantastic time learning how to shoot a bow and arrow! The children loved the sessions where they learnt how to stand, load and fire the arrow. Their aim definitely improved as the session progressed. They were so enthusiastic that some of the children will continue to develop their skills at an after school club in September.

Julian Opie Self Portraits

Class 3 have been looking at the work of Julian Opie. He is a portrait artist with a unique style, using black lines and blocks of colour in his paintings. We have produced our own portraits, using his portraits as our inspiration. Have a look!




Spaghetti Challenge!

Class Three and Four had an amazing morning completing ‘The Spaghetti Structure Challenge.’ The children were set the task of building a structure using spaghetti, blue-tack, masking tape and string. They worked in small groups and their team work skills were put to the test! The structures were designed to hold the weight of a book and were tested to destruction and prizes were awarded for the tallest, strongest and most creative models. The children were fantastic and produced some interesting structures. A big thank you to Christian and Victoria from Architects Plus (UK) for working with the children and judging their work.

Castle Creations!

Class 3 have had a fantastic time creating their own castles. We started the topic by looking at different examples of castle and identifying their features. Our trip to Sizergh Castle was an amazing start to this. We experimented with making 3-D shapes from nets to see how we may use these in our own work. We then drew up some design criteria such as having battlements, a drawbridge and a personalised flag. We then made our creating using junk modelling and also making shapes from nets.  They were all amazing and very individual.


Junior Sports Day

What an afternoon! Fortunately the rain held off for the juniors to have a great time at their sports afternoon, led by the Barrow Raiders team. We kicked off proceedings with a skills circuit, including the high jump, long jump and nerf-football throwing. After that, we got straight into a range of races and obstacle courses to test a range of skills. Last but not least, the tug-of-war!

Well done to everyone involved, particularly red team who just about snatched the win by a very narrow margin. Thanks again to the Barrow Raiders team for organising and leading the day!

Class 3 visit Sizergh Castle

Another glorious day for a trip! Class 3 walked to Sizergh Castle in the sunshine. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the garden and spent some time producing  sketches of the building and looking at the features. We thought about our work in the classroom and looked at how the castle had been added to and changed throughout history. We then enjoyed looking around inside. Finally, we visited the wild trail. A fantastic day for all of us!