Design and Technology

Car Creations!

Class Three have put their creative talents to good use once again! Our DT topic this term is slingshot cars. We started the topic by creating a chassis, next we looked at a variety of vehicles and learnt about air resistance. We used our new knowledge to design our car bodies and then constructed these by making side panels and the roof. Our design brief included making the vehicles aesthetically pleasing, reduce air resistance and be quick! I think you will agree that they all look fantastic.

We had great fun trying them out!

Brilliant Baking!

This week Class Three have been very busy learning how to make biscuits for our Design and Technology topic. The topic began with a taste test, testing biscuits already available to buy. We then learnt how to follow a recipe to make a basic biscuit, learning techniques such as creaming and the importance of sieving. Another taste test was completed! Following this we adapted the recipe and each child make their own biscuit. Again, a taste test was conducted and the results were used to design a final recipe suitable for adults at Christmas. This was out target audience. The children then made their final dough adding their chosen ingredients and designed and made their own packaging for this, considering the best materials to use to be environmentally friendly. A huge than you to Mrs Mason for helping us and passing on her baking expertise.

Healthy Wraps!

Today we have been making our own healthy wraps that included a source of protein, carbohydrate, dairy product and vegetable!

Busy Builders!

Over the past few weeks in class 2 we have had different challenges and chance to explore our construction area. We have had a wide range of things being built from multi story car parks to Levens Hall and its gardens! Here are some pictures of our creations.

Perfect Pavilions

This week Class Three have been working hard learning all about pavilions. We have learnt some new words such as aesthetics, stable and cladding. We looked at examples of pavilions from around the world, experimented with making structures with cocktails sticks before designing our own pavilion. We then made our amazing models!




Spaghetti Challenge!

Class Three and Four had an amazing morning completing ‘The Spaghetti Structure Challenge.’ The children were set the task of building a structure using spaghetti, blue-tack, masking tape and string. They worked in small groups and their team work skills were put to the test! The structures were designed to hold the weight of a book and were tested to destruction and prizes were awarded for the tallest, strongest and most creative models. The children were fantastic and produced some interesting structures. A big thank you to Christian and Victoria from Architects Plus (UK) for working with the children and judging their work.

Castle Creations!

Class 3 have had a fantastic time creating their own castles. We started the topic by looking at different examples of castle and identifying their features. Our trip to Sizergh Castle was an amazing start to this. We experimented with making 3-D shapes from nets to see how we may use these in our own work. We then drew up some design criteria such as having battlements, a drawbridge and a personalised flag. We then made our creating using junk modelling and also making shapes from nets.  They were all amazing and very individual.



Class 2 have absolutely loved their last week of the Spring Term! It started with our school trip to Lytham St. Anne’s, for which the weather couldn’t have been kinder. We observed the outside and the indside of the windmill and the children produced some fantastic observational drawings of the building. The Victorian museum on the ground floor of the windmill was a great taster for some of our history learning that we will be undertaking in the Summer term. As well as learning about the purpose and history of the windmill, the volunteers from the Lytham Heritage Group, also showed us around the lifeboat museum. We enjoyed discounted ice cream from Andy the ice cream man and a lovely walk, before returning to school.

For the remainder of the week, we were designing and constructing our own windmills. The children showed fantastic patience and resilience when assembling the main parts, in order to make sure their models were stable and effective. It was another fantastic week of Design and Technology and Mrs Mason and I were were so impressed with the children’s achievements. Well done Class 2!

Fantastic Food- Class 3

Class 3 have had an amazing time learning all about seasonal foods. We began by looking at the climatic zones of the world and where foods can grow. We then made Japanese fruit kebabs using strawberries, watermelon, lychees and bananas. We looked at seasonal foods in the United Kingdom and created seasonal food wheels. We then had great fun learning how to make apple crumble. It tasted delicious with custard! We found out about food miles and the environmental impact of this. Did you know on average a pineapple travels 5,000 miles to reach the UK! We then designed our own seasonal tarts. This was a little bit tricky, so we decided to use tinned and frozen foods as well. We followed recipes and made these, they tasted delicious.

Class 4 Bridges

For our D&T project this term, Class 4 are building bridges. We’ve been exploring different ways to stiffen and reinforce cardboard. A simple flat “beam” of paper can’t support much weight on its own, but add a curved “arch” underneath and suddenly things are much stronger! We’ve also been exploring corrugation and lamination techniques to further reinforce the structures we have been building. Check out some of our prototypes below!