Courageous advocacy in Class Three.

Class Three were very passionate about trying to make a difference to deforestation of the rainforests. We decided to write persuasive letters to the Prime Minister to try to influence political decisions. We were very excited to receive a reply from Downing Street detailing how there are trying to tackle to issue and thanking us for our interest in political issues.


What is prayer?

This week we took part in a fantastic workshop with Diana from NISCU. We learnt all about how, why, how and where Christians prayer. Diana explained that prayer is like having a friendship with God, that you can pray anywhere and at anytime. She explained why Christians pray using PASTA!

P is for Praise,

A is for Ask

S is for Sorry

T is for Thank you

A is for Amen.

Thank you so much Diana.

Why is the bible such a special book?

Class 2 have started their RE learning off with looking at bibles and reading our favourite stories out of the bible! We found this very interesting and loved reading to a friend.


Peter’s betrayal and forgiveness

Today, we continued our work on the Easter story. We examined the role of Peter. We did some role play of the key events such as Jesus’ arrest and Peter denying he knew Jesus three times. We looked at forgiveness and what this means to us and also examined the Bible to see what this says about forgiveness.


Hot seating Judas

Today, we sequenced and examined the Easter story and identified elements of trust and betrayal. We discussed the thirty pieces of silver Judas received and tried to think of thirty reason to explain why he betrayed Jesus. We then looked at various paintings of ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘The Betrayal by Judas’. We looked really closely and gave our opinions of each picture. To finish we carried hot a hot seating activity asking Judas questions.

Betrayal and Trust

As part of our RE topic on the Easter story we have been examining trust and betrayal. We completed an obstacle course blindfolded and had to trust our partner to guide us safely around. A test of trust and communication! We then examined some of the Bible stories such as Jesus calming the sea to help explain why the disciples trusted Jesus.

Jesus’ friends

Reception have been exploring the qualities of a good friend as part of their current RE topic. They have been finding out about who Jesus’ friends were and the things they enjoyed doing together. The children enjoyed re-enacting the story of ‘Jesus calms the storm’ and role-playing Jesus and his friends fishing together.

Networking with young Muslims from London

Last week, Year 5 and 6 were treated to a live presentation and Q and A session with a group of teenage Sunni and Shi’a Muslims from Redbridge in North London know as AFABs (Ambassadors of faith and belief).  As part of their studies in KS5, these young people are involved in a project to teach others about the diversity of their faith and help deepen knowledge of their faith with primary-aged pupils from across the UK.  We were joined by children from other primary schools across Cumbria.

We have certainly deepened our knowledge and understanding of so many aspects of Islam including: the five pillars of Islam, the different branches of Islam, Ramadan and Eid, pilgrimage, prayer, dress and symbolism.

Florence – ‘I didn’t know that Muslims believe in Heaven.’

Grace – ‘I learnt that not all Muslims cover their heads but those that do choose to wear a Hijab to show respect and be closer to God.’

Eleanor – ‘I learnt more about the Kaaba being a very sacred place’ at the centre of the most sacred Mosque.’

Koby – ‘I learnt that over 3 million Muslims travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia every year as part of hajj.

Holy Spirit Artwork

Class 4 have been learning about the Pentecost in RE lessons. We have heard how Christians believe Jesus ascended to heaven so that the Holy Spirit could come down to the world and bless Christians worldwide.

But what does the Holy Spirit actually do? What even is a Holy Spirit? What does it look like? We looked at a range of artwork on the theme of the Holy Spirit, from stained glass windows, classical paintings and modern interpretations. We found that the same symbols are often used to represent the Spirit of the Lord, including the Dove and ‘tongues of fire’. We used this as inspiration to create our own Holy Spirit artwork using a variety of methods. Check out our finished work below!