Daily archives: 22nd March 2024

Peter’s betrayal and forgiveness

Today, we continued our work on the Easter story. We examined the role of Peter. We did some role play of the key events such as Jesus’ arrest and Peter denying he knew Jesus three times. We looked at forgiveness and what this means to us and also examined the Bible to see what this says about forgiveness.


Anglo-Saxon and Viking workshop

Class Three had an absolutely amazing day in the Footprint Centre and Saint Catherine’s Wood learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The day started with a history lesson, we learnt all about the struggle for power and the Viking invasions and Anglo-Saxon kings and kingdoms. We learnt all about longships, this helped us when building our own models. We made our own Anglo-Saxon inspired coins, made our own quills and ink and learnt to write in runes and also how to weave cloth. The highlight of the day was battle drills. The children practised formations and reenacted a battle, I certainly wouldn’t like to meet them on the battlefield!  A huge thank you to ‘Woodmatters’ for a wonderful experience.


Running Club – Grand Finale!

What a fantastic end to what has been the most fabulous running season! We have now been running weekly since October with a regular group of over 30 juniors, having the best of fun and keeping very fit in the process. This last session was really special as we concluded with a run through the farm trail at Low Sizergh Barn, joined by adults. After the run, we enjoyed a Sizergh Barn special hot chocolate or milkshake accompanied by wonderful home bakes from Mrs Mason and her Nicola.

A very fitting and special end!

Whilst some still have the deferred Elleray competition next month, the running season draws to a close, but we will be back in September,

with a new batch of runners ready to be put through their paces. This Club would not be possible without the amazing support and dedication of many adults at the school, who lead by example each week, exhibiting the very keenest of enthusiasm!

Thanks to everyone, but especially our children, who make the club such a rewarding and great place to be each Friday. Roll on September…..





Anglo-Saxon helmets!

As part of our Anglo-Saxon and Vikings topic we looked at the Sutton Hoo helmet. We used this as inspiration for our own art work, experimenting with making 3D masks. We then designed our own mask and finally made them, finishing them in gold and silver. They look brilliant!