Class One

Kendal Mountain Rescue visit Class One


Nursery and Reception were lucky enough to receive a visit on Monday from Tony who is part of the team at Kendal Mountain Rescue. They found out all about the types of work Mountain Rescue do and when they might be called to help someone out. They explored lots of Tony’s kit and equipment, finding out about the importance of each item. The highlight of the visit was a trip outdoors to have a seat in one of the vehicles. Thank you Tony for a super afternoon!

Winter Woodwork by Reception

Reception have enjoyed a festive introduction to their new woodwork bench. They investigated the use of different tools and equipment such as hand drills, clamps and sandpaper to create their own festive decorations. We are looking forward to more woodwork projects in the new year. Stay posted to see what we get up to!


Class One learn about Paramedics

We were lucky enough to receive a special visit from Claire the paramedic last week who came to tell us all about her job. We learnt about the different modes of transport used by paramedics – did you know that some travel by bike in big cities? We found out why people sometimes needed help and thought carefully about different scenarios and whether or not each one would need a call to 999. We learnt some important information about what to do if we ever needed to call for an ambulance.



Design And Technology Week

What an amazing and busy time we had last week! The whole school took part in different Design and Technology projects. Class 1 were developing their cutting skills and exploring a range of different junk modelling materials. Class 2 were learning about fruit and vegetables, using their senses to explore them and then creating their own smoothies. Class 3 explored how to use a simple pneumatic system to make box monsters. Class 4 were learning about different ways to join fabric including different stictches, before designing and making their own soft toys. Each class enjoyed learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and had opportunities to design, make and evaluate their work.

Class 4’s Soft Toys

Class 3’s Monster Boxes

Class 2’s Smoothies

Class 1’s Junk Modelling


Reception have enjoyed an incredible visit to the National Trust Footprint site today on St Catherine’s estate in Windermere. The day began exploring the woodland, finding leaves from different trees and collecting a range of different sized sticks. They found out about how to build a campfire safely, learning that fires need oxygen, fuel and heat. They used flints and steel to create their own sparks and mini fires before toasting apples dipped in sugar.

After lunch, they learnt about willow, used loppers to cut their own pieces which were whittled using peelers and added to the fire to create charcoal. Whilst the charcoal was on the fire, there was just enough time to learn how to use a saw safely to create their own keepsakes of the day.

I think everyone will sleep well tonight!

“Every child is an artist” Picasso, Reception style!

Picasso’s famous quote Every child is an artist”, absolutely rings true in Class One! Reception have just completed their unit of work on self-portraits, drawing inspiration from Pablo Picasso and his cubism style of work. They began their learning by drawing a portrait of themselves from a photograph, before studying the work of Picasso and looking closely at some of his famous cubism portraits. They had a go at using facial features arranged differently on the page and then considering different angles and perspectives of themselves to create their masterpieces. I wonder if you can guess who is who?

Nursery make some noise!

Nursery have had a wonderful week exploring sounds. They used instruments and everyday objects and explored how different sounds can be made. They had a go at making quiet and loud sounds using beaters made from different materials.

Settling into life as Reception!

A huge well done to all our new Reception starters who have settled in brilliantly! They have had a wonderful week exploring our newly organised classroom, enjoying lunchtime, parachute games and playtime!

Musical Extravaganza

After missing performing for two years, we were delighted to be entertained on Friday morning by our marvellous pianists  and violinists. We enjoyed solos, duets as well as small group performances introduced and supported by our first class instrumental teachers Mrs Rainbow and Mrs Hurley.

All year 2 pupils have learned to play the violin this year and the group who have been keen to continue presented a selection of pieces showing many different ways to produce sound on the violin including pizzicato (plucking the string) and arco (bowing). Our year 3 violinists showed their beautiful smooth bowing action that produced a lovely mellow tone.

The pianists all played different tunes, solos and duets that really got our feet tapping and produced smiles all around the appreciative audience. Well done to all performers and those who have supported and encouraged them this year – the fruits of that labour were clear to see thi



Reception go wild!

Reception have had a wonderful time at the Wildlife Oasis in Milnthorpe today. We enjoyed learning about some less well-known creatures and their habitats. The first workshop was about conservation and fitted in nicely with our topic about Sir David Attenborough. We learnt about the habitats of stick insects, millipedes and the fascinating leaf insect! All these animals originate from the Amazon Rainforest and we thought about why they were suited to this habitat. A tower of Jenga blocks all being removed at the same time was a great visual representation of what might happen to these animals when the trees in the rainforest are cut down. A second game of Jenga, which involved replacing blocks as well as removing them, showed us how planting a tree for each one that is cut down can help sustainability. We also learnt about everyday products which come from the rainforest and were very surprised at some of them! We then enjoyed getting up close to a blue tongued skink, leaf cutter ants, meerkats and lemurs to name just a few!