Hello from Class 2

We have had a fantastic start to the term in Class 2. We have been exploring our new areas of provision both indoors and outside. We have been getting to know each other and settling into new routines. From our pictures, we also seem to have done lots of maths!

Money Money Money

Class 3 have been learning all about money in maths recently. Here they are totaling up how much money they have and using different strategies to do this efficiently. They are getting quick and accurate at doing this in partners and independently. We have also been looking closely at our British coins – they make up a shield shape if you have one of each!

Getting the Measure of the Situation

Class 4 have had a busy few weeks! Alongside SATs for our older pupils, we have also been getting out and about in the school grounds to answer the question “how can we measure that?”

To make sense of the world around us, it’s good to have a way of talking about the sizes of things. We could measure the distance of a line (perhaps in meters), the area of a 2d shape (meters squared) or the volume of a shape (meters cubed!) If we had a really awkward 3d shape, we could also measure its’ volume in liters.

We’ve been measuring all sorts of things in all sorts of ways – check out the pictures below to see what we’ve been up to!

Finding Equivalents

Class 4 have been consolidating their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages!

Using a range of activities, games and tasks we have been learning how to find how an amount can be written in more than three different ways!  There are always many ways to write equivalent fractions; but now we can also now find the corresponding percentage and decimal.

Puzzling Perimeter

Y4 have been puzzling over how long the sides of a rectangle could be if the perimeter was 20cm. They worked systematically to make sure they had all the possible solutions, It was easier with a system too!

They then used their system to work out if it had a perimeter of 40cm.

Super systematic solving!

So much Maths!

Last week we were super busy in our Maths lessons. Year One were using different representations to help deepen their understanding of addition including number bonds. Year Two were using mathematical vocabulary and symbols to compare numbers and number sentences.

In addition to our daily Maths lessons we also started our new Mastering Number lessons. These are three to four short lessons per week that focus on strengthening our understanding of number and improve our fluency with number facts.

Roman Numbers

We have been exploring Roman numbers this week. We know that I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50 and C=100. Romans didn’t have a zero!

We’ve enjoyed using our colourful wooden sticks to make some numbers up to 10 and then to 100 and had many different ideas about how some numbers can be made. We explained our thinking to each other and impressed our friends with lots of problem solving and mental calculations going on!

Here we are with a few of the numbers…

Times Tables Rock Stars!

After Mr Dean and Class 4 demonstrated Times Table Rock Stars in Celebration Assembly last week, Class 3 have been super keen to get going themselves. This week everyone has been hard at work speedily beating their times and sharpening up their quick recall with great enthusiasm. Keep up the good work and next week we’ll be exploring the shop to spend your well earned gold coins!

Here are some of the class hard at work.