Brilliant Bushcraft

The sun came out for Class Three’s trip to Saint Catherine’s Wood in Windermere. We started the day by learning how to start fires. Brilliant teamwork was demonstrated as the children worked together to collect sticks and they then showed resilience using the flint and steel to start the fires. The children then learnt how to whittle using peelers and cut up willow and peeled it in order to make artist charcoal. After lunch, the children used their newly acquired skills to make a wooden butter knife out of hazel. Endurance could be clearly seem as the children persevered and all make an excellent wooden knife. We finished the day creating pictures using our own charcoal.

A wonderful day in the woods was enjoyed by everyone and the children are already asking, “When  can we go again?”

Bay Search and Rescue visit Class One

A huge thank you to Dan and Helen from Bay Search and Rescue who came to visit us this morning in Class One and talk to the children about their roles. They showed us photographs of the types of rescues they are involved in and the vehicles they use. Dan and Helen also gave us some important safety advice about when we are out on the sands and near open water. We were then lucky enough to see the pick up in real life, try on equipment and listen to the sirens. We learnt so much and had a wonderful time! Our current Christian Value is Service and this was a great example of how people in our community show service to others, something we have been exploring through our whole school assemblies.

Treasure Island!

Reception had a wonderful day out to Derwentwater yesterday in search of treasure! We caught the launch from Hawse End and were dropped off on a large ‘island’ for the day! We listened to a story about a famous pirate who liked to reward children who demonstrated good team-working skills. We had to work together to solve problems and find clues which lead us to our treasure! Well done Reception!

Water Safety on our Lakes

Years 5 + 6 enjoyed a wonderful day at Fellfoot with Jaqui from Waterwise, teaching us how to be safe when we are out having fun in the outdoors whether that be in the sea, in lakes or rivers.  As well as teaching us all about the dangers of open water, she also provided us with lots of useful advice about how to reduce risk of harm by the decisions we make, what we wear and how we react in different scenarios.   Then we all got into Lake Windermere to put our skills to the test.

During the day we also enjoyed orienteering, a trip to the park, a few team games and a delightful picnic in the sunshine.

Harold visits school!

We enjoyed a wonderful visit from Harold and Steven yesterday from Coram Life Education who provide our SCARF curriculum. Each class took part in workshops ranging from exploring the brain to managing friendships. Harold made an appearance in each class too! Thank you Steven for a brilliant day!



Wheelchair Basketball

We were incredibly lucky last week to welcome wheelchair basketball world champion Nat Pattinson to Levens! Nat came and delivered a whole school assembly and the staff and children had a wonderful time learning how to play wheelchair basketball – a sport which develops collaborative team work, perseverance and resilience.  Nat is passionate about raising awareness of disability in sport and answered lots of questions from the children, telling them about how he manages everyday tasks in his daily life and what it was like competing in the world championships. A wonderful day was had by all!

Kendal Mountain Rescue visit Class One


Nursery and Reception were lucky enough to receive a visit on Monday from Tony who is part of the team at Kendal Mountain Rescue. They found out all about the types of work Mountain Rescue do and when they might be called to help someone out. They explored lots of Tony’s kit and equipment, finding out about the importance of each item. The highlight of the visit was a trip outdoors to have a seat in one of the vehicles. Thank you Tony for a super afternoon!

Class One learn about Paramedics

We were lucky enough to receive a special visit from Claire the paramedic last week who came to tell us all about her job. We learnt about the different modes of transport used by paramedics – did you know that some travel by bike in big cities? We found out why people sometimes needed help and thought carefully about different scenarios and whether or not each one would need a call to 999. We learnt some important information about what to do if we ever needed to call for an ambulance.



Bonfire Night Safety

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to receive a visit from some of the officers from Kendal Fire Station to talk to us about how to keep ourselves and others safe on Bonfire Night. We found out some interesting facts around the history of the celebration as well as some important tips about handling sparklers, being around bonfires and leaving it to adults to handle the fireworks!

Class 2 then also had the opportunity to look around one of the engines they had brought along and the equipment on board. What a lovely way to begin their Fire of London topic!