Stayin’ Alive

Last week in class 4, the Westmorland Fire Brigade came to teach us: how to put an unconscious person in the recovery position; how to properly perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR); and how to use a defibrillator. We also practised calling 999 with a real emergency operator!

Everyone in Class 4 had a go at using the CPR dummies and it looked like everyone had an educational hour. We had had fun too – our instructors were full of jokes and surprises. We never knew what to expect from the emergency situations.

Do you know what to do in an emergency? If you ever find yourself in this terrible situation, the information below might just save a life.

  1. Check the situation is safe for you to act.
  2. Check for a response from the patient.
  3. If there is no response, call 999 and ask for an ambulance.
  4. Check if the patient is breathing. Try and feel their breath with your cheek and watch to see if their chest is rising and falling.
  5. If the patient is breathing, put them into the recovery position.
  6. If the patient is not breathing, start CPR. Do 30 pumps in the center of the chest, followed by two rescue breaths. Repeat until help arrives.

Anti-Bullying Week

In School this week, we have all been talking about ‘One Kind Word’ which has been the theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2021.   The week began with an assembly exploring the kind words that we can use in our daily interactions that can make the biggest difference to someone’s day; their life and their mental wellbeing.

We should all make a stand by challenging any unkind behaviour that we witness and each class has completed activities during the week about how to respond to different situations; how to seek help and how to support others who may need our help.

Our ‘Odd Socks Day’ was embraced by everyone on Monday too……

Boxes of Hope Revisited

In assembly today we celebrated the wonderful pupils and families of Levens CE School who have made Boxes of Hope. Our grand total this year is 40! This is an amazing achievement and fantastic testament to the empathy and support that pupils want to offer to others this Christmas time. A huge thank you to all who put a box together this year. Your gifts will really make a difference to a child and family who do not have as much as you.

A visit from Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service

The children in EYFS were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Kendal team yesterday afternoon who came to talk about some important fire safety messages, especially with the upcoming celebration of Bonfire Night in a few weeks time. They enjoyed learning about how the fire engine works, where its water comes from, the different ways in which the fire service helps people, what is on board and trying on some special clothing.

Road Safety!

If you live in Levens Village, you might have noticed class 4 out and about a bit more than usual recently! We’ve been spending lots of time in the village learning about travelling safely.

First, we had PCSO Jayne come and visit us to tell us about walking around the village. It might seem simple, but there’s actually a lot to it! Levens is full of small, narrow lanes, and not everywhere has a footpath so it’s actually quite tricky to navigate!

This week we’ve had Robin from Bikeability visit us. He’s shown us how to navigate safely by bike, ensuring that we use the correct road positioning and hand signals. This week has been especially challenging as we have been cycling in all weathers with some horrendous rain! I’m pleased to say everyone has ridden and walked safely – let’s all take a moment to remember those lessons next time we’re in a rush to get somewhere!


Welcome from Class 2

Class 2 have been busy creating speech bubbles and shields to share information about themselves. We are proud of the display we have created.

Red Nose Day Fun

Red Nose Day wasn’t quite like in other years but we all entered into the spirit of raising money for this very good cause. We started the day with our Celebration Assembly finding out how our money makes a big difference to many children and adults in the UK and across the world.

The children really impressed us with their creativity and originality with amazing Red Nose Day bandanas, masks, headbands or eye patches. School Councillors had the very tricky job of judging the competition. There were wonderful examples of reusing old red noses and other materials you already had at home rather than new plastic that would just be thrown away after one use. Thank you to all who made such super efforts to take part in a more environmentally friendly way and thank you for helping to raise £70 for those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves.



Feeling Good in Skiddaw

Wow, Skiddaw class have been settling back into school by reading and sharing two wonderful but very different stories – The Secret Sky Garden by Linda Sarah and The Promise by Nicola Davies. In these very different tales, the characters both turn to being outside, nature, music, friendship and colour to help them feel good. We’ve followed their lead and have been doing the same!

The children told me today the highlights of their first week back have included…

  • painting colourful kite pictures
  • playing with friends
  • playing games of tig together and running a mile or more
  • playing musical cup games and drumming
  • reading chapters of our class story – The Ickabog
  • using our amazing imaginations in drama to create believable back stories for characters and
  • planting seeds and putting up our new bird feeder

See some snapshots here of our week.

Live link to Westminster

Our Year five and six pupils all enjoyed a live link to the Houses of Parliament as part of their learning during UK Parliament Week.

We learnt all about the House of Commons and the House of Lords, how laws are made, the role of Mr Speaker, elections, voting and much much more!

Scafell Class were quite eager to pass a bill to reduce the school week to 4 days, however Baroness Farraday and Lord Dean, who sit in the House of Lords, opposed this motion.