Poetry Performances!

For anti-bullying week, class 4 have been working on some anti-bullying poetry. We have been inspired by spoken-word poets from around the world, listening closely to the ways in which they take their poems and perform them with passion, rhythm and emphasis.

Using the starter of “To this day….”, we generated ideas about how bullying might make a person feel. What would they think about looking back? How would it affect their lives? Using this, we constructed a poem with the ability to swap and change lines around to ensure we included rhythm and impact. We also made sure to finish our poems on a high note, celebrating the wonderful things that make us all special and unique.

Everyone has had an opportunity to perform their poem to an audience, but you might like to request a private performance of your own at home!


Order! Order!

In English, we have been using the topic of “refugees” to guide our writing as we read “The Boy at the Back of the Class”.

See the source image

As this is such an important and current topic, we have been writing a lot of persuasive pieces, encouraging people to change their minds about the issue. Even though this is a tough thing to do, it is an important life skill. It’s particularly tough when you need to argue against what you might actually believe in!

We capped our persuasive unit off with a big debate. We spent some time learning about the houses of parliament, and how debates are held and managed there. This allowed us to create our own mini-house of commons in our classroom, complete with Mace and speakers boxes! If you can believe it, there is even such a thing as a John Bercow soundboard, so Mr Dean took great delight in getting him to shout “order! order!” on demand. Everyone was referred to by their proper title of “the right honorable” and took turns to make their arguments.

Everyone should be very proud of how they conducted themselves throughout the debate. People listened carefully and respectfully to the arguments being made, and put forward some insightful counter-arguments which really helped to change minds. Well done all!

On The Way Home by Jill Murphy

Miss Robinson and Class 2 have been enjoying reading and exploring the story of On The Way Home by Jill Murphy. They analysed the sequence of the text and identified letters, words and sentences and what punctuation is used. Everyone has now planned their own version of the story, ready to write next week.

Here are photos of their English working wall.

English in Years 5+6

We have been using our knowledge of our solar system (linked to our Science topic) to plan, draft and write a non-chronological report on the Moon.

After looking at a range of non-fiction information texts from our library to identify the features and completing some thorough research on the topic for homework, we tried to sort some of examples of sentences so that we understand how to give our writing cohesion and make sense to the reader.

In groups, we began organising the information according to whether it would be appropriate for the introduction, one of the four main sections, the glossary or Did you Know?

This has helped us make sense of our research so that we can organise our writing into paragraphs under some suitable subheadings that we developed such as: ‘Physical Features’,  ‘Moon Exploration’, ‘Phases of the Moon’.

Storytelling and place value

We’ve made a super start to the new term in Class 3. We have had great fun learning to tell the story of “Why dog is friends with man” inspired by a local storyteller Taffy Thomas. If you’d like to hear the tale, do ask anyone in Class 3 and they’ll spend a happy 5 minutes with added actions and sound effects to entertain you!

We have also been working hard on representing numbers in different ways. Year 4 have proudly worked out lots of representations of 4 digit numbers here from a range of images.

Welcome from Class 2

Class 2 have been busy creating speech bubbles and shields to share information about themselves. We are proud of the display we have created.

Persuasive Writing in Years 5+6

Pupils in Scafell have been undertaking a unit of work on persuasive writing which is linked to our current science topic on health and the human body.

We began with an apprentice-like challenge where we had to create a new toothpaste, develop the name of the product and the branding.  This involved some research on current toothpaste brands and their marketing techniques.

Once ideas about new products had been developed, we enjoyed some market research tasks to find out how our peers viewed our designs.  We then set about developing a poster campaign and radio advertisements to market our exciting, new products.

Our final piece of writing in this unit of work, is a more formal online magazine article informing young people about the detrimental impact of smoking on the human body and persuading the reader that it is never a good idea to smoke.

Which advert catches your eye?   Which toothpaste would you buy?

World Book Day Characters

Lots of the staff in school have been dressing up this week as part of our World Book Day celebrations.  Can you work out who we are?

Let us know who you think we are when you return to school on Monday and don’t forget to send us your photographs for our display in the hall too!

World Book Day Story Time

Welcome to our Levens Story Time blog! World Book Day is on Thursday this week and so to celebrate all things books staff have recorded special story time videos, introducing you to a wide range of different favourite books, for you to sit back and enjoy. I’ll be adding more each day this week, so click on these blue links below to see us…




Mrs Farraday read Pass the Jam Jim by Kaye Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain


Mrs Haslam reads Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks

Mr Dean reads an extract from Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl


Miss Eastham reads The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler


Mrs Mackereth reads Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Mrs Wadey reads The Kite by Arnold Lobel


Mrs Farraday reads an extract from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C S Lewis

Mrs Coker reads Bad Cat! by Nicola O’Byrne


Super suffixes

Year 3 and 4 are learning to spell words with different suffixes. They had to decide between a range of different rules that we now know.

“Knock off the e and add our ending.”

“Look for one vowel, look for one consonant, double the consonant and add our ending.”

“Change the y to i and add our ending.”


“Just add our ending!”

It takes a careful look at the root word and a final check if it LOOKS right before deciding what it should be!

We had an interesting discussion on why bad+er or bad+est don’t really sound right too. Super spelling work everyone and gorgeous handwriting too.