World Book Day!

We enjoyed World Book Day with a bit of a difference this year! Children and staff were challenged to come to school with ‘character- themed’ hair for the day! This included hats, face paints, hair accessories and wigs. The assembly for the day also followed this theme with a quiz to guess the famous book character from a small, cropped image of their head! At break time all children were able to choose a book from our book swap, organised and run by our wonderful school council. Thank you to all those who donated books to swap and we hope you are enjoying having something new to read!

Peter Rabbit!

We have started our new English topic off by finding a huge mess in the garden! We went to investigate what had happened….

We found some things in the garden! Can you spot them?

We then had to ask questions  to this unknown visitor too find out who it might have been. We received a letter back and it was off PETER RABBIT!


Dear Newsround…

CBBC Newsround is a favourite in Class 4! We think it’s really important to hear about the important news stories happening in the world, and the discussions that we have about them are always lively and enlightening. As our Christian value of this term is Thankfulness, we thought we would show our thanks (and practise some letter-writing!) by sending our favourite presenters some fan mail. We thought very carefully about who to choose, why we valued watching the program and what it was about each presenter that inspired us.

Today, a very exciting envelope arrived in school – a reply! The Newsround team have written back to us and thanked us for our letters. We even got an autographed photo of our favourite presenter to keep – another autograph for the ever-growing collection! Well done Class 4 for your amazing letters!


We have started the term off learning about Superworm! We have learnt all about rhyming words and acting the story out to the class. We have created our own wormery and made our own instructions for this!

Collaborative Writing

We’ve been trying something new in Class 4 this week. Making use of the collaborative features in Microsoft Word, the entire class has come together to re-write a story inspired by our class novel: “Trash” by Andy Mulligan. Some of us were assigned as writers, others as proof-readers and others as editors. The result was amazing (and a little chaotic) as our story came to life at breakneck speed. Words were appearing from all over the classroom as people wrote, edited and corrected as a whole. Below is the story we ended up with, in full, for you to enjoy at home!

I jumped off the train before it reached the platform. You don’t want to get caught by the station guards so we needed to get off as soon as soon we could. The train must have been moving faster than I thought; as soon as I hit the ground I fell over and rolled in the grass. Gardo almost ran over me! I scrambled to my feet as quickly as I could and noticed some station boys, who looked pretty mean, standing at the far end of the platform.

 When I first saw them, they looked all tough; the kind of boys that would fight a guard but that wouldn’t end well. In the corner of my eye, I saw Rat hand over a 20, then 50, then another 20. I didn’t know how long we had to get the thing in the locker, I hoped it would be at least 15 minutes, or more. It looked like Gardo was getting ready to fight, as he was gripping onto his sharp hook. Rat turned around, steadily walked towards us and started talking to us. He said we had five minutes to get the thing in the locker, and we had to be quick!    

As I was walking through the crowed station, I felt Gardo gripping my wrist extremely hard! Rat was picking up a pace and was giving us a signal. I didn’t know what it meant but Gardo certainly did. I think it meant down here. Then Rat sneaked down some bendy stairs and we were in a grey small room. The pipes were wiggly and I saw Gardo looking around anxiously. Then Rat went round a corner for a while. Then I saw Rat reappear. 

Rat was quick to open the locker and to get the mysterious thing in the black door which we did not recognise. We wanted to find out that’s for sure. Rat turned to see if anyone was looking, without thinking he grabbed the black “mystery thing” and ran. I asked, 

“What were you thinking?! You could have got us caught!” The surprising thing was he just ignored me. Then I started to get angry, I thought if it wasn’t for me we wouldn’t have got the bag! He just ignored me, again.  

Sprinting through the station, Gardo was watching around like a CCTV camera making sure Raphael was safe. There were no cops in this area with this mystery item in this bag in Rats clothes.  Suddenly, lots of cops were covering the crowded station but that didn’t stop Rat slithering through the crowd. They didn’t get caught so they ran home. 

World Book Day 2023

We had a wonderful day celebrating World Book Day 2023. This year, our challenge was to create a story sack of clues about a favourite book or character from a story. We had some brilliant book choices, with some being quite tricky to guess! We also enjoyed taking part in lots of lovely activities; writing book reviews, designing and making bookmarks, a pre-loved book sale after school organised by FOLS and World Book Day yoga in Class One. Class teachers also shared their own story sacks and read to different classes throughout the day.

Amazing Authors- Anthony Browne

Class Three have loved looking at the books of Anthony Browne. We started the topic looking at the book ‘Gorilla’. The children thought about how the characters were feeling using inference.  They moved onto to researching facts about gorillas and produced some amazing non-fiction reports, organising the facts under sub-headings. We then moved onto ‘The Tunnel’. The children made predictions about what would be at the end of the tunnel. We also considered the actions of the characters and carried out a conscience alley. The children gave the character advice and guidance. We followed this with the children producing decision wheels, these gave advantages and disadvantages of suggested next steps for the character Rose. The children then focused on diary writing and wrote an entry for Jack and Rose. We finally looked at ‘Voices in the Park’. The children loved the idea of writing about the same event from different views. To finish this topic, we wrote our own versions of the story  and called them ‘Voices in the playground’. We can’t wait for you to read them!

The Great Fire Of London Role Play

Class 2 have had a great morning travelling back in time over 350 years to 1666 and experiencing what it was like during the Great Fire of London. Laura and Adrian from Imagining History brought us an exciting workshop involving drama and role play. We created the kitchen in the bakery on Pudding Lane and then used a range of methods from the past to try and put out the raging fire. We threw leather buckets of water at the blaze, used squirts and water carts. We even tried to create a fire break by using dynamite to blow up the burning houses but to no avail. We took on different roles including King Charles 2nd, James, the Duke of York, scared Londoners and Samuel Pepys to create a big picture of the event, then tested our knowledge with a quiz about the key facts.

Nursery make some noise!

Nursery have had a wonderful week exploring sounds. They used instruments and everyday objects and explored how different sounds can be made. They had a go at making quiet and loud sounds using beaters made from different materials.

Writing Instructions in Years 3 + 4

Have you ever tried to follow the instructions for making a Lego model and faced all kinds of difficulties?

This week, Class 3 have been learning all about how to write clear, detailed and precise instructions so that the reader is able to follow the instructions and have a very successful outcome.  We have been talking though each stage of the process of making a jam sandwich so that the reader doesn’t make any mistakes like: butter both sides of the bread, or put a dollop of jam in the centre of each slice and not spread across the whole surface of the slice.

We have also talked about the key features of good instructions which has included using imperative verbs, adverbs and time or adverbial openers.  The instructions also need to be in chronological order.  Year 4 have extended their work to include modal verbs.  If you have any trouble understanding any of these terms – ask anyone in Class 3!

Here we are making our sandwiches – this is called ‘Talk for Writing’! it is where we rehearse our ideas with our talking partners so that we are ready to put our ideas onto paper.  Look out for our amazing written instructions coming very soon…..!