Monthly archives: June 2021

Super Sports Day!

This morning, both Scafell and Skiddaw enjoyed a fantastic morning of sport and team-building games on the playing fields. Thanks to everyone who took part, joined in with all the games and cheered their team onwards to victory. It was really lovely to get to spend time together, and great to see everyone being supportive of one another.

Our morning started with a series of team games – wriggling through hoops, running a relay with cups of water and a lacrosse challenge. And who could forget what seemed to be a fan-favourite; the dressing-up relay! Imagine, if you will, a relay with a top hat and rather fetching scarf instead of the more traditional baton. Giggles all around for that one! After the team games everyone also took part in a more traditional flat race. Our brand new track was on fire with the blindingly fast lap times being posted!

Lastly, was the hotly-anticipated Year 6 Race – something of a Levens Tradition. Our year 6 performed marvellously, handling almost every sport we could think of. Football, hockey, hurdles – everything was included! Oh, and of course the famous Olympic “rescue the Jelly Baby from a pile of icing sugar” – a true classic!

A great day was had by all – thank you and well done to all involved!!

Police visit EYFS!

Children in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed two recent visits from PC Jayne Park from Cumbria Constabulary. The children were fascinated to find out about the work of a Police Officer and all the equipment they use to help them do their job. The uniform was a definite hit as well as exploring the Police van and hearing the sirens! Jayne also visited again to help us learn some important rules about keeping safe on the road.

Trust the Truss!

You might have already heard about Skiddaw’s amazing work building structures from spaghetti and marshmallows. Well, today they’ve taken it to the next level, using a range of engineering techniques to create our very own truss bridges!

We started by looking at simple paper bridges, and saw that just by changing the shape of the paper we could make our bridges much more rigid. Next, we looked for inspiration in buildings across the world. We examined the shapes that crop up again and again in tall, strong buildings and found that triangles are used very often because they are such a strong shape!

Using what we had learned, we had a go at building our very own truss bridges. Check out the results below!

Scafell have fun at Lakeside

Year 5+6 were the last class to go out on an adventure this week.  Their challenges included King Swing, low ropes and raft building.

Our first trip in over two years and it didn’t disappoint.  The excitement was felt by everyone from the moment we boarded the coach.

Every participant threw themselves into each challenge with determination and enthusiasm.  There was lots of good collaboration demonstrated during our raft building; effective team working in the low ropes as we paired up to support our partners; determination as we encountered the problem solving task to cross the moon on huge crates; and nerves of steel to complete the giant swing!

A magical day for us all!

Year 1 at YMCA

We enjoyed the best of days at Lakeside!  From the moment we set off from school, everybody was cheering and buzzing with excitement.

First Year 1 took themselves to new heights on a rope ladder up to the treetops!  Everyone pushed themselves to the limit to get as high as possible.  Next we enjoyed a game of ‘Duckies’ on the lake where we had to use our hands as oars to collect as many floats as possible.   After a delicious packed lunch, we enjoyed an adventure in the woods making potions, creating homes for our furry friends and then some calm mindfulness moments getting close to nature.

Everyone had an amazing time with their friends!  Well done everyone!

Reception visit Lakeside!

Reception had a wonderful time at Lakeside on Wednesday. On arrival they hunted for natural materials and sticks to make their own potions with the magical ingredient that was lake water! They thought about what special powers their potions might have…

They then built shelters and homes for a variety of woodland creatures, thinking carefully about what each might need to have in their home.

Soon it was time to harness up for a climbing challenge, seeing some children making it right to the top in the trees, everyone had such a good go! A splashing afternoon was had by all playing duckies in the lake, collecting ducks and balls in teams whilst having to manoeuvre their boats using only hands to push the water away. Everyone was very happy and soggy at the end of a fun-filled day!

Skiddaw’s Lakeside Day

It was sooo wonderful to be out and about again, starting our half term off in style at Lakeside YMCA today. We had the best weather – warm but not too blisteringly hot and not to windy either. Each child challenged themselves with the low ropes course, a high ladder challenge and a fantastically wet watery team challenge. You’ll see from the pictures that, for once, lunch wasn’t just the most popular part of our day. We certainly built up an appetite and the chocolate muffins, homemade that morning by Helen our wonderful cook, were wolfed down with great speed by anyone having a school packed lunch!

Thank you to Jack and Georgia, who looked after us brilliantly.


Sculpture and the Human Form

Scafell have been working on observing and drawing the human form, one of the most challenging subjects to represent on paper.

We began by completing quick 15minute sketches of each other – keeping still in a carefully constructed pose was almost as difficult as the drawing!

We then moved on to exploring the human figure in 3D using play dough and aluminium foil. We could manipulate our figures into lots of different poses.  We used these to create very quick gesture poses.   We are now working on our wire  sculptures and hope to be able to share these very soon!