Daily archives: 11th June 2021

Year 1 at YMCA

We enjoyed the best of days at Lakeside!  From the moment we set off from school, everybody was cheering and buzzing with excitement.

First Year 1 took themselves to new heights on a rope ladder up to the treetops!  Everyone pushed themselves to the limit to get as high as possible.  Next we enjoyed a game of ‘Duckies’ on the lake where we had to use our hands as oars to collect as many floats as possible.   After a delicious packed lunch, we enjoyed an adventure in the woods making potions, creating homes for our furry friends and then some calm mindfulness moments getting close to nature.

Everyone had an amazing time with their friends!  Well done everyone!

Reception visit Lakeside!

Reception had a wonderful time at Lakeside on Wednesday. On arrival they hunted for natural materials and sticks to make their own potions with the magical ingredient that was lake water! They thought about what special powers their potions might have…

They then built shelters and homes for a variety of woodland creatures, thinking carefully about what each might need to have in their home.

Soon it was time to harness up for a climbing challenge, seeing some children making it right to the top in the trees, everyone had such a good go! A splashing afternoon was had by all playing duckies in the lake, collecting ducks and balls in teams whilst having to manoeuvre their boats using only hands to push the water away. Everyone was very happy and soggy at the end of a fun-filled day!