Monthly archives: December 2018

Happy Christmasaurus!

Skiddaw class have been really enjoying reading The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher these past few weeks. We’ve forgetten everything we thought we knew about the North Pole. We’ve met a boy called William, his dad, Santa Claus, an elf named Snozzletrump, the meanest girl in the world Brenda and… a most unusual dinosaur called the Christmasaurus. Our magical story will continue in January.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas holidays from Skiddaw Class. Here we are munching our hot buttered crumpets listening to the last chapter before the holidays…


Volcanic Eruptions in Scafell

This morning, Scafell Class enjoyed continuing to create their models of dome volcanoes; complete with rocks, rivers, moss, hills, trees, buildings and even the odd dinosaur.   Here we are in action.  Mrs Farraday was very impressed with how we demonstrated positive collaborative learning:

We are so very pleased with our amazing volcano models completed today.   We also invited children from across school to witness several rather dramatic eruptions.

Official Opening of Our New Dining Room

This morning in assembly, every child in school received a raffle ticket to win the wonderful honour of cutting the ribbon to open our new facilities.  Ailsa and Sophia were the two lucky winners and opened the dining room this morning with reporters from the Westmorland Gazette in attendance.   Look out for our news in the paper very soon.

Our Carol Service

We began with some Y6 musicians playing the festive pieces before the service even started. Then our Christmas service was led and written by Scafell this year.  They chose one aspect of Christmas then in pairs wrote their own pieces to say in the service. They made comparisons between how we celebrate Christmas today and the first Christmas. We hope you enjoy reading their messages and thoughts about Christmas.

Christmas Musical Extravaganza

We had our Christmas Musical Extravaganza; The children demonstrated their wonderful skills playing violins, guitars and piano. We enjoyed styles from classical to folk and more than one version of Jingle Bells! Thanks must go their excellent music teachers; Mrs Rainbow, Mrs Hurley and Mr Duesbury. Well done to all players – it was an absolute pleasure to listen to your performances.

Volcano Models

Year 5 and 6 have had great fun this week creating their models of volcanoes in groups.  The design brief required each group to be able to make a specific type of volcano (either composite, shield or cindercone); and to ensure it looks like and erupts like a real volcano.

Here’s how our models look so far:

Very impressed with our very thorough tidying up at the end of a very messy afternoon:

First Lunch in our New Dining Room

Today we enjoyed our very first lunch in our new dining facilities.   We are all extremely thrilled with the room and looking forward to our Christmas lunch later this week.



Midwife Crisis

Here are just a few photographs of todays’ performances of this year’s nativity.  The children dazzled our audiences with Oscar-winning acting; X-Factor singing and Strictly-style costumes!  Well done everyone!!

Year 5 & 6 Fundraisers

Very well done to all our year 5 & 6 pupils who designed and created their own stalls of games for our Christmas Fair on Friday.  These included: Raining Sweets, High Fliers, Bowling, Mystery Wheel, Guess the Name of the Teddy; Put the carrot on the Snowman and a Lucky Dip.  They raised a staggering figure of £185 as they entertained young and old with their fun, original and imaginative activities.  Great job Scafell!