Monthly archives: September 2023

Amazing Artists

Class 3 have been busy learning about block printing. We started the topic by looking at Roman mosaic tiles, focusing on the borders. We then practised designing our own borders and moved onto creating a central design. We drew this to scale and then transferred it to a Styrofoam block and used this to print. The results are bold and striking and will be on display in school.


Brilliant Bushcraft

The sun came out for Class Three’s trip to Saint Catherine’s Wood in Windermere. We started the day by learning how to start fires. Brilliant teamwork was demonstrated as the children worked together to collect sticks and they then showed resilience using the flint and steel to start the fires. The children then learnt how to whittle using peelers and cut up willow and peeled it in order to make artist charcoal. After lunch, the children used their newly acquired skills to make a wooden butter knife out of hazel. Endurance could be clearly seem as the children persevered and all make an excellent wooden knife. We finished the day creating pictures using our own charcoal.

A wonderful day in the woods was enjoyed by everyone and the children are already asking, “When  can we go again?”

Wild Weather & Rickety Rafts!

“There’s no such thing as poor weather – only unsuitable clothing”

A good thing then that Class 4 were kitted out with wetsuits! A miserable showing from the weather did not dampen our spirits as we arrived bright and early at Glenridding Sailing Centre for a day of raft building. After suiting up and being given a short design brief, we got stuck right into crafting some rafts. Some furious knot-tying later and the seemingly random pile of poles, rope and barrels had been turned into two reasonably seaworthy looking vessels!

There was only one way to prove it, however, and so the race was on with the teams speeding across the lake. Even the sudden whirlpool which appeared courtesy of the safety boat didn’t put the intrepid adventurers off. One team even managed one and a half laps before the inevitable!

All good things must come to an end though, and soon enough the hastily secured barrels began to escape. Before long, nearly everyone had been unceremoniously dumped into the water for a good swim.

A huge thanks to Josh at the Glenridding Sailing Centre for hosting the day for us and a big well done to everyone in Class for for bringing your best smiles, making your own fun and looking out for each other.

Perfect Pavilions

This week Class Three have been working hard learning all about pavilions. We have learnt some new words such as aesthetics, stable and cladding. We looked at examples of pavilions from around the world, experimented with making structures with cocktails sticks before designing our own pavilion. We then made our amazing models!




Sneak Peak of the County Show

Make sure you look out for our amazing display ‘Wonderful World’ at the Westmorland County Show this week.