Monthly archives: October 2016

Amazing Mazes

After listening to the rather gruesome Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, we set to work on creating mazes of all kinds. Some of us wanted to create them in lego, others in boxes, some of paper or on a computer. Others wanted to be able to crawl inside their maze themselves!

Take a look here are some of our creations…


Autumn Bog Art

We have been using playdough and exploring a range of autumn finds to create our own artwork. Can you tell what we’ve made?

Musical moments

We have been using the well known tune of Frere Jacque and changing the words for this autumn harvest time of celebration.

In music we have been arranging this piece, playing tuned and untuned percussion with great effect. We have been concentrating on working as a team and trying to keep together following the conductor or leader. We videoed last week’s performances and today discussed what went well and what would be even better.

Take a look at our final performances here.

Popcorn Senses

We’ve been learning all about our senses in Bowfell Class. We started with a piece of popcorn!

We looked at it with our eyes, felt it with our fingers and smelt it using our nose. Then, the best bit, we got to taste it using our tongues and listened to sound it made with our ears.

We are going to be exploring all of our senses over the next week, in lots of different ways.

Special Insect Visitors!

Today, two special stick insects came to visit in Skiddaw class. They are called Spider Woman and Greedy and we learnt some interesting facts about them.

Did you know that stick insects eat bramble?

Did you know that all insects have six legs?

We are creating fact posters to display around school this week – keep an eye out for them!

The Book Bus visited today!

The book bus visited today and everyone had the opportunity to choose a new book. We loved looking at all the non fiction, fiction and poetry books on offer and have lots more new books to share in school.

Gaining confidence and taking flight!

Bowfell Class have had a fantastic time at our first Dallam Gymnastics Lesson. We have been finding ways to travel up, over, along and through the equipment.

Mike, our teacher, was teaching us to jump and land properly. We used the spring board to help us get a little bit higher.

We also had a go at trying different rolls along the mats.

Harvest Drawings

We have been learning off by heart a poem by Paul Cookson called Thank you for the Harvest. You might like to ask a member of Skiddaw class to recite it to you!

It mentions lots of wonderful fruit and vegetables so we decided to make some careful observational drawings. First we experimented with pencil and black pen, then we tried out the chalk pastels.

We really enjoyed looking at all the details and adding these to our drawings. Take a look at a selection of our work here, they’ll be more on display in our classroom.